Dr Hulda Clark's Zapper


Make the zapper for less than 40 €

In this project, I explain how to do a Doctor Hulda Clark Zapper without any knowledge of electronics.

The zapper is a device invented by Dr Hulda Clark, it destroys the parasites that live in you, with a continuous pulsating current. The user takes two electrodes in his hands, the voltage must be maintained, between 5V and 10V. The signal should be square, around 30k Hz.

Zapper's plans are easy to find, Dr Clark mentions them in his books and on his website http://clarkzapper.net/. You can easily find several manufactured zappers, but not everyone can do it (see the electronic assembly plan opposite, the kit costs $ 75 without the electrodes).

I explain in this article how to do Dr. Clark's zapper simply, by assembling economical components of the trade.

Materials needed to build the zapper

SeAccording to Dr. Clark, the best frequency to kill parasites and viruses is a square wave of 30 kHz.

You must select the "3k> 65 kHz" jumper. I tested the frequency with an oscilloscope. You have 30 kHz when you turn all the knobs fully clockwise. Turn the last knob, 3 mm before the max. Now the frequency should be at 30 kHz.

With Clark's original device, each wire is connected to a copper tube. The user will take a tube in each hand. For best conduction, the tubes should be wrapped with a damp cloth.

I have found it more convenient to use adhesive pads. You can do something else while zapping.

Dr. Clark advocates the following process for using the zapper:

  • zapping time 7 minutes
  • rest period 20 minutes
  • repeat 3 times for a total of 81 minutes

The 3 cycles are necessary to kill:

  1. parasites
  2. bacteria
  3. viruses

From the biggest to the smallest ; viruses live in bacteria that live in parasites. The waiting period is necessary for optimal efficiency.

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      1. Hello Cedric,
        Thank you for this montage, I'll get started. Can you indicate how you wire the digital voltage display?
        Moreover if I understand this system delivers a frequency higher than 30 khz recommended by hulda clark?
        Where did you find the frequency range to treat warts for example?

        1. Hello Ronan

          in fact, on the assembly I am presenting, the generator delivers signals at a maximum of 65 kHz. You just have to turn the dial 3mm to the left to reach 30 kHz (see the photo in the article).
          We can find the list of frequencies according to the parasite, bacteria or virus to kill in this book. https://amzn.to/2L6Gq5T
          The list is very long ...

          1. Hello Cedric,
            If between 404 & 406 khz for the care of warts in this case it was not with the same system or something escapes me?

          2. Ronan
            there are 5 settings positions, which allow you to choose the frequency range.
            to have 30 KHz you have to choose the range: 3K - 65 KHz. To have 404 KHz you must choose the highest range: 65 KHz - 1 MHz
            frequency range

          3. Ok I understand better. The adjustment of the potentiometers for the frequency remains quite approximate of the blow. Have you considered a display as for the voltage?

          4. Yes it is approximate. I subsequently bought a pulse generator https://amzn.to/2OYXSeb
            It is no longer the same budget, but it allows the frequencies to be adjusted very precisely.
            Most "low cost" generators with a screen do not go up to 10v.
            I also bought the one https://amzn.to/2Y34fNQ but after a few weeks the screen started to crash.
            The other solution is to make the adjustment with an oscilloscope (again, an oscilloscope is more than 100 €)
            Otherwise, there is this one at 33 € https://amzn.to/2RDPUI7

          5. Hello Cedric,

            Excellent your site! In the aforementioned Dr. Clark book, are there also the frequencies corresponding to the maps for varizapper? I'm looking for the frequency of the Z743 card to fight against tinnitus ... Thank you for your answer, and bravo for the DIY.

          6. attention, for the last link, max frequency 200 KHZ! It is not suitable for adjusting warts for example ...

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for this site, it is very interesting. For the oscillo at 33 € on the other hand, it is 200 Khz maximum, for warts at 404KHz it's ruined… (Analog bandwidth: 0-200KHz) But to adjust to 30Khz it's ok. I bought the model with screen, with frequency display, it's great. I don't know what the output signal is worth, it would be necessary to test on a good oscilloscope, to see if it is clean. Anyway, what counts is the direct current, delivered by a battery, a priori more than the frequency in itself according to what one can read on the net… and in the book of Dr Clark…

  1. I also bought this model. The frequency display is very convenient. On the other hand, the system broke down after a while, the screen displayed unreadable signs. Hope you have better luck than me.

  2. Hello, I have different Zappers, especially those recommended by Hulda Clark… I would like to be able to test the frequencies of different objects / fruits / vegetables / insects / liquid etc… this model: KKmoon DDS Signal Generator Module allows it to be done ? Cédric also talks about an oscilloscope! Can you tell me which model to take and that it is not too complicated to do what I want to do? Thank you in advance for your answers..

    1. Hello Pierre Yves
      Le KKmoon DDS is a signal generator, however, there is a measure and count function.
      pulse generator measurement function

      Regarding the oscilloscope, I have a fairly old analog one. However, if I had to buy one, I would take the Quimat DSO at 33 € https://amzn.to/2RDPUI7
      It is compact, inexpensive, with good reviews. In short to try.
      If you take it, your return interests me ...

    1. Hello Nathalie

      I don't sell the zapper, but you can buy all the spare parts in my article, so you can make one for yourself.
      It works very well, I have successfully removed plantar warts recently.
      The frequency is between 404 and 406 KHz


        1. thank you for sharing this, but I'm not sure I understand what the frequency of the virus is and what frequency has been used for this treatment ... example in winter it is the same every time on the table ... odd of having to eat the mm frequency for this treatment than that produced by disease (virus and other)

          1. Hello Pierre,
            The frequencies given in this table, when they are produced by a zapper, resonate with that of the parasite to be treated (which is therefore necessarily the same). A bit like a lyrical singer who will reproduce the resonant frequency of a crystal glass, which will break when it is precisely reached. This principle is also found when several pianos are brought together in the same room: if you play a note on one of them, the other pianos will quickly resonate and produce the same frequency.
            The zapper uses this principle (the synchrometer also), it is the "frequency" effect, but it also uses the effect of the direct current itself which has a different action: from my point of view, it has an impact on our body fluids and on the intracellular electromagnetic charges that it "restores", which also has an influence on the ability of our organism to carry out its immune response (the excess of positive intracellular charges is synonymous with poor health and / or cellular stress).

  3. I admit that the solution on the sector seems more sustainable and professional. Do you have a picture of the assembly with the electrodes?
    The settings are they easily accessible for a beginner in electronics? 🙂

    1. Hello,
      It seems to me that Doctor Clark specifies in his books that the current should not come from the sector (or there is electromagnetic disturbance) but only on batteries or battery. This is one of the conditions for the system to be effective.

      1. indeed the basic zapper worked on a 9v battery. However, I am not sure that the device is not effective with a transformer.

    1. Hello
      With Spooky2 devices it is possible to use a biofeedback system which allows personalized treatment according to the reactions of the organism.

    2. Hello Cedric,
      The zapper will be effective on the sector; In memory, an international team carried out a campaign to treat HIV + patients a few years ago in Africa. The zappers used were plugged into the mains, but in my opinion, it was more of a Rife machine. The effects of the treatment in 1 month were surprising (I think we can find this video by searching a little on YouTube). A friend has also had great results with 9V battery zappers.
      Anyway, I can't recommend you enough to buy a 9V adapter and plug in a battery ...

  4. Hello Cédric, thank you for your sharing and your tips.
    If I may allow myself a remark which from my point of view is important, here is what H. Clark wrote: “Any positively shifted frequency kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously, provided the following conditions are met:
    - Sufficient voltage (5 to 10 volts)
    - A duration of 7mn
    - And a frequency between 10Hz and 500Hz
    To be sure that the voltage is always positive, she also recommended that the voltage never drop below 0.25V and recommended an offset of 0.25V, which I think is very important to provide for DIY manufacturing. Finally, the use of a battery is in my opinion an obligation, NEVER zapping with a mains power supply.
    Last remark, the skin effect causing resistance to the flow of current, the larger the contact surface, the more effective the zapping will be: the use of a 2,2cm diameter copper tube is certainly the best solution, the electrodes or patches the worse. Good continuation.

      1. Here is what I propose to you to respect its recommendations; we arrive at an assembly which is around 25 €:
        - a DDS signal generator module with the possibility of adjusting the offset (€ 14)
        - a 2,1mm / 9v adapter to connect a 9V battery (2,35)
        - a BNC / banana plug adapter for copper tubing branches (€ 6).
        We obtain a very clean square signal, with a variable frequency so that we can choose according to what we want to process if we choose to favor the frequency (Cf. Spooky and the Rife approach) or a general frequency and the effect of direct current if you prefer to work like Clark: 30 KHz, or 2,5KHz or other.

        1. I have a remark if we are satisfied with the use on 9V battery. Which assembly to obtain a frequency of 404 Khz?
          I also need to get to this frequency.

          1. The zapper in its initial version (that of H. Clark) worked exclusively with a 9V power supply, and delivered a frequency of 30kHz. In this version, she favored the effect of the micro direct current produced, the frequency being that which she had described as being the most adequate to minimize the skin effect (resistance of the epidermal barrier). To summarize, H. Clark is one of those who thinks that it is preferable to use a "blaster" like the old rifles whose barrel ended in a horn in order to cast a wide net, even if it means modifying the protocol of treatment (7/20 and continuous), rather than choosing a very precise frequency (like a 22 long rifle equipped with a telescopic sight) with the risk that it is not enough and that the tire passes right by. I am fed up with this opinion.
            Others associated frequencies which offered many harmonics, others still suggested taking a spoon of colloidal silver 10 min before zapping to open the cytoplasmic membrane of the parasites to be treated (very good).
            Regarding the assembly for a frequency at 404 KHz, you will have to find a generator with a higher range, or choose to do a targeted zapping.

  5. Thank you for sharing.
    However, I have 12 volts at the input, but I measure 3 volts at the output, after having however configured everything like you.
    Do you know where it can come from?

    1. Hello Guillaume
      This is normal, if you measure the output voltage with a voltmeter, it will be lower because it is a square wave which is "chopped".
      It would be necessary to measure it with an oscilloscope to see the signal, and to know the voltage.

  6. It is important to buy Hulda Clark's book to know the frequencies of parasites (Candida Albicans) bacteria viruses? Thanks Francesco

  7. It is important to buy Hulda Clark's book to know the frequencies of parasites (Candida Albicans) bacteria viruses? Thanks Francesco

    1. It was through a friend that I discovered the zapper ten years ago. I first bought a "commercial" zapper so that I could do my personal experiences and draw my conclusions. It should be understood that the protocol proposed by H. Clark included several aspects, and that the deworming part was almost systematically associated with a phyto deworming (tincture of walnut stain, cloves and wormwood), which is easily understood by their respective fields of action. Other researchers like Rife had chosen to associate it with colloidal silver, but ultimately, the purpose is quite similar.
      I made several zappers in their "initial" configuration (1 capacitor, 2 resistors, a 555, 1 diode, 1 led), the choice of resistors and the capacitor allowing to obtain different output frequencies (30kHz, 2,5kHz , 7,83Hz, 15Hz…); it is a very suitable and above all profitable device (- € 15). Since DDS frequency generators exist, we can have much more precise (is it so important ?? !!) and above all (from my point of view) a much more flexible solution with this type of device (choice of type signal, and multiple choice of frequencies, limited to 6 maximum for 1 zapper rotating with a 555, around 8 for a zapper rotating around a micro controler).
      Clark's book allows I think to soak up his vision, and therefore to understand that the zapper and its operation are not limited to the choice of the lethal frequency of the bacteria to be reached.

      1. Hello Arnaud,
        And your experience is interesting, could you share the results of your Zapper session with us? Have you observed a real improvement in your state of health and if so on what aspects in particular? Thank you

  8. Difficult to say since this feedback depends on the initial state of health, the pathology treated, most certainly, from experience of the quality of the zapper used, the protocol used, etc.
    Personally, I use my zapper (Maestro-zapper which unfortunately is no longer marketed) at 90% for viral attacks (colds, flu, gastro, ENT…). Most of the time, whether for my children, my wife or myself, the symptoms caused by this type of attack disappear completely after 3 zapping carried out during the day. For that, I use the same protocol each time: I alternate the 7/20 mode and the continuous mode (45min to 1h) with 30kHz or 2,5kHz, taking care to take colloidal silver before each zapping .
    Then, once the acute symptoms are no longer present (the recovered state of health allows for a completely normal professional or school activity), for 1 week, I do 1 session per day of 7,83Hz + 10Hz every day for 1 week, which allows the body to recover.
    It is also formidable in terms of efficiency in preparing for surgery: the dewormed organism can then take care of it, and only it, considerably reducing convalescence.
    From experience, parasitoses (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) are directly or indirectly responsible for many pathologies; following the "classic" protocol (1 session per day the 1st week, 2 sessions per day the 2nd and 3 sessions per day the 3rd), by adapting it specifically to our respective cases, our feelings and our physiological reactions) therefore allows us to 'improve a number of small ailments ...

  9. Thank you for your personal explanation, you are the first real testimony that I hear, it's very interesting… It makes you want to know more!

  10. The MOR frequencies (Mortal Oscilatoy Rate) used by Rife, and found on Spookys have given excellent results on a number of pathologies, in particular on cancers which have been the most studied, but Beck's approach is also interesting because it synergistically uses colloidal silver which in many ways perfectly complements the specific action of the zapper. Clark she, as I have already specified, preferred to combine it with a VERY effective phyto deworming as well. I believe that each of us should experiment with all of these approaches, and make up our own mind, see what works best for ourselves and make our own protocol, taking each other's ideas, because definition, there is has as many different responses to treatments as there are pathologies and patients.
    A very interesting approach is also that of targeted zapping, which consists in "guiding" the zapping towards a particular tissue, by sliding in one of the copper handles a referent to be treated (a drop of saliva, blood, skin, etc. ); this principle works on the same basis as the synchrometer.

    1. Hello Arnaud
      Thank you for your very interesting feedback.
      I knew the benefits of colloidal silver, but I did not know Bob Beck, to share the information with all, here is a page that summarizes his approach https://www.institut-katharos.com/bob-beck-et-largent-colloidal
      It is possible to produce colloidal silver with the spooky2 XM generator https://www.spooky2.fr/product/spooky2-xm-generator/, you must also buy the agitator https://www.spooky2.fr/product/spooky-magnetic-stirrer/
      I did not know the approach of targeted zapping using DNA either, it reminds me of the principle of the Spooky2 Remote. I imagine that the "therapist" is going to skip by being in contact with the DNA of the person to be treated. Is this the principle?
      I haven't heard of this practice with Spooky2 Contact (which allows it to work in zapper mode), it could be very useful for remote processing.

      1. Hello Cedric, Bob Beck's approach has served as the basis for many other protocols using the zapper. Preceding the zapping by drinking 1 tbsp of AC allows to increase the penetration of the microcurrent by impacting the cytoplasmic cell of parasites which use it for their respiratory cycle.
        Bob Beck and H. Clark both generously donated the plans and the means to construct their “inventions” by informed amateurs, thus deriving no financial gain from their discoveries.
        I use a generator for my AC; so that it is always of good quality, I make sure to produce only small quantities (250ml max); for this volume, the agitator is not mandatory. I even wonder if the magnetic field produced by the agitator does not modify these characteristics; anyway, that's one of the reasons I don't use it.
        Targeted zapping is a very interesting roundabout way of zapping. In one of the tubes of the zapper (the one connected to the + output), the user inserts a piece of paper towel informed of a drop of sweat, saliva, blood, or a piece of tissue (... ); by resonance (this is the working principle of H. Clark's synchrometer), the micro current will be brought to the place of the body which contains the same information.
        I do not know if you also know the zappicator, and its hijacked counterpart which allows to "broadcast" a TBF through a small HP?

  11. Hello Cédric, thank you for sharing, very interesting. I was familiar with Dr Clark's zapper but never seriously considered making one. With the arrival of the coronavirus, I decided to take the plunge and I have just ordered the parts that you are presenting to us. I have a practical question, I see that there are 3 "outputs" on the wave generator, finally I guess a domino or there are 3 positions, or have you connect your two electrodes, on which positions ? Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

      1. thank you for sharing this, but I'm not sure I understand what the frequency of the virus is and what frequency has been used for this treatment ... example in winter it is the same every time on the table ... odd of having to eat the mm frequency for this treatment than that produced by disease (virus and other)

  12. Hello Cedric,
    I am currently using a small commercial zapper and would like to acquire a frequency generator. Your KKmoon 40 looks very interesting, but I would like to know what its Clark usable frequency spectrum is, since the description mentions frequency beats from only 1Hz to 100 MHz. Forgive my ignorance, but where are the KHz needed to zap in a targeted way? By the way, could you show where to plug the patches or copper tubes and how to configure the device (even briefly)? Hoping that my request will not be too demanding, a big thank you for your very informative and very lively site. Have a good day. stf

  13. Good morning all. Thanks for sharing your work. If I understood correctly, without a small oscilloscope it is impossible to know if the device is working and if the frequency set is the desired one, even if we take into account Cédric's indications on the position of the potentiometers (2 to bottom and the 3rd 3mm before the maxi)?

    1. Yes indeed, as there is no screen, you must have an oscilloscope for precise adjustment.
      However I think that even a little above or below it must have an effect.

  14. Hello Cedric,
    Thank you for this valuable information. I own a small Clark 30Khz zapper and while reading this thread I bought a Kmoon frequency generator to test other Clark frequencies.

    According to the guidelines of Dr. Clark (taken up in the book by Marco Caldi), the output voltage should be 9 volts with a square wave and a Duty of 50%, which will reduce the output voltage measured by a multimeter to 4,5 , XNUMX volts.

    So far so good. But Dr. Clark also specifies that care must be taken to generate a positive signal, because if it goes into the negative, the parasites are fed rather than killed. It therefore recommends programming a low voltage margin of at least 0,25 volts, which positions the waveform a little above 0 volts on the visual grid of an oscilloscope. This is then referred to as a “positive offset square wave” in order to prevent the zapper from generating negative peaks.

    So I have two questions:

    1- How much do you adjust the AMPL, OFFs and DUTY measurements on the frequency generator to respect these data?

    2 - Do we also have to respect these settings (square waves and positive offset) for the other Clark frequencies? (I suppose so)

    In addition, I am communicating to you my feedback with a small Kmoon KKM781 multimeter oscillator, which allows you to check the wave data at low cost (around a hundred euros on amazon or other). With that, I was able to verify the accuracy of my zapper. Very interesting and practical when you do not want (or can not) invest in a large oscilloscope between 200 and 300 euros ...

    Thanking you for your enlightenment. Arty

    1. Hello Arty

      Thank you for these details, indeed this ready-to-use circuit does not allow you to adjust an "offset" on the square wave.
      Below are my settings to obtain a positive offset square wave.
      zapper setting

      For other types of frequencies, I think we should also use it positively too.

      Thank you also for your reference for the Kmoon KKM781 multimeter, this makes an oscilloscope at a low price.
      For those who are DIYers, I recently found out how to make an oscilloscope with an arduino https://www.instructables.com/id/Oscilloscope-Arduino-Processing/

      For those who wish to experiment more. I advise you to take an XM generator from Spooky2. Connected to a PC it is possible to use many programs of Dr. Clark. There are 191 in the current database. There are also very effective signals to zap it, such as the "universal square H bomb". Here is the generator link https://www.spooky2.fr/product/spooky2-xm-generator/ you will also have to return a Spooky Boost to be able to exceed the 5V of the generator.

      1. Thanks Cédric, but 9V: 2 = 4,5V. So, if we add 0,25V to the offset to avoid low peaks, don't we get 4,75V instead? I admit that I get lost in the positive tensions ...

  15. Hello Arty K
    4.5V is the average value read by the measuring device for a cycle at 50%
    The 0.25V offset does not change this measurement

  16. Good morning all. I bought this small frequency generator already soldered components on Amazon for 12 €. To check its operation I bought an oscilloscope for 30 €. The generator is not working. So I decided to make myself a Zapper that works for him. So if you don't have enough to check the operation of your generator, you risk thinking that the Zapper system is ineffective.

  17. Good morning all. I bought this small frequency generator already soldered components on Amazon at 12 € https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B072KRYQ82/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_i_KTuUEbH3H7WJ9
    . To check its operation I bought an oscilloscope for 30 €. The generator is not working. So I decided to make myself a Zapper that works for him. So if you don't have enough to check the operation of your generator, you risk thinking that the Zapper system is ineffective.

  18. hello cedric meci pr your sharing, aparement it takes square wave for it to be effective is that your device that you present generates square wave or other?
    and I looked at the low frequency generator it is limited to 5 kh in square wave so it's really a good idea to take one?
    Thank you in advance for your answer

  19. Hello everybody
    I stumbled upon this quote while looking for information on the synchrometer - Hulda Clark bioresonance test device and more precisely on the connection of the 2 test plates to the synchrometer (audiooscilator).
    I have read the comments and find them interesting, but find that people lack information on the topic base. For those who are really interested in problematic I strongly advise to see the work of Dr. Royal Raymonnd Rife - the father of pathogens treatment - viruses, bacteria, fungi and others with RF frequencies.
    On Google Chrome you can read the complete file in French and see the videos of dr. Rife made 100 years ago - far before the work of Hulda Clark!
    By reading the file you will understand that if you do not use RF frequencies and the carrier band you cannot devitalize the parasites! With only 30 kHz you are almost on the soundtrack (20 - 20000 hz) low frequencies and you will never be able to penetrate deep into organs or cells, places where viruses hide! With 30 kHz you only affect the intracellular fluid and may stimulate the immune system.
    To be able to enter the cells you need high frequency RF and the carrier wave (around 3 Mhz) to bring the low frequency into the cells!
    To be clear, I don't want to discourage you, even on the contrary, since I am in the same boat as you looking for a solution against the corona virus -19 and I am absolutely sure that the solution is not within the vaccines.
    On the other hand, if you get to know the file of dr. Rife you will go and see that he found and gave the solution 100 years ago, but he was suddenly stopped in this work and banned in the United States at that time!
    Just for information I can tell you that SPOOKY 2 despite the high technology does not really work on the principles of machines from dr.Rife,
    but this another subject of discussion.

    1. Hello
      Thanks for your interesting comments and the link. The subject of bioresonance is vast, in this article I provide a solution to make a zapper, without developing on the subject. The ideal is to target the parasite with its frequency, rather than using this frequency of 30 kHz. There is also a global 2.5 kHz zapping method. I would like to have your opinion on it.
      Royal Raymonnd Rife is indeed a founder in the field. The Spooky2 solution enables wide possibilities with more than 50 programs based on research from Rife, Clark and their predecessors.
      Regarding the difference between Rife and Spooky2 plasma technologies, can you tell me more?

  20. Hello,
    Considering the new information that I have had on the characteristics of SSQ -2F card from SMOOKY and if all that is well amplified to be able to feed a plasma tube or PAD one can have a good modern Rife machine, but at what price.
    SSQ-2F Controller (Smooky)
    I prefer the GB4000 / MOPA which is a real RIVE machine because in addition to the modern electronics to power the plasma tube it uses the electric shema and the 812A lamp used in the BEAM RAY RIFE RAY5 generator from RIFE (built by Hoyland for RIFE)
    GB 4000 / MOPA Specifications
    GB-4000 MOPA OUTPUT RIFE / HOYLAND 1936/1939 FREQUENCIES About 2.7 MHz to 3.4 MHz range. These are higher octave frequencies of the 139,200 to 1,607,450 range.
    For those who are interested - here is a list of frequencies:
    CAFL all frequencies (AFCAFL)
    (Me, the quotes in English I open them by Google chrome translated directly into French)

      1. Hello Cedric,
        I came back to electronic tinkering since the start of containment and the worsening of the situation with the Covid-19. In the 70s I had fun making amps and radios with vacuum tubes, repairs on old TVs and small odds and ends on transistors. After my arrival in France all this was abandoned. With the arrival of the covid-19 virus I remembered a book I read in the 2000s by Jerry Vassilatos which told stories of scientists and discoveries who were forgotten or "put aside", or hidden of audiences.
        One of the stories was about Dr. Royal Rife and his work in combating pathogens - batteries, viruses and fungi with frequencies. I started to search the Internet and to my surprise I saw that today there is everything about Doctor Rife and these machines! Even electrical diagrams of some of his machines of the time and the principle of the method used by Rife.
        Why I am telling you all this - it is because I see that here in the discussions people start to tinker without really knowing where they are going where they are going to do and without knowing the basic principles of treatment and cures with frequencies and for both these principles are very well explained in the 25 chapters on http://www.RifeVideo.com.

      2. Hello Cedric,
        Like most people here, I too went through the Hulda Clark zapper, which I did a few years ago before knowing the file on http://www.RifeVideo.com
        I'll try to give you a recap on why today I'm skeptical about the effectiveness of Hulda Clark's zappers.
        There are scientific studies on the resistance, impedance and conductivity of human skin and tissue:

        With the risk of being a little long I will give you here extracts from chapter 17 of the file on http://www.RifeVideo.com:
        “Dr. Rife used audio and RF frequencies in his instruments. He also used an RF carrier frequency with all of his instruments. In all "body impedance" tests, we find that there is no cell penetration with audio frequencies below 10 Hertz. We also read:
        “It is commonly believed that a 50 kHz (50 Hertz) signal penetrates cell membranes and freely passes through all fluids. Unfortunately, this assumption is known to be wrong. "
        Penetration into the cell membrane begins to have some penetration at around 10 Hertz and slowly penetrates deeper into the cell, but does not reach full cell penetration until 000 megahertz (1 million Hertz). This is why an RF carrier frequency, like the one used by Dr. Rife, is absolutely necessary, especially with frequencies below 1 Hertz. Over 100% of all frequencies used with almost all Rife Machines are below 000 Hertz.
        What really limits the use of audio frequencies without the use of an RF carrier frequency is that the voltage and current levels must be limited for the safety of the user. Most people can only handle about 1 / 10th (0,10) to 2 / 10th (0,20) (average person about 0,12) of 1 watt without using an RF carrier frequency. Once an RF carrier frequency is used, the frequencies cannot be felt by the user, so the power level can be increased up to 15 to about 20 watts without the body feeling anything. or as long as a sufficiently large skin surface is used. Dr. Rife has never used high power levels in direct contact with a person's skin, which could cause injury. It also doesn't mean that very low power levels will produce results.
        In 1957, Dr. Rife's two business partners, John Crane and John Marsh, came up with the idea of ​​using low-power contact instruments such as a "tens machine". Above is a photo of the first contact instrument from 1957 and chapter 14 of this report contains much more documented information on this instrument from 1957.
        "Tens machines" that do not use an RF carrier frequency are used by many physiotherapists and chiropractors. These instruments emit frequencies in the low audio frequency range of 1 Hertz to approximately 50 Hertz. These frequencies are used to stimulate muscles and tendons which help to heal by reducing inflammation and other issues with their patient's body.
        These Tens machines use highly conductive electrodes that come in contact with the user's skin to deliver the frequencies. John Crane and John Marsh decided in 1957 to use this method of electrode contact with a frequency generator to deliver the frequencies to the user, instead of using a glass ray tube filled with plasma. They wanted a cheaper instrument so that people could afford it. This is how the contact method using metal electrodes began with the contact type frequency generators. Notice in the photo above that it has two round metal discs. Later, metal hand cylinders replaced these discs. This contact electrode method was and is built on a solid scientific basis called "Conduction" which is still used today by many health care practitioners.
        all "body impedance" tests show that low frequencies, below 1 million Hertz, cannot penetrate the cell where many pathogenic organisms are found. Most of the frequencies used by many people are almost all below 50 Hertz. Without an RF carrier frequency, there is no chance that they can fully penetrate the human cell. Even if a square waveform is used with the frequencies, the upper harmonics still do not reach, with sufficient power, 000 Hertz. Because of this, an RF carrier frequency is always needed to obtain these frequencies and their square wave harmonics in cells where they are needed.
        The various "Body Impedance Analysis" reports and the "RF (Radio Frequency) Radiation Absorption" report prove beyond any doubt that anyone who claims that an RF carrier frequency is unnecessary does not understand what they are talking about. Only an instrument that uses an RF carrier frequency, as Dr. Rife used it, can hope to produce the result obtained by his instruments. People should not be misled into believing that an RF carrier frequency, within the ranges used by Dr. Rife, is "harmful, unnecessary, potentially harmful or unnecessary".

        There are limits to frequency penetration depending on whether you are using a low frequency (5 Hertz) or a high frequency (000 MHz or 1 Hertz). The diagram above (fig 1) shows this. These limits only apply to cell penetration. These reports show that low frequencies only pass through connective tissue where high frequencies can completely penetrate all cells in the body. "
        So I have a lot of respect for the work of Hulda Clark, but I have reservations about the effectiveness of zapping.

        1. Hello Assenov
          Your point of view is interesting. It seems to me that I have read that it was necessary to multiply the zapping sessions in order to be able to reach areas which are not on the surface of the skin.
          This is also why Rife plasma is very effective due to its power and in a short time.
          If we take into account the vibratory side rather than the purely electrical one. I think the zapper is still effective. With Spooky2, it is possible to use a Clark program remotely, in "remote" mode by stimulating the cells. The action at a distance will act on the other cells of the body. In this case the cycle will last several hours.
          By taking into account this “remote” operation. Can we imagine being able to electrically touch cells deep inside the body?

  21. hello cedric I saw that it is the square wave that is used to treat, and the low frequency generator kkmoon can not go with these waves at more than 20mhtz while for the other wave it can go up to 60 see more, Could you advise me a low frequency generator which can go beyond 20mhz please. your clark zapper what kind of wave does it use? . thank you in advance for your response .

  22. Hello Cedric,
    Hulda Clark's zappers use low frequencies (up to 40 kHz and around) which cannot cross cell membranes and cannot penetrate them! So they cannot reach the viruses that are hiding in the cells. All that can do the zapper is to cross the liquid between cell and have a stimulating effect and that's it.
    It's a shame that I failed to install 2-3 chapter 17 images of http://www.rifevideo.com so bloggers can figure that out. If you can tie them to my previous comment everything will be clear!
    Another note - The efficiency of Rife machines does not come from the plasma tubes it uses, but from the HF harmonics created and applied. Rife machines that do not use plasma tubes, but PAD instruments (John Crans and John Marsh) are also effective.
    Taking into consideration my remarks the answer to your last question in my opinion is NO. As long as you don't use an HF (High Frequency) carrier to carry the low frequencies like a Trojan horse you cannot enter the cell and you do nothing!
    Sincerely: R. Assenov

    1. Hello,
      What you call HF or LF “carriers”, are they coils? Induction sensors? Who go straight to the blood?
      For my part, I use a zapper where the coils are induction.
      But it is much more comfortable to wear an automatic zapper all day to eliminate stubborn pests.

  23. Hello Cedric,
    The quote is: https://www.rifevideos.com
    The best is to open it in Google Chrome and don't forget to check the language "in French"
    When you are on the home page there are 2 ways to find chapter 17:
    1. From the beginning of the text you have between parantaises “The report of the Rife machine - A history of the instruments and frequencies of Rife”. You click disappointed and you have the full report in English. Chapter 17 starts from page 229 with the first pretty picture on the subject. On page 233 you have another interesting picture.
    2. When you are on the home page you scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the recommendation to read "The Rife Machine Report". You click disappointed and you have all the chapters from 1 to 25 in front of you in French. You can also read it out of order.

  24. Hello Cedric,

    I hope all is well in the current context.

    I wondered about the performance of the zapper to help people in Covid preventive or curative.

    Do you have items to share, or leads?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.


    1. Hello Alain.
      The zapper (s) can help but it is laborious since it must be done 1 hour a day for it to work. If we can not send the remote care in addition, it becomes more than time consuming. I use a scalar wave device exclusively and the treatments are already translated into informational fields. It is automated and practical. I can treat 5 people a day and even places or territories. It's really good. The zapper serves me just as a targeted supplement just in case. Sante-scalaire.fr

  25. Hello Cedric,

    I would like to know if with the zapper, it is not painful or can cause small burns or redness on the skin due to the electric current?

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