Who am I ?

I am a mechanical engineer with a specialty in industrial design since 2000.

I have an activity in the web professions, and another where I am a research professor in mechanics in the field of biomechanics, product design and 3D printing at the University of Montpellier in France.

I am interested in what is called thevital energy or bioenergy and to everything that can develop and maintain optimal vitality, to move towards a better health.

Also, I carry out works of personal research and for sustainable de products generating compensation radiation to harmful electromagnetic waves. This radiation that some call scalar waves enables better cellular communication to all living things. Thus, bioenergy circulates better, health becomes optimal.

I use dowsing and the Egely wheel to measure the impact of my products on vital energy.

I define myself in this third activity as a holistic researcher and designer. My goal is to share and make all this knowledge accessible.

Find my projects and research on eolix.fr.