water source of life


Water is the most important element of our planet. Prominent scientists, writers and philosophers are trying to decode the secret of water. Everything that happens around the water is immediately recorded there. Everything that comes into contact with water leaves a mark! How do human emotions permanently influence the structure of water?
A live with Zeljko to talk about water source of life.

What water to drink?

  • quality water (without pollutants), particles, Ph
  • BEV, Ph and resistivity rH2. importance of the acid/basic, oxidized/reducing environment

Water dynamization

  • electro-vibrated water by Marcel Violet
  • dynamization with a vortex
  • the Lakhovsky circuits

The memory of water

  • structured, informed water
  • morphogenic water
  • digital medicine without side effects
  • information with scalar waves

Consciousness and water

  • links between 2 (water in quantum vacuum).
  • information stored in the universal consciousness (Akashic records)
  • the role of intention, emotions, love

Live on the YouTube channel History and Revelations.

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