4 Shape Wave Disc Features


Harmonize, stimulate, disperse or cleanse

These are the 4 functionalities that you can have with the Lakhowsky energetic discs and spirals generating shaped waves developing the vital force. Each disc has two sides, the effects will be different depending on the side you use:

Harmonize (Lakhowsky)

Lakhowsky disc

This design comes from the multiple wavelength oscillator (OLOM or MWO in English) designed by Georges Lakhowsky. Unlike OLOM, the drive is passive, and does not need energy to operate. It acts like an antenna by diffusing a bio energy or vital energy. The open concentric circles will function as capacitors and resonate together. The ratio between the circles is very important to obtain harmonious energy. I used here the Harmonic 9 ration, indeed the universe is based on harmonic series based on the 9 such as 72, 144, 432. You will find more information on this subject on this blog. The spacings between circles here follow a multiple of the golden ratio.

The harmonizing side of the Lakhowsky record will thus appease the pain and facilitate the healing. Its energy will stimulate thecell harmonization and strengthening of immune system. This action will therefore aim to facilitate cellular communication and therefore protect us from emissions of harmful electromagnetic waves (EMF) as well as the disturbing effects of 3G, 4G and 5G which parasitize our cells. These harmful waves will become bio-available, I carried out an experiment which shows this.

By placing it on the chakras, the disc will help a energy balancing. It will provide assistance to anxiety relief, stress management and depression. It will also be effective forimproved concentration. This harmonizing disk is also a tool forimproved meditation and quality of sleep.

bovis dial from 0 to 100
Bovis dial from 0 to 100

By placing it above the head, it will promote a alignment of the chakras and better centering. You can also place it directly on your chakras to act individually on them. The time needed will be up to you. I advise you to check it with the pendulum from a dial graduated from 0 to 100. In mental convention you measure seconds, if you exceed 100, you can go to minutes. For my part, I have times between 10 seconds to 5 minutes. Before taking a pendulum measurement, I always center myself by placing the disc high above my head for about ten seconds. My answers are much more accurate.

The harmonizing disc can be used continuously without problems.

+ Advantages

  • usage universal
  • can be used permanently

- Disadvantages

  • no Yang or Yin specialties
  • requires energetic cleaning

Stimulate (Yang)

Le 10 spiral disc and double spiral disc are original personal designs, they are based on the logarithmic (or growth) spiral. The direction of clockwise rotation (dextrorotatory) is at the origin of the creation and development of life, it is stimulating. It is also the male Yang side, which brings energy and fire (Belizal color: magnetic red), and allows excellent energetic stimulation.

In case of great fatigue or loss of tone, the stimulating disc provides rapid increase in vitality (chi or bioenergy). This stimulating side will quickly help a strengthening your body and that faster than a harmonizing disk.

It is also a great way to center quickly in 10 seconds before using the pendulum for a dowsing measurement.

Difference between the 2 designs

  • The disc 10 spirals Yang has an inverted Yin face, which gives him the ability toreverse its action by turning it over. The spirals end at the edge of the disc, so its vortex-shaped energy will continue to spin outside the disc.
  • The disc double spiral is Yang on both sides, the two sides are connected, so its energy will be concentrated in a sphere. The presence of the holes makes it possible to suspend it or to insert beeswax which will add information to the energy of the disc.
    The disc double spiral is also present on the back of the disc lakhowsky, it will be less powerful than the 10 spirals. But he will bring the Yang side for the person who will wear it on that side.

Ultimately these discs will be able to do a lot of things that the Lakhowsky disc can do. However, it is not advisable to wear them permanently, unless you want to be in a state of overstimulation and excessive overactivity. For my part, I feel this effect by wearing it as a pendant after 1 to 2 days, depending on my condition.

+ Advantages

  • specialty Yang
  • faster effects than Lakhowsky

- Disadvantages

  • avoid using it permanently
  • requires energetic cleaning

Disperse (Yin)

levorotatory spiral

It is possible to disperse with theother side of the disc 10 spirals, it is the one where the spirals turn anti-clockwise (levorotatory). It is the Yin meaning, it is feminine, calming and dispersing, it brings water. In the sense of Belizal colors it will emit magnetic blue.

The dispersant side is ideal for calm a burn, a inflammation. It will rebalance you if you are too Yan, it will be effective for quickly calm the fire. I also sometimes use it if I have worn the stimulating side too much, or if I cannot sleep feeling too active.

As for the Yan side, it is not advisable to wear it permanently, but rather temporarily.

+ Advantages

  • specialty Yin
  • faster effects than Lakhowsky

- Disadvantages

  • avoid using it permanently
  • requires energetic cleaning

Clean up (protection)

energy depollution

From the dowsing point of view, it will be necessary to carry out from time to time a energy cleaning or pollution control, so that it does not "charge" negatively. This is valid for energy devices: flower of life, orgone, etc.. You can also use it on people or animals.

You can clean your objects with the disc and a pendulum, find below the operating mode of the operation of cleaning with a pendulum.

It is also possible to simply place the object on the disc for a few minutes to depollute and clean it.

The triple circle also has a Yin dissipating effect with the Belizal color the magnetic white. On the other side of this disc is a Lakhowsky circuit, this one will be continuously cleaned up by the protective face.

There are other ways to clean up a device: by leaving it in the sun, in salt, by washing it with energized water, etc.

+ Advantages

  • specialty energetic cleaning et Yin
  • the Lakhovsky side on the back will not be negatively charged.

- Disadvantages

  • avoid using it permanently
  • no side Yan

Disc finishes

gold plating

The blue discs have a circuit with a gold plating on copper, this finish ensures a great longevity of the disc and increases its efficiency. Indeed, gold is a noble metal, moreover it will not oxidize on contact with the skin.

The circuit of white disc is copper covered with tin. Tin like gold also protects copper from corrosion.

Other questions ?

You probably have a lot of questions about what you can do with these discs. Remember that you can ask for anything using your pendulum. Dowsing is not a hard science, but rather an art, like medicine for that matter (it is less and less considered like that). Each practitioner operates based on their knowledge and sensitivity. So do not expect absolute and universal answers to your problems from dowsing, but rather a path towards your path.

These discs are the fruit of my research, my reading, my experiences, my exchanges, I regularly improve the design of the discs, I also indicate a version number on the product descriptions. For example for the Lakhovsky I am at version 4.0. I publish my research here to share, but also to progress, your feedback in the comments below is welcome. You can ask your questions in French or English, I will answer you.

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  1. I'd like to use this in my clinic, when you place the disk on the body is it the side that touches the body that is active or the side away from the body

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