The universe cube with its crystal sun


The universe cube is a harmonizing device for the house and the living beings therein, it is also a passive transmitter of scalar waves.

Composition of the universe cube

  • It is a volume with 6 faces, the internal faces of the Lakhovsky discs/Solar System of the cube represent the 8 planets of the solar system.
  • In the center of the cube is a quartz crystal sun.
  • Outside the cube are 6 Lakhovsky H9+ tours
  • The cube is placed on its edge, it rests on the protection disc Yod He Vav He

Symbolic representation

The solar system is contained in the volume at 6 faces that represent the 6 dimensions of the universe.

  • In the center, the sun is connected on one side with 6 internal faces and on the other with our real universe, it receives its energy.
  • The 6 external faces of the cube emit the energy received by the sun.
  • What is alive receives the energy emitted all around the cube.
  • The universe cube rests on the divine Yod He Waw He, which supports and protects.

The theory of the 6 dimensions of the universe

The 6 faces of the cube represent the 6 dimensions of the universe. The 6-dimensional physical model is a theory by Physicist and Chemist Marc Henry at the University of Strasbourg in France.
The universe needs 6 dimensions to be able to exist:

  • continuum ofspace-time : the first 4 dimensions; height, width, depth and time.
  • continuum ofladder : 5th dimension; scale dilation is found in fractals. We also observe: what is below is like what is above. The structure of the cosmos is like the synapses of a brain.
  • continuum of conscience : 6th dimension; to be conscious you have to be alive!

The Lakhovsky Disc/Solar System

This disc has 2 sides:

  • THELakhovsky antenna with 17 concentric circuits based on harmonic 9 (H9)
  • Le solar system with the 8 planets

The Lakhovsky face with 17 circuits

The proportions of the orbits of the solar system allowed me to realize this extended version of the Lakhovsky model, the H9+. The 9 circuit H17+ model extends to all 8 planets.
We note by transparency the coincidence with the solar system.
The 8 orbits here make up a Lakhovsky circuit with proportions of the circuits directly taken from nature and the universe. The progressive opening between the planets here follows the golden ratio. The disc emits more harmonics, its vibratory rate is even greater.

The solar system side

This disc is based on the 8 planets of the solar system :
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune.

The Yod He Waw He Disc

This disc is ideal for providing cleaning or energy depollution for objects or living things. It thus offers protection against the negative energies which are called upon in dowsing. negative electric green.

Meaning of Yod He Waw He

This disc bears 4 symbols in Hebrew letters Yod He Waw He (YHWH, JHVH or Yahweh). These symbols bring a powerful protection and allow an effective energy cleaning on the objects which charge negatively from the subtle point of view. It is a symbol which is known and used in the field of dowsing to remove the "negative electric green" which pollutes objects and living things.
The origin of the tetragrammaton YHWH represents the name of God. It is the divinity of Israel, the proper name of the "Elohim" of Judaism, "Yahweh" or "Jehovah" for Christianity. In the Hebrew scriptures, the divine personal name appears nearly 7 times. The oldest mention of the tetragrammaton is dated 000 BC. J.-C. on the stele of Mesha.
The form wave of the tetragram YHWH existing for more than 2800 years, by the meaning it carries, its presence and its occurrence brings particularly beneficial information.


  • orient the symbol of the "comma" (yod) to the North
  • place the cube to be protected in the center

Using the Attunement Cube

Place the cube in the room where you are often, and let it work!

  • In your bedroom
  • In your living room
  • In your workplace

For optimal action place the cube less than one meter from you. It will gradually increase the energy of the place where it is.

Raise the vibratory rate

Your vital energy will be balanced to reach an optimal level, your body will not be weakened by the harmful electromagnetic waves surrounding it.

Measure the increase in your vitality

Place yourself less than one meter from the universe cube and check the evolution of your bioenergy with the Egely wheel.

The universe cube in a kit to be assembled

Composition of the universe cube

  • Cube 100mm side, 110mm with the 12 connectors
  • Discs diameter of 100mm, Thickness 1.6mm
  • Metal: copper and gold, fiber material
  • 15mm quartz crystal sphere
  • Support in biobased polymer, weighted with a steel ball.

To mount it, follow these steps:

  • Place the connectors on the 6 discs respecting the orientation of the opening of the last circuit where each number is located (from 1 to 6)
  • Flip Disc 1
  • Connect disk 2 respecting the orientation of number 2
  • Connect disks 3 then 4, 5 and finally 6

Following this setup, the opening of the 6 discs will be oriented upwards

Order the Attunement Cube

Do you like the universe cube? You can find it on direct sale at a reduced price on my shop. You can also inspire yourself by assembling 6 discs and buying connectors to make a cube.

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