The adjustable disc holder pendant


The adjustable support pendant is very useful because it allows the use of any disk from the heliquantix range on you, where you want, while being free to move. Thus, with this accessory, it is possible to stimulate a specific energy point, without having to go to bed with the disk on you.
Its long 135 cm cord makes it easy to position a 10 cm energy disc from the thymus to the sacral chakra. The disc will thus harmonize and shine on the energy gateway you have chosen.
You have understood it, the interest of this disc support pendant is here more therapeutic than decorative.

Use Case

For maximum efficiency, it must be used “consciously”.
A few things to follow:

  • are here and now
  • are convinced the success of your action
  • imagine in thebeneficial state where you will be once your therapy is over
  • thank above you

Find on this page more information on theuse of energy discs.


It is not necessary to wear it continuously. It's better to increase the number of sessions during the day, for example from 10 to 60 minutes. It is better to use it as a one-time aid, rather than continuously as a crutch, where it will be more difficult for your body to regain energy on its own.

Only you know the help you need, ask the pendulum with a graduated dial from 1 to 100, or count the turns of the pendulum.

Possible positions

This accessory allows you to expose an energy disc in the following positions:

  • sacral chakra (chakra 2)
  • solar plexus chakra (chakra 3)
  • heart chakra (chakra 4)
  • Thymus

Le throat chakra (chakra 5) is also accessible if you slightly tighten the cord at the top of the neck. However, this is not a very comfortable position.
To reach the root chakra (chakra 1), just sit on a disc, you don't need any props 🙂

Which area to target?

If you are new to this field, and you don't know where to start, I advise you the central heart chakra, and interesting in many situations.
If you want to quickly increase in energy, I recommend the thymus, which is a very sensitive area.

Technical description :

  • The disc support is made of bio-based polymer made from maize
  • The thread is waxed cotton, length 135 cm
  • The cord lock is made of polymer with a metal spring
  • The bag is linen


Thickness of compatible discs 1.6 mm.

All heliquantix discs are compatible. Only version 1.0 and 2.0 of the Lakhovsky disk protection is not compatible, its thickness is only 1 mm. Only version 3.0 can be used for this model.

Note: The video above was shot with a short cord, the cord is much longer at 135 cm!

Find the disc support pendant on my shop

WARNING: These products are not intended to replace medical care, regardless of the possible pathology of the consumer. The delay in initiating a medical treatment can lead to a loss of chance of recovery or improvement of a serious pathology.

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