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Here are the five Platonic solids: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron.
I also made the reproduction of the great pyramid of Giza (or of Cheops).

  • The universe is associated with the dodecahedron
  • Air in the octahedron
  • Icosahedron water
  • Tetrahedron fire
  • Earth cube

Volumes with dowsing power

Platonic solids are particularly interesting volumes from the dowsing point of view.
The waveform of these solids emits a vibratory rate which will increase according to the peaks they present.
I have added the reproduction of the great pyramid of Giza so that you can test its radiance, compared to the five solids of Plato. The proportions of the pyramid of Cheops are based on the Golden ratio.

These resonating forms of morphic archetype have their own vibrational frequency, they have deep information and represent a universal code.

  • DODECAHEDRON : It represents Ether. He is par excellence the harmonizer. It is relaxing and represents universal love. Very useful in states of nervousness.
  • ICOSAHEDRUS : It represents Water and is related to our emotional world. It is an energetic activator and is useful in states of weakening.
  • OCTAHEDRON : It represents the Air and is more related to our physical / enteric domain. It is very useful for harmonizations at this level.
  • HEXAHEDRON (CUBE): It represents the Earth, the world of matter, the structure. Therefore it works better on our more physical aspects.
  • TETRAHEDRON : It represents Fire and is more related to what is mental. It helps to work on aspects related to the latter as well as energy overloads.

3D printed solids

These solids are 3D printed, they fit into a 40mm radius sphere. They are made of white PLA plastic, the interior is filled with a 3D gyroid structure. The gyroid is a minimal surface that repeats in space in three directions. It ensures to have a minimum material density in a volume, but also offers the greatest resistance for a minimum material density.

Biological information at the heart

In order to add information besides the waveform of the solid, I filled the center of each volume with beeswax and a fragment of honey and unheated raw beeswax which has been soaked in Quinton plasma (cold filtered seawater) and organic silicon. This biological information will be added to the radiation of the solid to “inform” the cells of the people around the device.

How to use Platonic solids?

It is possible to harmonize our 7 chakras in order to achieve a vital balance. Here is a process of using the 5 Platonic solids that is commonly used:

  • Chakra 1 : Take it Cube and place it near your perineum, put the Cube back down.
  • Chakra 2 : Take theIcosahedron. Place it near your lower abdomen, rest the Icosahedron
  • Chakra 3 : Take it Tetrahedron. Place it near your solar plexus, rest the tetrahedron
  • Chakra 4 : Take theOctahedron. Place it near your heart chakra, rest the Octahedron
  • Chakra 5 : Take it Dodecahedron. Place it near your throat chakra
  • Chakra 6 : Place the Dodecahedron near your 3rd eye chakra
  • Chakra 7 : Place the Dodecahedron near your crown chakra, rest the Dodecahedron.

Each solid emits a wave of shape that will be felt differently for each person. Once you have completed these steps, keep the sensations of the 7 chakras within you, the work of re-harmonization will begin.

What to do with the pyramid? I advise you to test it with a pendulum on each of your chakras. If the pendulum turns in your sense of harmony (for most of us, clockwise), it is compatible with you. Compare it with the solid associated with your chakra above. Place this solid on a table facing you on the left, the pyramid on the right. Ask the question, "What is the most compatible solid for this chakra?" »Throw your pendulum between the two, it will move towards the solid you need. You can post your feedback in the comments below.

Are you interested in these solids?

Find them, along with other volumes that I made on my shop:

Publication of the 

Here are the five Platonic solids with their extended versions

  • Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron
  • Large Icosahedron, Large Dodecahedron, Large Stellated Icosahedron, Large Stellated Dodecahedron

As a bonus, I added the Great Pyramid of Giza, with its good proportions.

These volumes can be 3D printed, if you have a 3D printer.

Radiation measurement of solids

If you practice dowsing, it is interesting to measure with a pendulum each solid on a Bovis dial (learn more about Bovis rule). I tested the 7 volumes above. For me, the greatest value is the great stellated dodecahedron, followed by the dodecahedron, and you?

Volumes are downloadable from

The source file is accessible in Onshape's public cloud. All solids are editable. You can view files without having to create an account. See the volumes online on Onshape. (then use the must click to rotate around the parts)

7 comments on “The 5 Platonic solids, and more ..."

  1. Hello Cedric,
    I saw your site, very interesting, on a path parallel to mine, do you have a personal email to exchange information,
    I am close to 70 years old, have made lots of devices (schuman, Violet, radionic Ukaco, made for 40 years
    thousands of clocks distributed in France)
    Hello from Mexico

  2. Hello, itinerant sculptor making tailor-made waves of shapes that are suggested to me according to the place and the time, I received a beautiful vision last night of a sacred geometry appearing in the sky, passing numbers and symbols. The general profile resembled a stupa. Does it resonate with you? Best regards.
    (Hearing their melodies, I introduce often local fine stones, found, cut and polished by myself.)

    1. Hello Selma
      Thank you for your message. Indeed the stupa is a geometry with a wave of interesting form mixing dome, antenna and dowsing pile.
      I think the vibratory rate under the supa must be particularly high.
      It would be interesting to compare it to a pyramid.
      Is there a particular form of stupa that you find interesting?


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