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Radionics is a device that works with Spooky2 software and generator. Radionics is developed by the English company Berkana Labs. I am a user of the "official" Spooky2 peripherals (contact, cold laser, remote) and I am satisfied with them.

If you want to get these products, you will need order the Spooke2 XM generator on this site and l'Radionics device on this site. Note that you can do the same thing with the Spooky2 Scalar, I recommend it if you also want to be able to benefit from the scalar information by placing yourself between the 2 suitcases. Here is where order the Spooky2 Scalar with its X generator. The advantage of the X generator is that it can work without a PC, it is also more powerful.

I must say that I am just starting out on the Radionics device. Radionics is a sister branch of dowsing, here is a definition:

Radionics is the subtle physical phenomenon which allows vibratory influences to be transmitted at a distance between different subjects. This allows both the diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctions and diseases of humans, animals, plants or soils, as well as chemical analyzes ... The fields in which radionics can be useful are therefore very numerous (health, psychology, breeding, agriculture, finance , commerce, business, social relations, geobiology, etc.)

The article below is not yet an experience on my part with this device, but rather an overview of what we can do with it.

It is possible to make it work in more than 5 ways.

Manufacture of remedies and copies

Like the Spooky Remote, information is sent to the output plate on the right. The information to copy here is vitamin C, the receiver is a vial of water.

  1. Vitamin C is placed in capsule form on the left.
  2. On the right is a bottle of pure or osmosis water.
  3. The "preset" program Spooky Radionics General must be started. It understands the frequencies of Schumann resonances.
  4. After 20 minutes of operation, the water bottle will be "informed" of the vitamin C.
  5. The remedy can be taken as 3 drops under the tongue, or added to drinking water.

Remote broadcast

This method consists of disseminate a remedy to a crop field for act against pests and diseases. On the left is the pesticide, on the right a photo of the land to be treated, with soil samples taken from the 4 cardinal corners of the field. In the 1940s a company called UKACO in the United States, used this treatment with success, learn more about The Guardian. The pesticide released is a homeopathic remedy Helix Tosta, to deter slugs and snails. It is usually sprayed with water on the leaves of plants. It can be made by calcining a snail shell at 850 ° C.

  1. Preferably orient the machine towards the North
  2. The program sent is the Schumann frequency of 7.83Hz
  3. The remedy is placed at the entrance on the left
  4. The dials are set from left to right at the pendulum
  5. Place the photo, then the samples on the photo starting from North, then clockwise
  6. Broadcast continuously between 24 to 72 hours, refine the duration with the pendulum

Witness analysis

It is check whether the substance is beneficial or not for the witness.

  1. The program used is the "preset" Spooky Radionics General
  2. The analyte on the left here is ascorbic acid.
  3. On the right place the witness, the DNA of the person
  4. Leave the dials at 0
  5. If the pendulum response is positive, the substance will be beneficial


The practice of the manifestation in radionics, aims to lead to the manifestation of intention. In the example here, the user wants to sell his car. It is a question here of noting an action which we will personally have to take, when the intention will be realized. On the paper is noted "I gave the keys to my car to the new owner".

  1. The program used is the "preset" Spooky Radionics General
  2. The declaration of intent is noted on a piece of paper to the left
  3. Use the pendulum to adjust the dials. It is crucial to visualize the intention, in order to be able to tune this tuning
  4. Place an object to store the intention. You can use pure water or a cleaned quartz crystal (under running water, the sun, or the pendulum)
  5. Perform at least 24 hours, to fine tune with the pendulum or until the intention is achieved.

Radionic levels

These rates correspond to the vibratory frequency in different areas (organs, symptoms, agriculture, homeopathy). We find on the manufacturer's website, several rate directories in the section Rate Directories.

It is possible to enter radionic levels in this device. Some rates have more than 10 digits. As the device has only 3 dials, different rates reduction principles are proposed on the instructions. The simplest being that of taking only the first 3 digits of the rate. I uploaded Radionics manual, automatically translated into French. I recommend the native english version of the manual which is more understanding.

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  1. I salute you and "my hat's off for you" for all you do for humanity.
    I am a therapist in Marrakech MOROCCO …… I am Moroccan… And I am a fan of rife, lakhovsky, Meyl…. If the science of health does not exist, those there had indeed created it

  2. Hello sir,
    Thank you very much for your research and sharing of these amazing techniques. We are also in this "world" of Bio resonance and use the synchrometer and a zapper according to the teachings and discoveries of Doctor Clark! The process we use to make our copies is more or less the same as the one used here ... But and this is our concern, how to know, how to check, how to be certain that in the copy we find the same "info" frequencies as in the original? Apart from the use of a pendulum (perfectible) is there, to your knowledge, a device which can measure the frequencies and confirm for sure that this transfer has taken place? Thank you for your answer, I can't find this information anywhere ...

    1. it's complicated to prove it. it is a bit like finding a reliable method that will show that homeopathy works well. I also run into this problem.
      to prove that the information is there, Luc Montagnier reproduced Béneviste's experiments by making DNA water “listen” to and then regenerate it.
      There is this excellent report to see (or review).

      only living things can measure biological waves. The pendulum is an excellent means, but "questionable" because it is not scientific.

      1. Hello,
        Of course it is difficult to prove the effect of subtle methods, and only the living, as you say, can manifest the effects of vibratory treatment. However, you could direct your research towards sensitive crystallizations, the Kirlian effect with the Korotkov machine, bioresonance. I am sure you would find positive answers and feedback from your experiments.
        Thank you for sharing this great work

        1. Hello Aldero
          Thank you for your message, I knew the kirlian effect, but not Prof. Korotkov's bio-well camera. It's interesting, do you use this device? If so, in what framework?

          1. Good evening Cédric,

            A few years ago one of my doctor friends with whom I worked, used this device. I have often approached this device and seen energy balances, but I have never used it. On the other hand, the reconstitution of the aura is impressive, because we immediately read the problems, and it is very reliable. It's interesting because when you make an energy or electromagnetic correction, you immediately see the difference in the auric field. That's why I was telling you about it.

            Could you tell me please, if this coil style is equivalent to that of Tesla:

          2. Good evening Aldero

            This camera is indeed very interesting
            But in a price range that reserves it for professionals, too bad.

            For the coil, it does not correspond, in any case, to the device that I designed here
            However, this assembly must generate a few scalar waves.
            If we can get it to resonate with another identical antenna, we should achieve the same result.

  3. Hello and thank you very much Cédric for your answer. Too bad that for the moment this is not possible. I had already watched this video, I remade it with pleasure ...
    Thank you

  4. Can we still use this device if we cannot get a pendulum to work?
    I have never been able to get any answers to my questions through this process.
    Thank you

      1. Thank you for your advice. I bought the Spooky radionic device. If this accessory (Stick Pad) can replace the pendulum, it's perfect. But how does it work? and is it more reliable?

  5. The stick pad would replace the pendulum.
    So instead of asking a question and waiting for the answer with this object, we would put a finger (or its tip?) On the platform and the device would record the answer by amplifying the reactivity?
    Would it be sharper, more obvious, more precise?
    Did I understand well ?

  6. Hello
    Is it possible to reverse frequencies with this device?
    Example a plant is affected by one by an aphid. Can I do the reverse frequency of the aphid for use on it afterwards as a repellent or as a curative treatment?
    Thank you Best regards

    1. Hello Aurélien
      Yes it is possible to invert a frequency.
      The reverse frequency of the aphid will have no particular effect on the aphid. On the other hand, the frequency of an insecticide, or a frequency sufficient to make it resonate to kill it yes.

  7. Hello Cedric
    Thank you for your answer, I have a colleague who managed to get rid of the boxwood moth by inverting the frequency but she uses another device which costs several thousand euros.
    I am very cautious about duplicating insecticides since I prefer to find a targeted action on the problem. The ideal for me would be to find the repellant for the problem to be treated.
    In the same way I do not want to use antifungals at the risk of degrading the mycorrhizal network.
    So you gave me one or two other ideas to test.

  8. Hello,
    I would like to know how do you know that the double spiral disk protects against waves,
    and if so, up to what distance?
    thank you in advance for your answer

    1. Hello Philippe
      I noticed with a kirlian effect machine that my vitality increases with the spiral disc. The scalar waves it emits will stimulate my cells and thus increase my vitality. Stimulated cells will be less sensitive to electromagnetic waves (EMF). This is why scalar waves will reduce the effects of EMFs. It is explained on this guide on page 4 and 5

  9. Hello,
    All this is very interesting but I do not see where we can order this device and I have no idea of ​​its price? Can you inform me please?

  10. Thank you for your sharing and these great articles
    I bought the MOM plate as well as the mini pendant and the big cube (I sold the big cube).

    This is exactly what you are doing.

    That's why I wanted to know roughly the range of action of the large 20 cm Lakowsky cube that you are offering.


  11. Hello,
    the berkana labs website is unavailable. we can no longer buy their equipment.
    Do you know of another device that offers the possibility of copying solutions?
    Do you know someone who would resell their equipment?

    Yours, Anthony

  12. I am impressed by the possibility of programming an intention… Can we do it with any object (wood, metal, glass, stones…)??

  13. Hello,
    If we have a spooky2, and for example we want to fight against a plant virus, by putting diseased leaves in the remote, we can "counter" the virus in question, or it would be better to use this radionics device.

  14. Hello,
    If I understood correctly, in the context of a demonstration and for someone wishing to quit smoking, I roughly write the following sentence: “Decide to quit smoking” which I place on the left. I then adjust the three potentiometers to the pendulum from left to right. (pendulum above the exit on the right?)
    Finally, I put the witness of the person on the right. Is that it or am I not understanding anything? 🙂
    With thanks.

  15. Hello Cédric, in my previous comment, I put my name instead of my first name…
    Thank you for replacing my first name Laurent.

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