Convergence solar system and Lakhovsky antenna


This article is the continuation of drawings from the cosmos. My studies on the rapprochement between the orbits of the Solar system and the design of a Lakhovsky H9 antenna lead me to a new model with 17 circuits.

A Lakhovsky antenna with 17 circuits

The proportions of the orbits of the solar system allowed me to realize this extended version of the Lakhovsky H9 model.
Previous Lakhovsky H9 models had 12 circuits, this new design has 5 new circuits on the outside for a total of 17.

  • The 9 circuit H12 model completed the first 6 planets.
  • The new 9 circuit H17 model now extends to all 8 planets.

In short

This research therefore allowed me to see that the antenna of the oscillator with multiple wavelengths (OLOM) of Lakhovsky was initially based on the first 6 planets of the solar system. Its design follows the 9th harmonic (thanks Tesla, see previous article). By extending it to the 8 planets, I get this new design of 17 circuits.
The vibratory rate is impressive compared to the old model. The disc also emits more harmonics.

The 8 orbits of the planets compose here a Lakhovsky circuit with proportions of the circuits directly taken from nature and the universe.

The disk can be used to energize your food or water, or to increase your vital energy.

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