Singing bowls and vital energy


Here is an experience of measuring vital energy following a session of crystal singing bowls, here is the context:

We are 4 to participate in the experience:

  • Muriel is going to play singing bowls for 30 minutes
  • Cyrille, Fabienne and I are lying down, closing our eyes, we are listening
  • I will make a measure of the energy of each, before the session, just afterthen 20 minutes later.

Bio-energy measurement

The measurements are made with a GDV/EPI Bio-Well V3 camera. I perform a complete scan without filter for each person, the 10 fingers are scanned at each measurement. A scan without filter allows a physiological, emotional and mental approach giving us thepsycho-emotional state of each. The halo that we see opposite brings together the 10 scanned biograms. We have at a glance the status of each.

Tired before the session

When we take everyone's measurements before the session, we find that all four of us are with insufficient energy level from 31 to 35 J. Indeed, in an optimal state is between 40 and 60 J.

Plus we're all four in a state of high stress between 4,3 and 5,3. Indeed, high stress is above 4, an “increased” state of stress between 3 and 4, and an optimal state is between 2 and 3. In short, we are tired and quite stressed!

Opposite, the energy diagram of one of us shows a low to very low level of most organs and functional systems, with an energy reserve at 0%. The green line marks the ideal optimal level, we are far from it.

Energized centers

The measurement of our energy centers (the 7 chakras) shows that we are rather well centered, with an alignment between 88 to 98%, on the other hand our chakras are small. This shows a significant lack of energy.

Immediately after the 35 min session of listening to singing bowls, we all feel calm and rested. Our chakras are reinflated, and slightly misaligned, except for Muriel who was playing bowls (first series of images) and who has improved her alignment.

The third measurement, 20 minutes after the end of the session (third column of images) shows a slight gain in alignment of the chakras and in their size.


Less stress and much more energy

We observe the comparison of the state of stress and energy for each person on the graphs below:

  • the orange bar represents the first measure,
  • the violet the second right after the session,
  • the green bar the third 20 minutes later.

The reduction of stress and the gain of energy is desirable in all cases. We observe this for all four. Muriel, who played bowls, was focused on her activity, which explains a slight increase in stress. The decrease in stress is clearly visible on Fabienne and Cédric.

The energy gain, on the other hand, is indisputable. for everyone ! Muriel gained 14 Joules (J) after the session, all three of us gained 20 J, that's huge. All four of us go from a so-called lower energy level to an optimal state!

On the third bar, 20 minutes later, we continue to enjoy the benefits of this musical session.

Note: the energy value in Joule (J) should actually be written as 10⁻² J, to simplify I will simply use J.


A rising energy reserve

We have all filled up our energy reserves. The example below for one of us shows functioning organs and systems in normal or increasing energy. Energy pool starting at 0% increased to 54%, then to 70% in third measure.

to summarize

We see a very significant gain in energy following the singing bowl session. The four people found their level of energy homeostasis.

In principle, the musical session is preceded by a meditation session, which we did not do. We can imagine that a meditation would have made it possible to reduce stress significantly for everyone, with the same efficiency as for energy.

Environment measurement

During the singing bowl session, I measured the energy of the place with the sputnik antenna and the Bio-Well.

These measurements highlight the “tension” in the room and the increase in energy in it.

For connoisseurs, I highlight the "zone" and "deviation" parameters of the environmental measurement.

Relaxation in the room

We see on the curve opposite, a tension easing in the room. This is particularly visible during the musical session which is on a pale pink background. After 20 minutes, we arrive at a low ceiling, where the zone parameter (expressed in pixels) varies much less.

During the session we go on average from 10850 to 9550, a drop of 1300. This behavior is frequently observed during meditation. This is representative of relaxation in the place, but also of people!

A gradual evolution

In the first graph opposite, we see the same “zone” curve displayed in analysis mode. We see a significant step descent(1), then smaller then (2).

In the second curve we see the increase in energy in the place. The increase is in well-marked stages in 3 stages. Note a slight drop after the session.


Environmental measurements clearly show thesoothing effect on the place and energy gains.

I didn't measure the place any longer afterwards, because I needed the Bio-Well to measure the bio-energy of the participants. It would have been interesting to continue the measurements. We can expect to see the tension of the place stagnate, then rise again. As for the increase in the energy of the place, I imagine a more or less rapid drop.

This will be observed in the next measures, with a video to make you enjoy the so beneficial sound of the crystal bowls!

Comparison with an energy disc

I compare below effects on stress and energy between the session with the singing bowls and the therapeutic use of an energy disc.

Very energy efficient bowls

We observe with the singing bowls a significant rise of 20J on 3 people after about 1 hour.

The effect on stress reduction is weaker from -0,11 to -0,73 depending on the participants.

The beneficial disc on stress

Here we observe the Lakovsky energy disc effects that I measured on myself, during two series of measurements.

I have one energy gain in 1h to 1h30 between 2 to 5J, which is lower, but still significant. There decrease in stress is comparable with respect to bowls for a value between -0,24 and -0,27.

After 2h30 I have an energy gain between 2 to 7J, and a decrease in stress between -0,67 and -0,72. This highlights a continued gain on stress.


At equal duration, the singing bowls increase up to 4 times more vital energy than the energy disc. However, their effects on decrease in stress is significant and comparable.

I plan to do more disk measurements in the future to verify these trends.

Do not hesitate to consult the Muriel Pellecuer's website to learn more about his practice in sound therapy.

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