Scalar waves

In this section, I group together the subjects around which my personal research revolves. I start here with a dossier on scalar waves, I have grouped my research here since 2015.

Scalar waves, vital waves

Formerly called Chi, Prana, or Ether to designate this fundamental radiance.
Nikola Tesla was the first to demonstrate through experimentation the existence of very penetrating waves, scalar waves.


Detect scalar waves

There is no machine that can detect scalar waves.
Only the living can do it. We are the best scalar wave machine, we are receiver and sender.
Also, we can directly feel them.


Effect of scalar waves on harmful electromagnetic waves?

Can scalar waves really influence the harmful electromagnetic waves (EMF) around us?
Can harmful EMF waves be turned into beneficial scalar waves?


Health and bio-energy

This is an overview of what is part of my daily practices and my environment. These practices are beneficial for our bio-energies. It's good for the health !


From Lakhovsky ...

scalar waves

I started by being interested in electrocultureAnd then electrostimulation. What led me to manufacture Hulda Clark's zapper, then to study the work of Georges lakhovsky. I reproduced its C-shaped circuits to stimulate plants. Then made Lakhovsky bracelets, necklaces and belts, for the human organism.

In search of openness, reading the works of Pierre Lance " Cursed scientists, excluded researchers »Allowed me to discover new avenues of research.

through Marcel Violet ...

I then became interested in the water : filtration, dynamization, water memory. The lectures by Marc Henry, particularly enlightened me, as well as the vital role of minerals, biocolloidal water, Quinton's plasma, Loic le Ribault's organic silicon. Which led me to the mysterious electro-vibrated water of Marcel Violet and his machine. I preferred to buy a Violet inspired water energizer, and focus on its effects.

I realize that the best measurement tool in this area is the dowser pendulum. I then turn to the work of the scientist who is Yves rocard, then to the research of the engineer Andre Simoneton.

and Tesla scalar waves

I feel that I am missing a piece to this puzzle, and there I discovered Professor Meyl's research on scalar waves, resulting from the work of Nikola Tesla.

This is what I will summarize below, I complete the following page over time.