Scalar waves, vital waves

Scalar waves, vital waves

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The rays of the stars

cosmos radiation

Physicists describe a background noise, which is permanent and which surrounds us every second: this background noise is in fact a cocktail of waves without which no life form would be possible. This radiation comes from the cosmos, the sun, rocks, the earth and the living things around us. Formerly called About, Prana, or ether to designate this fundamental radiation. Nikola Tesla was the first to demonstrate through experimentation the existence of very penetrating waves, scalar waves.

Scalar waves are present wherever there is life. It is the fundamental and indispensable radiance for life.

Existing energies

electrical, thermal, photon, gravitational energies
electrical, thermal, photon, gravitational energies ...
  • mechanical (shock or pressure, sound) -> catapult
  • gravitational, (falling bodies) -> waterfall
  • electric magnetic, (motor / dynamo) -> radiator
  • thermal (heat) -> candle
  • photons (light) -> photosynthesis
  • chemical, (digestion) -> neurons
  • mental (intention) ->  brain
  • neutrinos (from the stars, our sun) -> fusion
  • nuclear (link between protons and neutrons in atoms)

The surprising transmutation of the elements

Louis Correntin Kervran (1901-1983)
Observed that some elements could become other elements:

A hen produces an egg with a 7g shell every day, in an environment where there is no calcium to eat. It is by feeding on the silicon and potassium present around it, that it will produce calcium.
silicon + potassium = calcium

Other examples on biological transmutations on wikibooks

transmutation of the elements

Interesting energies: neutrinos

Black hole emitting 2 jets along its axis of rotation

Neutrinos come from the decomposition of a neutron, from the stars. Neutrinos received by Earth come from the sun (5% of solar energy) and the cosmos. These constitute the largest part of scalar waves. They also exist everywhere on the surface of the Earth, whether they are emitted by rocks, plants, trees or any living being: they form a constant background noise, characteristic of living things.

First observation of a neutrino in 1970

It was demonstrated 4 times by Nobel Prize-winning scientists, and therefore definitively in 2006, that neutrinos have charge and mass.
The Ice Cube laboratory
The Ice Cube laboratory in Antartica

Neutrinos have a variable load (positive or negative) and a variable mass, the whole varies so quickly that the resultant is = 0.
Neutrinos go through everything, move in a vortex, they react very little with water.
We are crossed by 60 billion neutrinos / cm² / s, and half as much at night.

Indeed, a Japanese research team has shown that solar neutrinos are coming by night in quantity 2 times less than those which strike the ground during the day. So neutrinos do indeed disappear on their 12 km path inside the earth. What would make the earth swell of some 19 cm each year according to the proponents of the theory of the expansion of the terrestrial globe. Since its creation 4 billion years ago; the mass thus acquired would be 8 Tera-tonnes (10 to the power of 12) per year, according to Professor Meyl.

Mental energy and cosmic waves

Mental energy and cosmic waves
meditate to connect

There are different brain waves

  • Gamma 35 to 45 Hz: creativity, mental dynamism
  • Beta 12 to 35Hz: concentration and active thoughts
  • Alpha 8 to 12Hz: state of consciousness calmed, eyes closed
  • Theta 4 to 8Hz: meditation, hypnosis, REM sleep, limbic activity (memory and emotions)
  • Delta 0,5 to 4Hz: deep sleep, coma, healing

Learn more

The Theta frequency is in phase with the first wave of Schumann resonance which is at 7,83Hz.

We can conclude that if we are in an altered state of consciousness, we will better capture neutrinos coming from the sun.

Experimentation on the nature of consciousness

Laboratory test in 1978 redone in 1998 and 2004 (Jacobo Grinberg - Mexico, ¨Peter Fenwick - London, Laenna Standish - Seattle) :

2 people in a faraday cage communicate mentally by
meditation for 20 minutes.

One receives a strobe light pulse which triggers a signal on the electro encephalogram.

We find this same signal on the other person in mental communication.

Repeated experiment with subjects 5m, 500m or 500km away.

scalar waves emitted by brains

We observe here, that the scalar waves emitted by the brains of the two people are not stopped by a Faraday cage, and do not weaken with the distance.

Let's talk about the airwaves

What is a frequency and a wavelength?

a frequency and a wavelength

A wave is characterized by:

  • its wavelength (distance in meters between repetitions of the oscillation)
  • its frequency (1 Hz = one oscillation per second)

An idea on the wave scale

The spectrum of visible light ranges from red to purple; in wavelengths, it is between 800 nm (red) and 400 nm (purple). The shorter the wavelength, the more energetic the wave.

An idea on the wave scale

We only see 1% of the light emitted from the sun (frequency between 400 to 800 nm)

The difference between longitudinal and transverse waves

longitudinal and transverse waves
example of seismic waves

longitudinal waves L

Force in the direction of propagation (compression)

The transverse waves T

Force to 90 ° from direction of propagation (springs)

Seismic waves are made up of these 2 types of waves

We must now differentiate these 2 families of waves:

Mechanical waves

Mechanical waves

Which push matter (solid, pebble in water ripples the water, sound ripples the air, earthquake ripples the earth)

  • mechanical L and T
  • sound L

Electric waves

Electric waves

Very light (ripple of electrons, photons and neutrinos)
Progress sinusoidally

  • electromagnetic T
  • non electromagnetic L

We can therefore find:
mechanical waves (solids, water, air)
electric waves (photons, electrons, neutrinos)
mental waves (neutrinos)
spiritual waves

All these waves have a transverse OR longitudinal duality
All these waves can bring energy AND information

Scalar waves are L in nature, longitudinal, and composed mainly of neutrinos.

Fundamental and harmonic waves

The acoustic drawing with the figures of Chladni

the figures of Chladni
the figures of Chladni

Le German physicist and musician Ernst Chladni (1756-1827), founder of modern acoustics, was at the origin of this discovery by vibrating plates sprinkled with fine sand by rubbing them with his bow.

1-dimensional visualization

2-dimensional visualization

We find the same principle in 2D on a plate with grains of sand

Schumann resonances

Prof. OWSchumann (University of Munich) discovered in 1957 the terrestrial magnetic transverse waves, today known under the name of Schumann waves.

Schumann resonances
Schumann resonances

Examples of harmonic coupling

We can observe a tuning between the metronomes. After 2 minutes, all metronomes are tuned to the same frequency.

The dormitory phenomenon

We also find a harmonic coupling with the menstrual synchronization, called McClintock effect. In 1971 Martha McClintock studied 135 female students who lived in the same dormitory and found a “significant increase in the timing” of the onset of menstruation between close friends and roommates. This phenomenon also exists in animals with the Whitten effect.

Scalar waves have no vector (direction), until they find a pole, a resonant. Once there is tuning or resonance between a transmitter and a receiver, there is transfer of energy and / or information.

Let's observe the nature of scalar waves

Longitudinal scalar waves
Double sine transverse electromagnetic waves
Longitudinal scalar waves

The scalar wave is longitudinal et spiral wave travel (vortex) like our DNA or like proteins. It is composed of two waves which have an angle of 90 ° to which, to which is added the gravitational force which gives a "spin" effect giving a twist to the whole. Scalar waves would be induced by the electron / photon spin field. These waves are capable of carrying thousands of kilometers without weakening.

There is no measuring device for scalar waves. Only the pendulum of the dowser or the "feeling" makes it possible to detect their presence.

Life energy and scalar waves

The key to healing is information - scalar information.

Our cells communicate using scalar fields. When this communication is blocked, our health suffers.

We can act on the vital energy

  • on the water, electro vibrated water by Marcel Violet
  • on food, food vitality measurements by André Simoneton
  • on the living, Rife machine, Lakhovsky multiple wave generator

The discovery of Tesla

Tesla dreams of a global system of wireless energy and information distribution. He is developing his research on wireless energy distribution, passing through the earth and return circuit in the upper atmosphere.

He has made an important contribution to techniques for generate and control radio waves, but Tesla did not believe in the effectiveness of these to communicate information, let alone to transport energy.

Tesla begins, at the end of June 1899, experiments on the detection of telluric currents and on the Earth's electrical potential. He then discovers that - in his words - "The Earth is literally alive, traversed by electric vibrations"

His laboratory in Colorado houses a gigantic Tesla coil and a telescopic mast allows to raise a copper ball up to a height of 43 m. This installation lays the operational foundations of the tower Wardenclyffe.

He considers the Earth to be a sphere filled with an incompressible fluid. A "pumping" action of this fluid (the telluric currents), at the rate of the resonant frequency of the Earth, will produce a recoverable and equal electrical energy at any point on the Earth.

Banker JP Morgan financed Tesla from 1901 to 1904

What do you need ? I have a fleet of boats and I would like there to be permanent radio contact between them. Is it achievable?

The Italian Marconi succeeded at the end of 1901 first transatlantic radio transmission, after exploiting 6 Tesla patents. Nikolas Tesla did not pay attention, his goal was not to convey information, but allow the diffusion of energy to all, free of charge. When Morgan understood this, he turned to Marconi for funding.

Nikola Tesla has filed 700 patents: 1/3 were understood during his lifetime, 1/3 later, 1/3 still not understood

The rest of its lesser-known story

He tried to offer his services to the United States in vain. He then approached Serbia, his country of origin, to sell its technology to the Russians. He demonstrated to them in 1908 with a Tesla interferometer. A replica of the Wardenclyffe Tower will be built near St. Petersburg. This will be used to supply the first laboratory in Siberia with electric current 5 km away.

Military use of scalar waves

This technology will be mainly operated in military fields by Russia. Tesla was a pacifist, however he worked on military defensive methods. Some recent examples, from our news:

military use of scalar waves

This subject is discussed in detail in the book scalar wave war by K. Meyl.

Some dates in Tesla's life

  • 1897 and in 1900, Tesla published in a improved version its patent on the transmission of electric energy, No. 649,62 1 (Scalar wave transmission).
  • 1899 Experimental transmitter for scalar waves at Colorado Springs, 10 kW, 12 million volts, Colorado Springs Notes.
  • 1908 Explosions in Russia June 30 in the rocky Tunguska, Siberia
  • 1913 Tesla is sponsored by Société Générale Electrique AEG in Germany, which had already paid him for all the licenses for three-phase current for a long time.
  • 1917 On July 4 the Wardenclyff tower is destroyed by explosion - discovery of the radar by Nikola Tesla. In the notebook of the "Electrical Experimenter" He proposed his scalar wave system as a weapon against submarines.
  • 1930-1932 Tesla drives a electric car transformed, with wireless energy, by hacking the Russian transmitter.
  • 1934 Tesla publishes about weapons radiating particles in defense of a country.
  • 1937 Tesla receives a lifetime annuity of $ 7200 per year via Belgrade (= today equivalent to 160 euros)
  • 1943 The destroyer escort USS Eldridge is supposedly to be made invisible on Upper Lake by a strong magnetic field, but with significant side effects for the crew. Tesla, who had led this experience as a project manager, died at the New York hotel at the age of 86.

Tesla focused on energy transport. Scalar waves are also capable of conveying information.

An overview of scalar wave machines

The man

The first scalar wave machine is us.
The first scalar wave "machine" that can be used in therapy has been - since the dawn of time - the human being himself.

The first scalar wave machine is us

Between his 2 opposing hands is spontaneously created a field of waves exchanged between his right and his left, whose electric charge is different. If the therapist places a sick person in need between his open hands, he will receive this energy.

Le "Magnetizer" connects to a sourcewhether it is cosmic like the sun or spiritual and therefore in close resonance with himself, so that the energy (neutrinos, electrons, photons) passes from its source to its patient.

Georges lakhovsky

(1869-1942) was the first to speak ofcellular oscillations and build a multiple wave generator in order to produce many harmonics from an electromagnetic type carrier wave. Before designing his multiple wavelength oscillator, he developed passive circuits also called Lakovsky antenna.

He was the first to understand that cellular oscillation is directly related to vitality.

Lakovsky passive circuits
passive circuits, Lakovsky antenna (medallion, necklace, etc.)

Raymond Royal Rife

(1888-1971), engineer was working on microscopes capable of seeing microorganisms in their living form. His microscope could magnify 60 times, while conventional microscopes do not exceed 000, due to diffraction of light in the air, from 1300. The light from his microscope passed through oil rather than air, so it was able to exceed the optical limit of the machines still used today. Invented later, Scanning Electron Microscopes magnify 2000 million times, but kill the subject in the process. Rife was then able to develop wave generators who could directly inhibit the growth of these microorganisms.

La Rife Machine was created in the 30s. It is a generator of variable frequencies that emits magnetic resonance in the body. The electromagnetic frequencies are capable of killing pathogenic germs (viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.) present in the body without harming living tissue. Originally, the Rife machine was designed to treat tuberculosis and cancer.

It suffices to adjust, for example, the frequencies emitted to those of Borreliae, to eradicate them. With this type of treatment, there is no danger for the organism, the immune system is also stimulated.
Rife used a plasma tube (a gas) energized and generator of a carrier wave of about 3 MHz, with a power of 400 watts.

The body becomes more resistant to disease and, moreover, he recovers faster. Its use can be combined with other supportive treatments, such as herbal remedies and appropriate nutrition, and even the antibiotics recommended by conventional medicine. Any parasitic disease could be eliminated with frequencies, depending on its individual electromagnetic signature.

Antoine Priore

(1912-1983), resistant during the Second World War, radio technician. He designed a machine composed of a plasma tube which was used to treat cancer in animals and humans.

Here is an interview with Pierre Lance which sums up the work of Prioré, accompanied by reports from the 70s.

Marcel Violet

(1887 - 1973) Automobile pilot, engineer of Arts and Crafts and French inventor. His device is not really a scalar wave generator, however thanks to electrodes in water and a beeswax condenser, he could create water like that of the storm which he named biological waves.
For more than 30 years Marcel Violet studied his process on thousands of people and including his own person. Condemned by allopathic medicine following a myocardial infarction (1942). He used his process and came out unharmed and did not get sick again until his death at age 90.

In 1960, a Deputy-Mayor and Chief Doctor of the Hospital of the Fraternity of Roubaix (Dr Guislains, 3 beds) attempted experience for 6 months. A small shot glass 3 times a day and in a very short time the patients recovered quickly and the morale of the staff had changed. 

The time of patients remaining in hospital was reduced by 30%.

Here after his unique conference and interview of 1h30, fascinating!

biological wave generator

Today Marcel Violet's machine is no longer sold. Some have tried to reproduce it from its patents. Above a machine inspired by Violet's, the Biodynam energizer.

Konstantin Meil

German physicist, he invented the electronics which make it possible to create a scalar field at a voltage of 2 volts and with a tiny power of 50 milliwatts.

Ce scalar field generator allows the creation of a field several meters long, in which a patient can settle.

The voltage and the very low electric field are compatible with living organisms and cells. This allows tissue nourishment
and cells in energy and information optimally.

John White - Spooky²

John White is a New Zealand inventor who currently lives in China. Trained in electrical engineering, physics and computer science, he has been studying and developing solutions to serious illnesses since 2008. He specializes in treatment of energy and scalar resonance, biofeedback and pulsed magnetic field therapy. John White collaborated with other research groups to develop Spooky software2 as well as these peripherals.

A very complete Rife machine

Spooky² is a free software which allows you to control a pulse generator. It is possible to connect many peripherals to it, making it a machine Modular, scalable Rife very accessible:

electrodes to be glued, pulsed magnetic field, ultrasound, "cold" laser, plasma tube and scalar wave emitter

An open project, with a large community

The site is translated into 9 languages. There is a strong community; with a forum and main Facebook group of 15 members.

These 3 devices are scalar wave generators. They work by being connected to the Spooky2 software. The user chooses and executes a program with the software, the program signal is then sent to the device which will send scalar waves.

Machines :

  • Remote : it is a transmitter of scalar waves. It sends the signal to a DNA sample of the person to be treated (hair or nails), or organism to be destroyed or inhibited (mold, insects). In quantum physics it is called quantum entanglement. This means that if a part of a singular system is separated and removed from that system, any action performed on that part will be instantly seen on the parent system, and vice versa.
    More information about Remote from the spooky2 website. Here a pack with the XM Generator and a remote. For the range below, the X Pro Generator Pack which is more powerful and autonomous.
  • Scalar : allows 3 uses: pure scalar, molecular scalar and scalar with Rife frequencies. the complete scalar pack.
  • Radionics : allows you to try radionics. The resonance is adjusted with the pendulum, it is possible to equip the accessory stick pad to dispense with the pendulum.

There are many programs associated with healing :

  • detoxify the body
  • strengthening the immune system
  • stimulate the synthesis of vitamins and minerals
  • improve eyesight
  • improve sleep
  • accelerate healing
  • stimulate plant growth

There are also programs to kill or inhibit :

  • keep insects away (moths, flies, ants)
  • remove mold
  • eliminate a specific parasite, or bacteria or virus

To conclude

We have seen a good number of machines generating scalar waves. We can now ask ourselves how can we detect them?

Detect scalar waves

Go further: Open source project of scalar wave antennas

Based on the work of Prof. Meyl, I developed two Tesla flat coils in open source.

Open source project of scalar wave antennas

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  1. We will try to share this site as much as possible because it brings together everything you need to know and that we find in small pieces on scalar waves.
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    Lakhovsky had received an electric shock while putting his fingers inside his first device, the cellulo oscillator radio and it could have been fatal to him. Luckily he was able to recover thanks to a masseur who had a strong magnetism.
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  7. Can scalar waves be harmful in the health setting.
    For 2 months, I have had 2 sessions per week, of scalar waves from Pr Meyl's SWD, remotely.
    After this afternoon's session, I have a headache and my hearing is disturbed by background noise.
    Is this a side effect that means you need to take a break or is it a permanent consequence of too much use?

    1. good morning Marc
      Difficult to say without knowing your case.
      However, you should know that the body sometimes expresses a bad feeling when it is exposed to a healing process.
      It can come from toxins or pollutants that the body suddenly releases.
      A break is necessary, before resuming treatment.

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  8. Hello, I have a question about scalar waves, I wear functional condition correctors and I have just been fitted with a pacemaker and I am lost thinking that I can continue to use it, because I found a good one be thanks to their properties. Thank you for reading and for your response.

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