Respir-disc for the respiratory system


The Respir-disc is the second therapeutic frequency disc resulting from my collaboration with Biophotox. This office of expertise in biophotonics was able to highlight the effect of some of my products on human biological functional systems.

The first product was the Thymos disc, which has been found to have a positive effect on the immune system.

This new study shows that the Breathe-disc statistically increases the energy of the Respiratory system (lungs) from 21% to 35%.

This same study shows an increase in the energy of the Heart Chakra, from 12% to 20%.

A therapy disc

The Respir-disc is a therapeutic object that must be placed for at least at least 1 hour on one of the energy centers called chakra. In order to be able to use it without having to be lying down, this disc can be worn around the neck, thanks to a adjustable disc holder.

Studies that have been conducted with Biophotex show that the Respir-disc is most effective when placed on the heart chakra.

A cymatic frequency disk

As is the case with all discs in the cymatic scale, I use cymatics technology to materialize frequencies on the patterns of the discs.

The Respir-disc has on its external face a harmonization of high frequencies and on its internal face a harmonization of low frequencies:

  • The highest frequency with patterns with the most detail, is to be oriented outward.
  • The lowest frequency with the pattern with less detail is to be placed against yourself.

The frequencies are calculated from “specific notes” of the “Temperate” scale tuned to A 432 Hz and the “Pythagorean” scale.
The diameter of the disc is in the golden ratio, it is multiple of 70 times the golden ratio. The number 7 relates to the number of chakras.

Extract from the study conducted by the Biophotex expertise office


The study was carried out on 4 dates over 7 months. For each date of measurement, the following protocol has been put in place:

a) Making 3 measures of organic energy of all organs and functional systems of the human body from 3 different people.

Study subjects:

  • a 40-year-old man (M1),
  • a 50-year-old woman (M2)
  • 65-year-old male (M3)

Order of taking measurements:

  • M1 at 10 a.m.,
  • M2 at 14 a.m.,
  • M3 at 16 p.m.

b) After wearing for 1 hour on the heart chakra the “Respir-Disc” new measures will be taken. Statement of 3 measurements of the organic energy of all the organs and functional systems of the human body of the 3 people in the study.

Order of taking measurements:

  • M1 at 11:15 a.m.
  • M2 at 15:15 a.m.
  • M3 at 17:15 a.m.


The measurements were carried out over a study period of 7 months, and relating to the analysis of 1224 energy parameters concerning all the organs and functional systems of the human body.

We can conclude that the “Respir-Disc” has a “specific” action centered on the respiratory system.

That this specific action makes it possible to increase:

  • The energy of the Respiratory system (Lungs) from 21% to 35%
  • Heart Chakra energy from 12% to 20%
  • Throat, Larynx and Trachea energy from 11% to 14%

The increase in energy in all other functional systems is not significant (around 5%).

In stores

The Respir-disc is sold attached to a support allowing it to be placed around the neck on the heart chakra (chakra 4), by adjusting the position precisely. It is possible to detach the disk for use without its support. The set is sold in a storage box.

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