The Lakhovsky vitality pendant


This necklace is a variation of the growth flower pendant that I designed. It is a scalar wave antenna consisting of a passive Lakhovsky circuit, with a heart of pure unheated beeswax, with a little honey.

A Lakhovsky antenna

There are therefore in this pendant 7 concentric open circles. This pattern comes from the geometry used by the multiple wave oscillator (OLOM) of engineer Georges Lakhovsky. This Tesla antenna generatesscalar waves.

A wave of protection form

On the other side is the symbol of the triple circle. It is made up of Hebrew letters. It is a symbol of protection and desimpregnation which is used to clean minerals, and other objects by placing them in its center. According to the experience of many dowsers, it does not pollute itself. To increase its effectiveness, it is necessary to orient the top of the pendant towards the North. Its presence will prevent Lakhovsky's antenna from being negatively charged, as do other devices (flowers of life, orgones, etc.).

Biological information at the heart

The disc is pierced in its center, I filled this part with unheated raw beeswax (and a little honey) which was soaked in Quinton plasma (cold filtered sea water). This biological information will be added to the radiation from the Lakhovsky antenna to “inform” the cells of the wearer of the collar.

Two variants with or without protection

I also designed a variant without the protection symbol on the back, for those who only want the Lakhovsky circuit on the pendant.

Characteristics of the pendant

Dimensions: 38 x 43 mm, thickness 3.5 mm

  • The tour is performed in 3D printing.
  • The central part consists of a printed circuit in fiberglass / resin and copper.
  • The heart contains beeswax
  • The thread is waxed cotton
  • The clasp is made of steel
  • The box is made of recycled cardboard

Order direct

If you like this pendant, you can order it directly, I sell it for 50 €. To do this, you need to click on the button below and enter the amount. Please tell me the model you want, don't forget to also tell me your postal address. I give a 10 € discount to members of the AMRM association.

5 comments on “The Lakhovsky vitality pendant"

  1. It reminds me of MOMs. The site is: Espace MOM. I ordered you the purple dodecahedron without small spheres. My birth vibration is purple determined by the fictitious cone pendulum that's why I like this color. How do you feel about putting this dodecahedron under my bed for better sleep? Or maybe you have a better idea of ​​how to use it. Thank you for answering me and bravo for your research which is fascinating. JM Small

    1. Jean Michel
      Thank you for your message. Indeed, some people like to place it near them to sleep. It is also effective as an ambiance harmonizer in your living space.
      I advise you to find the North face of the dodecahedron with a pendulum set to V-, as explained on this article
      Once this face is found, you orient it to the North, the radiation of the dodecahedron will be much better.

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