Key ring Protection YHWH Lakhovsky



Cymatic 528 Hz key ring – Lakhovsky protection – Lakhovsky solar system
Carry powerful waves of shapes with you, always in your pocket or bag.

Protection Yo He Waw He / Lakhovsky H9+
This mini disc is made up of one side with the 4 letters Yod He Waw He, and another side with a Lakhovsky H9+ circuit.
It is ideal for providing cleaning or energy decontamination for objects or living things. It thus offers protection against negative energies which in dowsing are called negative electric green.

Yod He Waw He, Protection and depollution
This powerful form wave is composed of Hebrew letters: yod he waw he. It provides protection, cleaning and depollution.



Meaning of Yod He Waw He
This disc bears 4 symbols in Hebrew letters Yod He Waw He (YHWH, JHVH or Yahweh). These symbols bring a powerful protection and allow an effective energy cleaning on the objects which charge negatively from the subtle point of view. It is a symbol which is known and used in the field of dowsing to remove the "negative electric green" which pollutes objects and living things.
The origin of the tetragrammaton YHWH represents the name of God. It is the divinity of Israel, the proper name of the "Elohim" of Judaism, "Yahweh" or "Jehovah" for Christianity. In the Hebrew scriptures, the divine personal name appears nearly 7 times. The oldest mention of the tetragrammaton is dated 000 BC. J.-C. on the stele of Mesha.
The form wave of the tetragram YHWH existing for more than 2800 years, by the meaning it carries, its presence and its occurrence brings particularly beneficial information.

Product constitution
Dimensions: 38 x 43 mm, thickness 1.6 mm
– The key ring is made of fiberglass/resin with a gold-plated copper antenna
– The ring and chain are made of brass
– The box is made of recycled cardboard

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