Disk Lakhovsky H9 protection / depollution V3.0



Lakhovsky H9 V3.0 disc & gold-plated protection / depollution

Cleaning and depollution
The powerful form wave of the triple circle, composed of Hebrew letters: yod he vav he. It allows cleaning and depollution of your crystals, flower of life, orgones, etc. Its presence on the back of the Lakhovsky circuit allows it not to charge negatively.

Inspired by OLOM (MWO) Harmonics 9
The Lakhovsky disc side is inspired by the Multiple Wavelength Oscillator (OLOM – MWO). There are several variations on the proportions of the circles of OLOM. I used the Harmonic 9 ratio here, the universe is based on 9-based harmonic series such as 72, 144, 432. More information here https://www.nouvel-univers.com/musique/danses -universal/
The thicknesses of the circles here follow the square root of the golden number Phi.




This disc is an update of the Lakhovsky Disc V2.0
The circuits are gold plated, whereas the 2.0 version was coated with tin.
The other difference between version 2.0 and 3.0 of the Lakhovsky Harmonics 9 disc is in the thickness of the concentric circuits, the diameter of the circuits remains the same. I am getting closer here to the proportions of the circuits of the multiple wavelength oscillators recently manufactured by Guy Thieux.

Find the comparison between my discs. More info on the protection disk.

The Lakhovsky/protection disc is a variation of the Lakhovsky/vitality pendant I designed. With a diameter of 100 mm, the scalar energy emitted is greater than that of the 35 mm pendant. On the back of the disc is therefore a triple circle of protection, its function of protection and disimpregnation is identical to that of the pendant.

> A passive Tesla antenna
The disc is composed of a copper circuit covered with tin. The appearance is shiny. The assembly acts as a Tesla or Lakhovsky antenna. This antenna captures the radiation coming from the cosmos, concentrates it and thereby emits scalar waves passively (without electrical energy input).

> Raises the vibratory rate
It is an interesting protection against electromagnetic waves. It works like the Lakhovsky antenna by concentrating cosmic rays, and broadcasting scalar waves towards the person wearing it. The vibratory rate increases, the body is not weakened by harmful electromagnetic waves.
The vibratory rate of the disc increases exponentially when it is electrically stimulated at the Schumann frequency.

– orient the symbol of the “comma” (yod) to the North
– place the item to be cleaned in the center (disc, pendulum, pendant, etc.)
– swing your pendulum by requesting the depollution of the element in the center
– when the pendulum stops, the cleaning is finished
A measurement of the negative electric green before and after, makes it possible to check the effectiveness of the operation.

> Orientation to the North
For maximum efficiency, the 3 open circles of the Lakhovsky disk must be oriented towards the North.

> Use on an electronic device
Position the Lakhovsky face towards the source of EMF disturbance, such as the electric meter for example.

>Which disk to use?
– The Lakhovsky disc is harmonizing, it will be more suitable in a bedroom. It can also be used in a living space.
– The spiral disc reacts differently depending on how it is oriented. One side is energizing, the other soothing (dexogyre or levogyre).
– The 528 Hz cymatic disc is energizing, it will be more suitable in a living space (living room, office, etc.)

> Energizing, soothing, harmonizing, which one to use?
It all depends on your condition, what you want to do, how long and where you are going to use it.
– If you are very tired, or you need an energy boost, an energizing disc will be suitable.
– If you are overworked, or have insomnia, a soothing disc will help you.
– If you want to support your energetic state, a harmonizing disk will be good.

> Passive use
You can place the disc next to you or on one of the meridian or chakra points that you want to stimulate. You can energize water or enhance wine by placing the disc under the liquid. Use it also to keep your fruit longer. To protect yourself from harmful waves, place it behind the screen of your computer or your TV, or on your electricity meter.
If you want to make finer adjustments. the opening of the last circuit of the disc must be oriented towards the north when it is placed horizontally. If you place it vertically, the opening should be facing up.
According to measurements in dowsing, the disc emits a cone of protection of 15 meters in front of him.

> Active use with Schumann frequency
The disk can be stimulated electrically with the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz
It is the basic harmonic of the resonance of the earth, this frequency is essential for the maintenance of the life of any living organism. All you need to do is connect electrically with two croco clips to a pulse generator. You can use a battery-powered generator, or Spooky2's GX or XM generator. I then recommend that you use the preset: Radionics / Spooky Radionics Healing AW.

Diameter 100mm
Thickness 1.6mm
Metal: copper and gold
Material fibers

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