Disc 20 cm Spiral & 12 spirals with cable for Spooky2


A spiral disc 20cm & 12 spirals with connection cable kit for a Spooky2 XM or GX generator

The 20cm Spiral disc is made up of an Archimedean spiral, rotating anti-clockwise (levogyre). On the back of the disc are 12 golden ratio spirals. The disc is composed of a copper circuit covered with a gold plating.
The coil is supplied with the connection cable kit.

> Disk for Spooky2 generator
The disc is to be used in pairs or alone with a Spooky2 XM or GX generator in contact mode with the “Schumann resonance” preset, or your personalized settings.

> Use with 2 discs
For use with 2 spools, you will need to order two copies of this product.
By placing them on either side of the belly, this creates a penetrating and enveloping magnetic field. The discs find themselves "aligned" like two magnets that pile up.
The application of frequency processing is thereby optimized.
When connecting with the connection cable kit, it is necessary to use the plastic insulating washers for the back side of the disc, on the side of the 12 spirals.


> The connection cable kit
– A generous length of 2 meters, including 1.1m for the red and black wires. There is distance between the generator and the disc(s).
– Flat terminals with M4 nuts included. You can now lie on the disc without feeling the connection.
– A storage pouch included

> A disc with an original design
This disc incorporates 12 logarithmic spirals whose design comes from the golden ratio.
The logarithmic spiral or spiral of growth comes from nature, we find this design in the snail shell, certain plants and swirls.

Diameter 200mm
Thickness 1.6mm
Metal: copper and gold
Material fibers

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