Cymatic Disc 852 Hz awakening elevation and realization



Cymatic Disc 852 Hz – La, awakening / realization – elevation
This disc is the result of my research, this principle is completely new!
He uses cymatics to generate waves of shapes from the universal and beneficial sound of 852 Hz.
852 Hz is one of the 9 sacred frequencies.

The 852 Hz waking frequency
This frequency is linked to the ability to discern the illusions of life and to glimpse what passes behind the veil. It is very effective in helping a person become more open to the mind. The 852 hertz frequency also allows the elevation of the cell. The 852Hz frequency elevates consciousness and restores mental order. It can open our minds to communication with spirits. Additionally, 852Hz allows cells to transform into higher energy systems.
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Sacred frequencies
There are 9 sacred frequencies, also called ancient solfège or solfeggio: 174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963 Hz
They stimulate and structure the consciousness and at the same time can release blocked emotions.

852 Hz with Cymatics
Here I draw the Chladni pattern with the frequency 852 Hz on both sides.
The drawing of the 852 Hz frequency will emit waves of shapes to help with self-realization.

Passive use
You can place the disc next to you or on one of the meridian or chakra points that you want to stimulate.

Biological information at the center
The disc is pierced in the center, I fill this part with beeswax. I informed this wax with a scalar wave machine. The mixture that was used for the information is composed of unheated raw beeswax, honey, amino acids and biocompatible minerals. Here I use Quinton Plasma and 75 plant-derived elements and minerals. The information of these vibrations will come to inform the water of our organism, This wave information will be transported by the emissions due to the shapes of the disc.

Diameter 100mm
Thickness mm 1,6
Metal: copper + tin
Disc material: resin

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