Cymatic Disc 417 Hz Energizing, Anchoring – promotes change



Cymatic Disc 417 Hz new version – Energizing / 2-sided anchoring V2.0
The motif of this disc exploits cymatics to generate waves of shapes from the universal and beneficial sound of 417 Hz.
417 Hz is one of the 9 sacred frequencies.

The energizing 417Hz frequency
This frequency helps promote change in a person. It provides an inexhaustible amount of energy to transmute difficult and traumatic experiences. Sometimes we have negative emotions when we face problems or stress. The 417Hz frequency removes negative energy from our body and encourages the cells and body to feel more energized.
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New version
This new version is made of gold-plated copper, rather than tin.
The gold plating allows the disc to be consistent with other discs in the solfeggio cymatic series. In addition, its surface appearance is much better.

Use of Cymatics
This disc uses the technique of Cymatics. This technique discovered by Ernst Chladni allows the visualization of acoustic vibrations. The rubbing of a bow on a metal plate covered with a thin layer of sand highlights a pattern called the Chladni pattern.
This pattern draws the harmonic standing waves associated with the frequency causing the plate to vibrate.
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Sacred frequencies
There are 9 sacred frequencies, also called ancient solfège or solfeggio: 174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963 Hz
They stimulate and structure the consciousness and at the same time can release blocked emotions.

417 Hz with Cymatics
Here I draw the Chladni pattern with the frequency 417 Hz on both sides.
The drawing of the 417 Hz frequency will emit waves of anchoring shapes.

Passive use
You can place the disc next to you or on one of the meridian or chakra points that you want to stimulate.

Active use with sound
You can make the disc vibrate with the sound of its original frequency, 417 Hz. Install a frequency generator application on your mobile, set it to the correct frequency and place the disc next to your smart phone.
I use the “Tone generator pro” app for sound stimulation.
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Active use with Schumann frequency
The disk can be stimulated electrically with the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz
It is the basic harmonic of the resonance of the earth, this frequency is essential for the maintenance of the life of any living organism. All you have to do is connect electrically with a croco clip (red wire) to a pulse generator. You can use a battery-powered generator, or Spooky2's GX or XM generator. I then recommend that you use the preset: Radionics / Spooky Radionics Healing AW.
It is possible to use 2 discs and mix the frequencies.

Dowsing measurements
The disc's vibratory rate increases exponentially when stimulated with sound of the same frequency, or electrically stimulated at the Schumann frequency.
The dowsing direction of rotation is dextrogyre and harmonizing, it can be seen as the Yang side.
The radiesthesic measure from the point of view of the Belizal colors indicates the magnetic red, it is a "color" linked to the development of life and vitality.

Biological information at the center
The disc is pierced in the center, I fill this part with beeswax. I informed this wax with a scalar wave machine. The mixture that was used for the information is composed of unheated raw beeswax, honey, amino acids and biocompatible minerals. Here I use Quinton Plasma and 75 plant-derived elements and minerals. The information of these vibrations will come to inform the water of our organism, This wave information will be transported by the emissions due to the shapes of the disc.

Diameter 100mm
Thickness mm 1,6
Metal: copper + gold
Disc material: resin

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