Cymatic bracelet 429,62 Hz quantum resonance of the water molecule



Cymatic bracelet 429,62 Hz quantum resonance of the water molecule
With this bracelet, you can do sports while wearing an energy device.
This bracelet allows the person wearing it to benefit from the benefits of the quantum resonance of the water molecule 429,62 Hz
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The circuit contained in the bracelet consists of a cymatic antenna, with a raw beeswax core. The two sides of the mini disc are identical and carry the frequency 429,62 Hz

Frequency 429,62 Hz
429,62 Hz is the resonant quantum frequency of the water molecule. 97% of the molecules that make up you are water molecules! Bring this frequency to your body you will see differences.
Marc Henry talks about the different tuning frequencies and why it is important to use the water frequency at 429.6hz to tune instruments and also produce plant music.
Compared to the frequencies 440 Hz and 432 Hz, 429,62 Hz has a much “penetrating” character with body water.
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Using the bracelet
As with the pendants, this bracelet is meant to be worn easily. It is a reduced version (32 mm) of the 100 mm discs. You will find more information on the use of the antenna discs that I offer.

Use of Cymatics
This disc uses the technique of Cymatics. This technique discovered by Ernst Chladni allows the visualization of acoustic vibrations. The rubbing of a bow on a metal plate covered with a thin layer of sand highlights a pattern called the Chladni pattern.
This pattern draws the harmonic standing waves associated with the frequency causing the plate to vibrate.

Circuit diameter of 32 mm
Strap width: 22 mm
The strap adjusts to all wrists with Velcro
Diameter of the box containing the circuit: 35 mm
The bracelet can be suitable for a wrist circumference of at least 14 cm

– The central part is made of a printed circuit plated gold and copper fiberglass / resin.
– The heart contains informed beeswax
– The bracelet is made of polymer and synthetic fibers
– The box is made of cardboard

Biological information at the center
The pendant is pierced in the center, this part is filled with beeswax. I informed this wax with a scalar wave machine. The mixture that was used for the information is composed of unheated raw beeswax, honey, amino acids and biocompatible minerals. Here I use Quinton Plasma and 75 plant-derived elements and minerals. The information of these vibrations will come to inform the water of our organism, This wave information will be transported by the emissions due to the shapes of the pendant.

Raise the vibratory rate
The pendant will increase your vibration rate, you can easily measure it with a kinesiological test, or with a pendulum and a Bovis dial. The person who wears it will feel better health and reduced fatigue. It is also recommended for healing.

Care instructions
The bracelet is water resistant, you can bathe with it without problems.
You can remove the disk from the bracelet to wipe the inside, in case you have fogging.
The bracelet can also be cleaned with soapy water.

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