Pendant 10 cm Solar System / Lakhovsky H9+ adjustable



This pendant uses a 17cm Lakhovsky 9 circuit H10+ / Solar System disc.
The cord is adjustable so you can position it over your heart chakra precisely.
The disc is held by a PLA polymer support. The new version support allows to see the opening of the last circuit.

This disc has 2 sides:
– The Lakhovsky antenna with 17 concentric circuits based on harmonic 9 (H9)
– The solar system with the 8 planets

> Adjustable pendant
The cord has a length of 135 cm and a clasp that allows you to adjust the height of the disc.
This allows you to place the energy disc in the following positions:
– sacral chakra (chakra 2)
– solar plexus chakra (chakra 3)
– heart chakra (chakra 4)
– thymus
The throat chakra (chakra 5) is also accessible if you slightly tighten the cord at the top of the neck. However, this is not a very comfortable position.
It is easier to put on and take off this therapeutic pendant.

Consult the first tests carried out with a GDV bio-well camera



Learn more about the Solaire / Lakhovsky H9+ system drive  

> Technical description:
– The disc support is made of bio-based polymer made from maize
– The thread is in waxed cotton, length 135 cm for the adjustable version
– The cord lock is made of polymer with a metal spring
– The bag is made of linen
– Disc diameter 100mm
– Disc thickness 1.6mm
– Metal: copper and gold
– Fiber material

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