Adjustable disc support pendant (sold without disc)


Adjustable disc holder pendant for 10 cm energy disc

All Héliquantix discs are compatible*.
NOTE: The adjustable support pendant sold without the discs
Shape of the support: Curve, a curve follows the curvature of the disc, more aesthetic

> Use
With the adjustable support pendant accessory, it is possible to stimulate a specific energy point, without having to lie down with the disc on you. Its long 135 cm cord allows you to easily position a 10 cm energy disc from the thymus to the sacral chakra.
The disc will thus harmonize and radiate over a chosen area.

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For maximum efficiency, it must be used “consciously”.
A few things to follow:
– be here and now
– be convinced of the success of your action
– imagine in the beneficial state you will be in once your therapy is over
– thank “above you”

More information on (the entire site is in English)

> Possible positions
This accessory allows you to expose an energy disc in the following positions:
– sacral chakra (chakra 2)
– solar plexus chakra (chakra 3)
– heart chakra (chakra 4)
– thymus
The throat chakra (chakra 5) is also accessible if you slightly tighten the cord at the top of the neck. However, this is not a very comfortable position.
To reach the root chakra (chakra 1), simply sit on a disc, you don't need any accessories!

> Which area to target?
If you are new to this area, and you don't know where to start, I recommend the heart chakra which is central and interesting in many situations.
If you want to quickly increase your energy, I recommend the thymus, which is a very sensitive area.

> Technical description:
– The disc support is made of bio-based polymer made from maize
– The thread is waxed cotton, length 135 cm
– The cord lock is made of polymer with a metal spring
– The bag is made of linen

> Compatibility
Thickness of compatible discs 1.6 mm.
*Version 1.0 and 2.0 of the Lakhovsky protection disk is not compatible, its thickness is only 1 mm. Only version 3.0 can be used for this model.

The video was shot with a short cord, the cord is much longer with its 135 cm!

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