Lakhovsky Disc 64 mm ultra thin, H9 & Double Spiral – EMF protection



Lakhovsky Disc 64 mm ultra thin, H9 & Double Spiral – EMF protection

Harmful EMFs
electromagnetic frequencies disturb the cellular communication of living organisms. This is particularly the case when their frequencies approach those of our cells. Our cells then have trouble communicating with each other, our body then functions less well (fatigue, pain, stress, etc.).

Where does disk protection come from?
A Lakhovsky antenna functions like a vortex to redirect, transmit and amplify the scalar waves that are around us and come from the stars. Our cells are thus energized and will function better. We will then be able to benefit from optimal vitality! The radiation from the antenna then allows our cells to be more resistant to harmful electromagnetic waves.


To protect yourself from EMF
This disc is designed to be attached to electronic devices emitting harmful electromagnetic waves (EMF). With an ultra-thin thickness of 0.4 mm, it can be slipped between a smartphone and its case without being extra thick. You can also place it behind your computer screen.

A removable disk
It is sold with a 3M repositionable adhesive. This adhesive does not leave traces on its support. When it no longer sticks, just wash it with soapy water, then let it dry.

For maximum efficiency, the opening of the last circle of the Lakhovsky disc should be oriented to the North when used flat. If the disc is used vertically, the opening of the last circle must be oriented upwards.

Available in several sizes
The Lakhovsky Harmonique 9 disc exists in several sizes, for different uses: 100 mm and 35 mm as a pendant. On the back of the disc there is a double spiral.
Find the comparison between my records on this link

A passive Tesla antenna
The disc is composed of a copper circuit covered with a gold plating. The appearance is shiny. The assembly acts as a Tesla or Lakhovsky antenna. This antenna captures the radiation coming from the cosmos, concentrates it and thereby emits scalar waves passively (without electrical energy supply).

Inspired by OLOM (MWO) Harmonics 9
The Lakhovsky disc side is inspired by the Multiple Wave Oscillator (OLOM – MWO). There are several variations on the proportions of the circles of OLOM. I have used the Harmonic 9 ratio here, the universe is based on 9-based harmonic series such as 72, 144, 432.
The thicknesses of the circles here follow the square root of the golden number Phi.

Raise the vibratory rate
It is an interesting protection against electromagnetic waves. It is also recommended for healing. It works like the Lakhovsky antenna by concentrating cosmic rays, and broadcasting scalar waves towards the person wearing it. The vibratory rate increases as with a flower of life, the body is not weakened by harmful electromagnetic waves.
The vibratory rate of the disc increases exponentially when it is electrically stimulated at the Schumann frequency.

A disc with an original design
The disc incorporates a double logarithmic spiral whose design comes from the golden ratio.
The logarithmic spiral comes from nature, we find this design in the snail shell, certain plants and swirls.
This spiral is covered with a gold plating, ensuring here the antenna an optimal conduction and protecting it from corrosion.

Measure the increase in your vitality
Expose yourself to the antenna disc for a few minutes and check the evolution of your bio-energy with the Egely wheel. Learn more:

Passive use
You can place the disc next to you or on one of the meridian or chakra points that you want to stimulate. You can energize water or enhance wine by placing the disc under the liquid. Use it also to keep your fruit longer. To protect yourself from harmful waves, place it behind the screen of your computer or your TV, or on your electricity meter.
If you want to make finer adjustments. the opening of the last circuit of the disc must be oriented towards the north when it is placed horizontally. If you place it vertically, the opening should be facing up.

A harmonizing device
The spiral rotates in the dextrogyre (clockwise) direction, then in the anti-clockwise (levogyre) direction.
Dextrogyre is energizing, it is a sense conducive to life and growth. It's sort of the Yang side.
Levogyre is dispersant, it is calming, it can be seen as the Yin side.
The two together will have a harmonizing effect

64 mm diameter
Thickness mm 0.4
Metal: copper and gold
Material fibers

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