Bordeaux Cathedral Rosette Disc – passive transmitter with resonant cavities



Bordeaux Cathedral Rosette disc with resonant cavities

It is a disc including the image of the Rose Window on the north side of Saint-André Cathedral in Bordeaux in France.

A design between resonant cavities and cymatics
The design of this rose window incorporates resonant cavities as with other rose windows such as that of Chartres Cathedral for example.
We also find shapes that recall patterns from cymatics.



Resonating and amplifying cavities
As was explained for the disc of Chartres Cathedral, the resonant cavities of the rose window seem to show us that we have here a shape made to amplify what will pass through it. This form is present in most cathedrals. We also find inside the domes located on the ceilings, acoustic cavities acting here also as resonators.
Stained glass windows were added later in some (most?) cathedrals. We can think that their role was to amplify the sound coming from the organ to broadcast it outside.
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Using the rosette
The sound hole can be used as an amplifier disc. You can use a double disc mount by placing the soundhole at the front. The disc at the back will be amplified by the soundhole. In the photos opposite we see a use with a flower of life and a 528 Hz cymatic disk.

Diameter 100mm
Thickness mm 1,6
Metal: copper + gold plating
Disc material: resin

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