6 inclined supports for 10 cm energy discs (without discs)



2 inclined supports for 10 cm energetic scalar wave records – present, orient and mix your records (without the records).
Each support allows you to hold up to two energy discs with an inclination of 10° from the vertical.
These supports are suitable for supporting 1 to 2 discs per support, for a disc 10cm in diameter and 1,6mm thick. Bronze in color.

An aesthetic presentation of the discs
Discs can be displayed elegantly, rather than sitting stacked in a drawer

Orient discs to harmonize, protect
It is thus possible to direct one or more discs towards a person for care or treatment.
You can also place discs to protect or harmonize in a room.



Mix disk efficiency
You can place for example:
– 2 spiral discs, you will obtain increased energy
– 1 Lakhovsky disc and 1 spiral disc to increase the effect of the first disc
– 2 complementary cymatic discs, to modulate their effects. For example OM 432 Hz and 528 Hz discs, you will broadcast these 2 frequencies together.
– 1 disc to decontaminate and the white protective disc behind. The comma-shaped Yod symbol should be at the top of the disc.

First use
The first time you use the holder, you will need to insert the discs starting at one corner of the holder. Don't be afraid to use force, the discs are very solid.
You will surely find other mixtures or applications, write to me, I will share your feedback.

Quantity: 6 supports
Material: biosourced starch-based plastic, PLA

The media are sold without the discs 🙂

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