5 Platonic solids 4 cm + Pyramid of Giza with beeswax



5 Platonic solids 4 cm + Pyramid of Giza with square base golden ratio with beeswax

Here are the five Platonic solids with a bonus!
Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron
As a bonus, I added the great pyramid of Giza (or Cheops), with its good proportions.



  • DODECAHEDRON : It represents Ether. It is the harmonizer par excellence. It is relaxing and represents universal love. Very useful in states of nervousness. For use on chakras 5, 6, 7
  • ICOSAHEDRUS : It represents Water and relates to our emotional world. It is an energy activator and is useful in states of weakness. For use on chakra 2
  • OCTAHEDRON : It represents Air and is more related to our physical/enteric realm. It is very useful for harmonizations at this level. For use on chakra 4
  • HEXAHEDRON (CUBE) : It represents the Earth, the world of matter, the structure. Therefore it works better on our more physical aspects. For use on chakra 1
  • TETRAHEDRON : It represents Fire and is more related to what is mental. It helps to work on aspects related to the latter as well as energy overloads. For use on chakra 3

More about https://eolix.fr/les-5-solides-de-platon/ 

Volumes with dowsing power, transmitter of scalar waves
The Platonic solids are particularly interesting volumes from a dowsing point of view.
The waveform of these solids emits a vibratory rate which will increase according to the peaks they present.
I added the reproduction of the great pyramid of Giza so that you can test its radiance, compared to the five Platonic solids.
The proportions of the Cheops pyramid are based on the golden ratio

3D printed solids
These solids are 3D printed, they fit into a 40mm radius sphere. They are made of white PLA plastic, the interior is filled with a 3D gyroid structure. The gyroid is a minimal surface that repeats in space in three directions. It ensures to have a minimum material density in a volume, but also offers the greatest resistance for a minimum material density.

Biological information at the heart
In order to add more information besides the shape wave of the solid, I filled the center of each volume with beeswax and a fragment of honey and unheated raw beeswax which has been soaked in Quinton plasma (cold filtered sea water) and organic silicon. This biological information will be added to the radiation from the solid to “inform” the cells of people around the device.

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