Solar System/Lakhovsky universe cube 11cm with crystal sphere



This cube is a harmonizing device for the house and the living beings in it.
It is provided in its full version at a reduced price, with:

  • the crystal sun and its weighted support.
  • Yod He Waw He protective support disc

Composition of the complete cube
It is a volume with 6 faces, the internal faces of the cube represent the 8 planets of the solar system.
In the center of the cube is a quartz crystal sun.
Outside the cube are 6 Lakhovsky H9+ circuits
The cube is placed on its edge, it rests on the protection disc Yod He Vav He.

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Symbolic representation
The solar system is contained in the 6-sided volume which represents the 6 dimensions of the universe.
In the center, the sun is connected on one side with 6 internal faces and on the other with our real universe, it receives its energy.
The 6 external faces of the cube emit the energy received by the sun.
What is alive receives the energy emitted all around the cube.
The universe cube rests on the divine Yod He Waw He, which supports and protects.

The universe cube is delivered as a kit to be assembled
Cube 100mm sideways, 110 with the 12 connectors
100mm diameter discs
Thickness 1.6mm
Metal: copper and gold
Material fibers
Quartz crystal sphere, diameter 18 mm
Biosourced polymer support, steel ballast.

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