Spiritual Maker

A community that cares about life energy.
With the goal of showing the world that when great different minds come together, spiritual society progresses.

Spooky2 France

Courses, training, face-to-face or online webinars in French by Sébastien Mercier on Spooky2 tools: Scalar, Plasma, Miramate…


Bo Bon Cool

Online store of top quality Energy Jewelry for well-being.

Exclusive editions

Publishing house specializing in esotericism and spirituality for over 25 years.

Earth Sky Ether

Company focused on improving the quality of Life and the quality of Being, with a service activity through the practice of Geobiology, Applied Geobiophysics®, as well as Spiritual Hypnosis (Transpersonal Hypnosis®)

spook2 mall

Spooky2 Boutique is the most advanced and versatile Rife system in the world.



Office of expertise and R&D in Biophotonics.

An expertise and an expert at the service of companies and researchers, graduated in Biophotonics from the European University of the Atlantic in Madrid.


Muriel Pellecuer

Multi-instrumentalist musician, singer, sound therapist. Intuitive singing, singing of the soul, Circles of sacred songs and songs of the world, Sound baths, Sound journeys, Concerts.

Kevin Rocque

Practitioner in Kinesiology and SpagyTherapy

Rene Miras

Fasciatherapist, Practitioner of the JMV® method, Dowser.

sounds and words

Relaxation and regeneration through sound waves