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I'm getting closer to Biophotonics design office Biophotox. This collaboration will allow us to co-develop and co-manufacture innovative and high-performance products, validated by scientific studies in specific therapeutic indications of well-being and health.

Biophotonics, a tool for measuring living organisms

La biophotonics is a field of science that involves the study ofinteraction between light and biological systems, including cells, tissues and organisms. It is a multidisciplinary field that combines biology, physics, chemistry, engineering and medicine to develop new technologies and new tools for medical diagnosis, treatment and research.
The quantitative analysis of biological processes is essential, both from a fundamental point of view and from the perspective of biomedical applications.
The possibility of see the living in action using Biophotonics is a revolution in contemporary quantitative biology, and this technique has become an essential tool for today's biology and biotechnologies.
Biophotex, a Biophotonics design office, will make it possible through its scientific studies to measure the electro-photonic energy of products resulting from its R&D, to guarantee their energy efficiency and quality monitoring.

Two upcoming quantum products

We are pleased to offer you our first 2 innovative products that you will find in the "well-being" field.

The Cyma-Cube

It’s a frequency cube, with a combination of particular harmonics for its outer and inner faces, composed from frequencies over several octaves of the tempered scale.
The proportions of the components of this cube are based on the golden ratio.
The quantum action of the Cyma-Cube allows you to regain a state of good health, the Cyma-Cube:

  • increases vital energy of all functional systems of the human body
  • harmonizes the energy of the room where it is placed (bedroom, office, etc.)

The Thymos cymatic disc

It’s a disc with cymatic frequencies regenerating vital energy. Learn more
Disc to be placed on the thymus (under the throat), its actions:

  • increases the energy of the “Thymus” whose function is to protect the body against infections, diseases and foreign substances
  • increases the energy of the "Immune System" which preserves the body from internal dysfunctions and external aggressions.

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