Measure your vitality with Egely Wheel


The Egely wheel is one of the rare devices that allows measure vital energy.
The Heliquantix antenna discs that I design allow a increase in vital energy. By placing a disc on the chakras (the energy entrance doors of our bodies), the circulation of vital energy is facilitated, we are then in our optimal form.

Using the Egely wheel measures the increase in vitality following theuse of antenna discs.

3 experiments with the Egely wheel

Here is an example of use in the form of three experiments, done in the evening after a day's work. So I start the experience with a rather average form.

Experience 1, even with a glove it turns

Without exposure to an energy disc, I spin the wheel with it at a speed of 6 rpm, which corresponds to an average vitality rate, i.e. 100% (a bit like measuring IQ). In order to also prove that it is not the heat of the hand which makes the wheel turn, I put on a glove to turn the wheel again. I achieve a lower speed of 4 rpm, however the wheel still turns

Experiment 2, fingers together, it spins faster

Joining the fingers, we concentrate the energy locally, it is possible to spin the Egely wheel faster than with the hand.
I keep the glove on, I manage to spin the wheel at 13 rpm. Without the glove, I achieve a rotation of 14 rpm. In the image opposite, I was able to go up to 19 rpm using a Lakhovsky disc. It's rewarding to spin the wheel at such speed, it also shows the telekinetic power we all have!

Experiment 3, high vitality with an antenna disc

I expose my root chakra for 10 min while sitting on a Lakhosky H9 disc, then I put the same disc on my crown chakra for 3 min.
I spin the disc again with my hand, I reach the speed of 10 rpm, which represents a 60% increase in my vitality compared to my first experience.
I then put on a glove to spin the wheel again. I achieve 7 rpm, which is higher than my previous measurement without the glove.

Getting started with the Egely wheel

To use the egely wheel, I recommend that you do it quietly, preferably alone. Do not tense up and wait immediately for a result, after 30 seconds to 1 minute, the wheel will turn. You have to trust yourself.

We have better results if we “center” ourselves. With breathing exercises, or movements with your whole body. For my part, I place an antenna disc on my head for a few seconds, associating a deep breath and an intention to be there here and now.

There is a version of the wheel without the rev counter which is more affordable. With it it is possible to do many tests by rotating the wheel with or without energy disc, in one direction then in the other. By reaching further and further. It is possible to make it spin without hands, with just your mind by visualizing the spinning wheel.

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