Manufacture of a pendulum "aura spectrum"


The advanced practice of dowsing uses a pendulum "aura spectrum". It is a pendulum which is a derivative of the fictitious cone pendulum (or pendulum of the 5th reign) of Léon Chaumery and André de Bélizal. It is used in the health field to detect aura colors and unlock energies in the body. It can also be used in geobiology to detect groundwater or ground faults. More generally, it is possible with this pendulum to detect the characteristics of positive or harmful energies for a person or a physical, subtle or energetic environment.

A 3D printed pendulum

It is quite difficult to get hold of such a pendulum, I decided to make one for my personal practice. I drew it with 3D CAD software and then 3D printed it. I made a first version with 100% infill, the whole weighed 22g. I found it a little light, I weighted it with stainless steel nuts (without ferrous metal, so as not to disturb its use). Thus, the weighted version is 32g.

Active in a friendly on dowsing, I had my pendulum tested with confirmed members. It has been confirmed to me that it is working correctly.

A very complete dowsing tool

To use it, you have to slide the ring over the color or wavelength that needs to be measured.

When used as a "normal" pendulum, the cursor should be placed on white.

When it is used on a particular wavelength, it is not necessary to opt for a mental convention, its reading is automatic. The result is more faithful because less subject to autosuggestions.

A pendulum to make yourself ...

The version I designed can be 3D printed without the use of supports. I use here a plastic yarn in PLA (bio-sourced with starch base).

I named this model "waves and colors pendulum". I put the 3D files of this pendulum for free download on this page.

... or to buy ready-made

If you are interested in purchasing a printed and ready-to-use pendulum, you have the links below. These versions are improved, I replaced the nuts with balls to weight the pendulum. Also the wave shape of the ball is better than that of the nut.

22 comments on “Manufacture of a pendulum "aura spectrum""

  1. Hello
    I am interested to buy your pendulum and to know you who uses the spooky 2 what to take as a kit and to know if the use of the spooky is not too difficult. In any case your site is great thank you for your answer

    1. Hello, thank you for the message. There is now a buy button in the article.
      For the Spooky2 kit, it depends what you want to do. I recommend the remote kit I advise you to add the contact electrodes in addition.
      The documentation in French is very well done, and well detailed. On the other hand, you have to invest a little time to learn how to use the software.

  2. Hello,
    I ordered a weighted pendulum from you last night and left you a comment.
    I paid by PayPal.
    I would just like to know if everything has reached you well and when I will receive the pendulum.
    Have a good New Year's Eve and a happy New Year's Eve.

  3. When making this pendulum, I was inspired by the “spectrum aura” pendulum as well as the “fictitious cone pendulum”.
    For those who want to know more about the use of this pendulum tpe, I recommend reading the book " the pendulum of the 5th reign By Anna Mael.
    The book is out of print, but it is easy to find in pdf.

  4. Hello, do you still make these clocks please?
    If so, I would like to order one.
    Thank you for your reply.

  5. Hello again

    your pendulum does not have the 3 settings on the wire like the fictitious cone pendulum Does it make a difference in operation
    with this one
    Claude Deloche

    1. In fact, on the fictitious cone, there are three marks which correspond to a holding distance on the wire. This allows detections at different levels:
      - biometrics
      - waves of shapes
      - color waves
      The pendulum that I propose here is a compact and simplified version of the fictitious cone pendulum. I did not include this function for reasons of compactness.

  6. Hi Cedric,
    I noticed in one of your other items that you made the pendant in violet with the aluminum flakes. Are you making these for sale and would you say it changed the readings in any way?
    Many thanks, Joshua

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