Making a double spiral disc


A disk generating scalar waves

Since my article on growth flower I developed and improved the design based on the logarithmic (growth) spiral.

I developed a disk including a double golden ratio spiral. I designed a model with one face and another with two faces. Below, 4 photos of a double-sided double spiral disc.

A disc with an original design

This disc incorporates a double logarithmic spiral whose design comes from the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence.
The logarithmic spiral (or growth) comes from nature, we find this design in sacred geometry, the snail shell, certain plants, vortices and vortices.

Here the spiral winds and unwinds, then continues its trajectory on the other side of the disc with the same trajectory, to finally join the first side.

An energizing device

The spiral turns in the dextrorotatory direction (clockwise), it is a direction conducive to life and growth.
You can use it to boost water or keep your fruit longer.
If you place the disc on a painful area, the effect will be soothing. This golden spiral is energetic, it will energize your body, therefore it will help increase your immunity. However, it is not recommended to sleep in it, its effect is so invigorating that you may have trouble falling asleep.

High scalar energy

This device is a passive scalar wave circuit, similar to the Lakhovsky circuits.
This looped dual vortex coil design emits considerable scalar energy for a passive antenna.
Its vibration rate is so high that you will need a specific Bovis dial to measure it.
To broadcast a pulsed signal or use it in radionics, you can connect this antenna to a Schumann wave generator or to the Spooky2 generator, using alligator clips (not supplied).

This disc is an antenna scalar waves which emits radiation that stimulates our cells, it can therefore serve as EMF protection.

Integrated information

The heart of the disc contains a few drops of a life-sustaining mixture on a sheet of cellulose.
This mixture incorporates 9 amino acids and 75 minerals of plant origin. This wave information will be amplified by the spiral.

A simple and solid design

The metal wire is embedded in its 3D printed support. The assembly is solid and contains no glue.

  • 100 mm diameter
  • Thickness mm 4
  • Metal: brass
  • PLA material

Available in 5 colors

Find my creations on my shop

I'm going, I now distribute my creations on Etsy. I called my shop heliquantix, a nod to the snail shape "helix", and quantum physics.

7 comments on “Making a double spiral disc"

  1. Hello Cedric,
    It seems very powerful. Have you also tested just laser printed symbols? Is metal needed? Would love to hear more results of these beautiful creations ♥ ️

    1. Chopra
      Metal symbols are stronger than printed symbols.
      I have tested them with pendulum and Bovis dial.

  2. Hello Cédric, do you think that 2 discs connected respectively to the plus and the minus of a Spooky2 reproduce a mini "scalar"?

    1. Hello Eric,
      If we consider that the disk emits scalar waves, when not powered (like a passive Lakhovsky circuit). We would be tempted to modulate with Spooky2 for example, why not by connecting it at the ends.
      Another solution would be to connect the Spooky XM generator to a coil which would inductively stimulate our disc.
      There are a lot of experiences to do here. The most difficult thing will be to be able to measure the effectiveness of this modulation. With scalar waves, only living things can detect them ...

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