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Who am I, where am I from?

To sum up my activity, I define myself as a holistic researcher and designer.
I come from a training scientific and technical, I then became passionate about product design with a specialization in industrial design.

I'm interested invital energy, bio energy and product design in this area.
I design products that bring a support and development of vital energy.
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Vital energy, scalar waves

A scientific description

I try to understandwhere she comes from, how can wemaintain, develop it.
All that is alive diffuses this vital energy. Radiation from the stars emits this energy, without which all life would be impossible.

The étoiles, just like our sun, emit neutrinos. These are particles with a mass that was long considered zero, they move in a vortex and interact very little with matter, a little with water. We are crossed by 60 billion neutrinos/cm²/s

In fact, neutrinos have a variable load (positive or negative) and a varying mass, the whole varies so quickly that the resultant is = 0

The scalar waves are longitudinal waves, and composed mainly of neutrinos.

Scalar waves do not have vector (of direction), until they find a pole, a resonant. Once there is tuning or resonance between a transmitter and a receiver, there is energy transfer and / or informations.

Nicholas Tesla the discoverer

Nicolas tesla was the first experimenter why torsion fields. His goal was to recover theelectric energy present in the atmosphere in the lands and distribute it free of charge See you later humanity. He used for this a transmitter which transmitted electrical energy to a receiver. These two antennas are connected by a ground wire or a stream of water. Once the transmitter and receiver are in tuning. This energy is then transported then by scalar waves.

Many devices have been successfully manufactured. He has not able to complete Wardenclyffe Tower lack of finance. The Americans have turned their backs on him. He approached the Russians, who will pay him a annuity until the end of his life.

A replica of the Wardenclyffe Tower, built near Saint Petersburg, will be used to supply a laboratory in Siberia with electric current 5 km away.

Pr Meyl and scalar waves

Le Pr Meyl reproduced in miniature the Tesla antennas in the 1990s. He developed an application of scalar waves to transport information with a tiny power of 50 milliwatts at 2 volts. This information crosses a person located between the transmitter and the receiver, it can thus receive a treatment without having to swallow it.

I reproduced his invention, printed in 3d, I met him, he confirmed the proper functioning of the device. I asked him if I could distribute it in open source, I had his agreement. The Tesla coil files have since been on my site and on sharing sites.

Georges Lakhovsky and scalar waves

In the 30s, he developed passive and then active devices through the multiple-wave oscillator.

He was the first to understand that thecellular oscillation is directly related to vitality.

He was the first to speak ofcellular oscillations and build a multiple wave generator in order to produce many harmonics from an electromagnetic type carrier wave. Before designing his multiple wavelength oscillator, he developed passive circuits also called Lakovsky antenna. He will be helped by Tesla for the choice of the proportions of the concentric circles and the openings, in order to obtain optimal harmonics.

Let's talk about my products

What are they doing ?

In the manner of Lakovsky antenna, those are passive devices, antennas, who resonate when the cosmic radiation that surrounds us pass through them.
These antenna discs also resonate when they are close to the living.
They are therefore a support and an aid to vitality.

The spiritual dimension

They are also spiritual supports, for which can be used for meditation or to connect. They are also a help to open up to spirituality.

What inspired me to create them

The Planton solids, the Cheops pyramid

The shape wave of these solids emits a vibratory rate who will be growing depending on the vertices they present. Some therapists use them to stimulate the Chakras. I also developed a dodecahedron ball antenna inspired by Roman ball dodecahedra.

Lakhovsky circuits

Inspired by the Multi-Wavelength Oscillator (OLOM), I reproduce the circuits for a disk in reduced size for a passive use mainly (without adding electricity). The thicknesses of the circles follow here square root of the golden ratio Phil. It is possible to stimulate discs electrically with a pulse generator, as for the OLOM but with a very low voltage.

The growth spiral, the golden ratio

Its design comes from the golden ratio. The logarithmic spiral where growth spiral is from nature, we find this design in the snail shell, some plants and swirls. The direction of rotation is of paramount importance:

  • dextrorotary (schedule), it's a meaning conducive to life and growth. It is the yang, the fire.
  • levorotatory (anti-clockwise) is dispersing, he is calming. it is the Yin, the water.

The torus, the vortex

As for the golden spiral, the torus is a model ubiquitous in nature and the universe. It constitutes a self-organized form or theEnergy va circulate in a circular manner. We find this form or toroidal energy in:

  • apple or an orange
  • magnetic field an magnet, An no one or else Earths
  • the flow of winds from a tornadocyclone
  • the energy flow of a press or a black hole
  • galaxy or a atom...



I exploit the cymatic for generate waveforms from sound.

This technique discovered by Ernst Chladni allows the visualization of acoustic vibrations. The rubbing of a bow on a metal plate covered with a thin layer of sand highlights a pattern called the Chladni pattern.
This pattern draw harmonic standing waves associated with the frequency causing the plate to vibrate.

Sacred frequencies

It exists 9 sacred frequencies, also called old music theory or solfeggio : 174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963 Hz. stimulate et structure the consciousness and at the same time can release stuck emotions.

Schumann's resonances

They are a set of frequency peaks in the extreme low frequency of the earth's electromagnetic field. The main resonance has a wavelength equal to the circumference of the planet and a frequency of 7,8 Hz. The harmonics are at 14,3 Hz, 20,8 Hz, 27,3 Hz and 33,8 Hz. Schumann resonances are essential for the maintains life and growth of all living things on earth.

The Monohedron

The monohedron is solid one unilateral polyhedron, it is composed ofa face anda stop andno vertex ! It is the volume translation of the famous Möbius strip.

The inventor of the monohedron is Jean-Pierre PETIT, he is an astrophysicist and former research director at the CNRS. This solid is also theJanus model ambassador. This model describes that our universe is made up of two parallel universes matter and anti-matter. With the 2 edges of the rotating square facing each other, the monohedron alone represents the Janus model.

Seen from the front, we find perfectly the golden spiral in vortex. A monohedron can be dextrorotatory or levorotatory.

Why dowsing?

There is no direct bio-energy detector, no scientific device. On the other hand we are a very good measuring tool. The use of the dowsing with the pendulum and dials makes it possible to obtain the measure of vitality or the vibratory rate emitted.

The use of dowsing makes it possible to openother doors, towards more subtle energies and in the spiritual realm for example.

Detect bio-energy

Indirect measures

There are devices that measure it indirectly:

  • by visualizing the water crystals who has been exposed to this bio-energy (see the work of Masaru Emoto)
  • by visualizing the aura emitted with the kirlian photography
  • or more recently with the GDV Bio-well camera

Measure with the Egely wheel

Another way to measure the speed of rotation exerted on a disc balanced on a point is called the Egely wheel. This device is also known as Tromelin engine. It's a great way to see human radiation. When you wrap your hand around the wheel, this one rotates in the direction of the fingers. Georges Egely's invention was to develop an industrialized device, equipped with a lap counter. Tested on more than 1000 people, he deduced an average vitality of 6 revolutions / min. Below, you are less fit than average, the device can measure up to 4 times the average vitality. It's a great invention!

This device highlights the increase in vital energy following the use of my antenna discs. By placing a disc on the chakras (the energy entrance doors of our bodies), the circulation of vital energy is facilitated, we are then at our optimal form.

I joined the community of "spiritual makers" in order to share my experiences with the Egely wheel.


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  1. Well done Cedric! difficult exercise to synthesize your work. We understand and it is very educational! we must continue!! Juliet

  2. Hello Cedric

    Many thanks for sharing this information and for your work.
    I used your enlarged Bovis dial. It has become obsolete for my measurements.
    Do you have other dials with measurements towards infinity?

    I have found that you are also at a very high vibrational level beyond your dial.

    In advance, thank you for your answer,

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