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The Lakhovsky / protection disc is a variant of the Lakhovsky pendant / vitality. With a diameter of 100 mm, the scalar energy emitted is greater than that of the 35 mm pendant. Although the dimensions are the same as growth flower disc, its functions are different. On the back of the disc is a triple circle of protection, its function of protection and desimpregnation is the same as that of the pendant.

Note of June 12, 2023 : The disc shown in the photos is version 1. The version 3 of the disk protection that I propose works the same way, only the Lakhovsky side has been improved, it is more powerful with more rings.

A passive Tesla antenna

The disc is composed of a copper circuit covered with tin. The appearance is brilliant. The whole acts as a Tesla or Lakhovsky antenna. This antenna captures the radiation coming from the cosmos, it concentrates and therefore emits scalar waves passively (without electrical energy input).

Cleaning and depollution

The powerful wave of form of the triple circle, composed of Hebrew letters, allows a cleaning and a depollution of your crystals, flowers of life, orgones, etc. Its presence on the back of the Lakhovsky circuit allows it not to charge negatively.


  • orient the "comma" (yod) symbol to the north
  • place the item to be cleaned in the center
  • make your pendulum turn (clockwise) by requesting the depollution of the element in the center
  • when the pendulum stops, cleaning is finished

A measure of negative electric green before and after, allows to check the effectiveness of the operation.

It is possible to clean without using the pendulum, placing the object to be desimpregnated in the center of the disc. The operation will then be longer.

For that, it is enough to leave the object in the center of the disc, the depollution will be made all alone. The cleaning time will vary according to the level of impregnation and the size of the object to be cleaned.

Orientation to the North

For maximum efficiency, the 3 open circles of the Lakhovsky disk must be oriented towards the North.

A video preview

A look on both sides.

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