Cavity magnetron, Labyrinth and Rosette


A fascinating shape, the labyrinth of Chartres

This drawing has surprised for centuries, it has filled the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Chartres. This Gothic cathedral is the most complete and the best preserved in France. The labyrinth of Chartres, is a work of the 12th century, it is a circular geometric figure of 12,89 m in diameter. You enter through the single entrance, and you walk through the entire labyrinth to find yourself in the center. Without really knowing why, I had to transform it into an antenna disk. I quickly designed a wireframe version of the maze on a 10cm disc.

A continuous metallic journey

I felt that I was not done with this shape, I needed to refine it. A single path to the center, it is a real antenna with one son! I do this, I make a positive version with a continuous metallic path, and a negative one on a 20 cm disc. This labyrinth now exists with 3 aspects, fascinating!

I feel a vibratory function in the 122 circular alcoves circling the labyrinth and welcoming candles in the Cathedral. I transform the alcoves into mini discs in the positive version in order to make the antenna vibrate and diffuse its radiation.

Labyrinth orientation

In Chartres Cathedral, the entrance to the labyrinth faces South West, like the entrance to the cathedral. I have found that this affects the orientation of the pattern.

  • With the disc flat, the vibratory rate is more intense when the entrance to the labyrinth is oriented to the southwest.
  • With the disc arranged vertically, the vibratory rate is more intense when the entrance to the labyrinth is oriented downwards.

Rebalancing, soothing

The labyrinth, like an oscillating circuit, rebalances the cells of the body at the vibratory level by restoring their original frequencies. This effect restores a harmonious vibratory field and removes energy dysfunctions, which are the causes of many diseases. The shape of the labyrinth is also known to calm the mind.

The Rosette of the Cathedral

The large rose window of Chartres Cathedral has a diameter of 13,36 meters, it is one of the largest in the world. It is a little bigger than the labyrinth. It overlooks it, we quickly notice the presence of forms with cavities in the center and on the periphery. There is of course one in the center of the labyrinth, and then there are the 122 alcoves on the outskirts.

I then stumbled upon a documentary on free energy which made the parallel between the cavity magnetron and rosettes of Cathedrals, and there it becomes the revelation! The report goes quite far, I prefer to leave it there or one Cathedral was entirely designed to resonate and diffuse the powerful sound of the organ outside the entire building, through its rosettes designed without stained glass initially.

And there is this documentary which also comes "to resonate in me":

A contemporary form, the cavity magnetron

This resonant cavity shape has been used since 1940 in the design of the magnetron.
The magnetron is a device that transforms the kinetic energy of electrons into electromagnetic energy, in the form of a microwave. The electrons are emitted at the center and are deflected in a spiral path in the resonant cavities. This technology is used in household radars and micro waves.

Resonating and amplifying cavities

The parallel between the magnetron and the forms composing the rosette seems to show us that we have here a form made to amplify what will cross it. This shape is present in most cathedrals. We also find inside the domes located on the ceilings, acoustic cavities acting here also as resonators.

A study on the sound architecture of cathedrals

Artist Tanya Harris in 2013 went to listen to the structure of 4 cathedrals with a speaker and water, she produced 4 designs cymatic, whose designs are reminiscent of rosettes. It is amazing how such structures can silently draw these patterns.

A reinterpreted rosette disc

As I designed the labyrinth disc, I design a rosette disc. Its design is long because it makes me simplify the shapes, while trying to stay faithful to the original. I simplify the border of the rosette by taking the design of the alcoves of the labyrinth, but oriented towards the interior.

A Cathedral simplified in a cube

I now have all the elements to rebuild the cathedral in a cube:

  • The ground with the labyrinth,
  • the walls with the rose window,
  • and the roof with the torus disc.

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4 comments on “Cavity magnetron, Labyrinth and Rosette"

  1. Thank you for this article and the wonderful photos to go with it. I live in the USA and have never been to Chartres Cathedral. I appreciate it getting this perspective on it. I'm about to purchase the related pendant, and I'm in awe of (and very much appreciate) your passion for synthesizing research and other information into the creation of these devices.

  2. The entrance to the Chartres labyrinth faces the altar, which is in the East. I have walked it many times. Your device is very beautiful.

  3. Hello, Which means that at the time they knew how to build perfect architectures which revealed the perfect sound frequencies "in their drawings" which "today" can only be visualized through water and this thanks to under a microscope, these “intention” frequencies were emitted by the giant organs, these perfect frequencies were amplified through these monuments so that they radiated for miles. there is no doubt about it. It is now factual. These are things that we are beginning to discover, when at that time they already knew it, all the proof is before our eyes. It's not a theory it's in front of the eyes...
    Extrapolation: And as for water, air, etc, etc, everything was constantly restructured, we could summarize that at that time they had understood the world and maintained it in a state of "perfection" thanks to the frequencies, waves that realigned the original state of each element.

  4. I've been searching for info about the cube shape described in Revelations 21:16 that the New Jerusalem is built on and here we have the Chartres Labyrinth with the cube shape. I learned that in Tartaria, cathedrals and churches were healing centers not houses of worship and the organ refers to the organs in our body and sound frequencies were used to heal our body. The bells were also healing devices but all this was repurposed or destroyed in WWII for sinister means by the Synagogue of Satan. This image with the rosettes is an antenna and represents the healing space for people who desire healing and are on a healing path. The 12 rosette shapes must represent the 12 gates and 12 crystals of the New Jerusalem which is a quite huge landmass and not just the contemporary Jerusalem we know of.

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