Improved 528Hz Cymatic Disc


New version of 528 Hz

I improved my design technique for the cymatic discs, the new version of the 528 Hz cymatic disc benefits from these improvements:

  • there is more details and more time! in cymatic drawings, the shapes are more precise
  • le center hole is bigger (5mm), to accommodate more beeswax.
  • theinside of the hole is gold plated, in order to allow conduction between the two faces of the disc

These improvements allow for more accurate waveform output and therefore greater drive efficiency.

The 528 Hz cymatic disc

The pattern of the 528 Hz disc is obtained by the technique of cymatics which makes it possible to obtain a design from a sound and therefore from a frequency. The 528 Hz pattern corresponds to the musical note Mi (E), it is also found in Om (Aum) songs. This frequency is also present among the 9 sacred frequencies. Learn more about 9 cymatic discs of old music theory.

Beeswax in the center

I always propose as an option, to place in the center of the disc informed beeswax with scalar waves. For more information on this process, visit in the FAQs.

New version, same price

This new version replaces the old version of the 528 Hz disc in 10 cm. I keep a same price on all my shops.

Cymatic disk 528 Hz

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