Heliquantix product range

I imagined and designed the entire range of Heliquantix products in my workshop in France in Montpellier. The family of products is extensive, here is an overview broken down by disk size. Pendant discs are 35mm in diameter, medium discs are 100mm and large are 200mm. These can be mounted in 3D volume according to the platonic solids : Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron. All discs have a pattern on each side, depending on the model, the pattern is identical, or it provides additional functionality. Some models are pierced in their center, I propose to add optional beeswax informed with a machine generating scalar waves.

These discs all have different specificities, their use is common to all, discover how to use energy discs.

Lakhovsky discs

Lakhovsky records on the store

Cymatic discs

The cymatic discs on the shop

spirit discs

The spirit discs on the shop

Spiral discs

The spiral discs on the shop

Classic records revisited

Classic records on the store

Platonic solids and others

The solids on the shop