Health and bio-energy

This is an overview of what is part of my daily practices and my environment. These practices are beneficial for our bio-energies. It's good for the health !

The water I drink

Water is essential to life, after being interested in air filtration, it seemed obvious to me to have to drink quality water. We are essentially made up of water. Indeed, according to the demonstration of Professor Mac Henry, from the point of view of the number of molecules, we are made up of 99% water. The quality of the water we drink will therefore influence our whole person. It is healthy to drink weakly mineralized water (10 to 80 mg / l), preferably remineralized with minerals of plant origin (bio compatible). Energized water strengthens the vitality of our cells. Marcel Violet was the first to notice the presence of a mysterious bio energy in storm water. He was able to reproduce this water with his electro-vibrating machine. Jacques Benveniste was the first to highlight the memory of water. This work has been taken over by Luc Montagnier. Marc Henry demonstrates the existence of domains of coherence of water which will open and disappear when the temperature rises around 60 ° C. This is why eating raw is so beneficial for the body. Boosting water (bio energy) can only be detected by the living, the pendulum is an effective method for this, another newer one is the GDV camera.

My environment

Grounding is a good way to evacuate the negative charges that we accumulate, it will participate in an energetic cleansing of our body. George lahovsky has developed a set of passive circuits revitalizing plants and humans. He then developed a machine (multiple wave oscillator) based on these circuits. After having reproduced many passive circuits, my measurements on their vibratory rates led me to design spiral discs that I called growth flower. These circuits emit scalar waves which energize, inform water and stimulate living cells.

I make, I experiment

Hulda Clark's work, led me to reproduce the zapper, a device making parasites, viruses and bacteria resonate to destroy them. Subsequently, my interest on scalar waves, led me to design a scalar wave transmitter. This device demonstrates the energy transfer with two Tesla coils. This principle was invented by Nicolas Tesla and reproduced by Konstantin Meyl. The design of passive circuits with a high vibratory level led me to design a dial to measure high vibration rates.

I am using the Rife Spooky2 machine

Le spooky2 device is based on the work of Royal Raymond Rife, it is very accessible financially and therefore open to anyone who wants to be interested. The openness to multiple peripherals, the large international community of over 17000 members, and the positive spirit of sharing make for an exceptional field of experimentation. It is possible to stimulate our cells electrically, by light, magnetic fields, ultrasound and even scalar waves. It is possible here to group together Clark's zapper, Tesla scalar waves and dowsing in certain applications.

In my pharmacy

René Quinton's discovery with his marine plasma is exceptional. This cold filtered seawater contains all micronutrients and the elements necessary for life. I use it as a dietary supplement. Organic silicon invented by Norbert Duffaut and Loic Le Ribault is very effective for cell regeneration. I consume it as a food supplement and as a gel application for sprains and as a spray on the skin for sunburns, mosquito bites. In case of injury I no longer use disinfectant, I heal quickly and without inflammation.

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  1. Hello,

    I have recently become interested in the revitalization of water and the work of Marcel Violet. I saw on your site a photo of a Marcel Violet-inspired device.
    Are you going to suggest a method of making this device?

    Thank you
    Malik Benhamida

    1. Hello Malik
      No I have not yet implemented this project.
      However this should be possible I think with a spooky2 generator

  2. Hello Cedric,

    Magnificent devices ...
    I would like to know if there is one to protect an apartment globally from the electricity meter for example.

    So is it possible to transform all EM waves into scalar waves?

    Congratulations again for these great achievements


  3. Hello Cédric a big thank you for all your sharing and warm congratulations for your achievements of Lakowsky circuits among others ...
    My job is human grounding so I am touched by your blog.

    I have a practical question… on the small 11 cm Lakowsky cube you say that the radius of action is 15 m what about the large 20 cm cube?

    Beside the grounding I also use the vortices to energize the water as well as the functional state corrector (CEF Koltsov plates) and to electro-energize the water I use my Healy device (perfected descendant of the zapper) ...

    Thank you for your answer

  4. Hello Cedric,

    Thank you for this very interesting article. On your photos we see that you use organic silicon, but it exists in different forms.

    Silicon from plants such as nettle or horsetail therefore of natural origin; the silicon of Loic le ribault that some recommend because it would be better assimilated by our body. But some naturopaths like michel dogna do not recommend this LLR silicon because it comes from sand which undergoes a chemical transformation thanks to microorganisms and since it is not present in its natural state it would pose a problem for the body which does not know not metabolize it unnatural things; these people prefer forms found directly in nature.

    What do you think, what form of silicon in your experience is best for oral absorption?

    Thank you

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