The flower of growth


Where does the golden ratio come from?

The golden ratio has inspired builders and artists since ancient times. It can be found from ancient buildings through Renaissance paintings to contemporary buildings. From nature, it is found in the plant and animal kingdoms, in water in the air in short everywhere! Appointment on this blog for more details.

It is synonymous with growth, wherever life develops it is present. In golden proportions 1 in 1,618, seeing us draw a golden spiral, logarithmic, also called growth spiral.

Growth of life = spiral of growth

Where the developing life is, this is where we will see the spiral of growth take shape. It is after following the conference by researcher René Motro about the golden ratio, that I asked myself these questions:

  • Could it also work the other way around ?
  • Could the growth spiral also stimulate growth ?
  • Can such a shape have "energizing" properties for the living?

Spirals of growth in the flower of life

I am then interested in geometries resulting from the golden ratio, such as Platonic solids and the Giza pyramid. Then I come back to 2D shapes with the flower of life. This sacred geometry is present in many ancient places such as the temple of Osiris in Egypt, or on the engravings of Leonardo da Vinci.

Plato's solids are found in the flower of life, this gives me a clue ...

Growth and life are linked, I have several growth spirals on the flower of life, and there surprise! So many points of coincidence (6 to 7 per spiral) cannot be due to chance. With 4 spirals I fill in almost all the knots in the pattern. Growth is in life!

Birth of the growth flower

I start to make discs incorporating this famous spiral.

I designed little by little, a pattern grouping together 5 growth spirals, which I therefore decided to call “growth flower”. The number five is part of the Fibonacci sequence (1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55, 89, 144…). I later learned that all flowers with 5 petals are edible.

These models are interesting but a bit long to build.

One variant, one printed model

By gradually testing the vibratory rate of my models, I realize that it grows with the number of spirals and the diameter of the pattern. So I decided to make a PDF version to print, so that everyone can test.

The version that I make available has 55 spirals for a diameter of 200mm, this is the 55sD200 model. Do not hesitate to let me know with your reactions in the comments below.

[download id=”225″]

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