Heliquantix product FAQs

I have gathered here the answers to most common questions about Helicantix antenna discs and pendants:


How can antenna discs protect me?

Antennas work like a vortex to redirect, transmit and amplify scalar waves which are around us and which come from the stars. The energy released by the disks is not created by them. The discs attract the surrounding energy to diffuse it like an antenna.

The radiation from the antenna compensates for the biological effects caused by electromagnetic waves (EMF), our cells are then more resistant to the disturbances caused by the EMF.

The cells of our body are thus energized and will function better. We can then benefit from optimal vitality.

What protection should be used against harmful electromagnetic waves?

Scalar waves help our bodies for better resist the harmfulness of electromagnetic waves. The most recommended model in this case and the Lakhovsky H9 range. A harmonization device like a disc or a cube will diffuse a scalar field either in one direction (the disc) or all around it in 3 dimensions (cube or other volume). The larger the device, the greater its radius of action, ranging from 1 meter to several tens of meters depending on the device. Here are some possible uses:

  • Place the device (diameter 3.5 cm, 10 or 20 cm) directly on the electromagnetic source (electricity meter, screen, computer, television or smartphone)
  • Place a disc facing you thanks to a support, or under your seat (in a seat cushion)
  • Wear a disc pendant which will be placed on your heart chakra.
  • Keep with you a 10cm disc in your bag
  • In addition, there are atmosphere harmonizing cubes of different sizes.

What is the beeswax in the center of the antenna disk for?

The disc is pierced in the center, filled with beeswax. I informed this wax with a scalar wave machine. The mixture that was used for the information is composed of unheated raw beeswax, honey, amino acids and biocompatible minerals. Here I use Quinton Plasma and 75 plant-derived elements and minerals.

This wave information will be diffused and amplified by the geometry of the disc. The disc will emit a field of scalar waves, the information contained in the beeswax will be transported and cross the people who are nearby. His body will absorb this information and retain what it needs.

According to my dowsing measurements, the lifespan of the information in the beeswax will be between 2 to 6 years, depending on your environment (urban or in the middle of nature).

What is the difference in effects between disc models?

There are different types of discs:

The Lakhovsky scale, the spiral scale, the cymatic scale and the spiritual scale.

  • The Lakhovsky will bring a harmonization
  • The spirals according to their senses go energize or disperse
  • The cymatic bring a frequency information which stems from their pattern
  • The spiritual will broadcast a program due to the shape of their pattern (also called shape wave). On some models, the back of the disc features a Lakhovsky pattern to diffuse harmonizing energy with the subtle information on the other side.

Learn more about Lakhovsky and Spirals differences.
The cymatic discs related to sacred frequencies.

Is a large disk more efficient?

Yes, the larger the disk, the greater its emission.
The presence of metal will also have a positive effect on the show, compared for example to a flower of life which does not contain metal.


How to use the antenna discs?

My research on passive antennas and existing Lakhovsky devices allows me to summarize below, for use in the following areas:

I explain in this article how to use Heliquantix antenna discs.

The bracelet is worn on the wrist like a watch. The disc facing your skin will emit its own radiation. The discs of the bracelets are miniature versions of the 10 cm discs. For more information on the different effects between disc models, you can see the topic above. The discs can be interchanged, to remove it you will have to bend the flexible frame of the bracelet.

Depending on your needs, you can put the bracelet on the left or on the right. You can also place it on your ankle as well. If you have two bracelets, you can put one on each side. However, I don't advise you to use different discs at the same time, their effects can interfere.

You can wear the bracelet for as long as you want. It is good to take breaks from time to time so that your body learns to function without.

To replace a mini disc on a bracelet, you will need to fold it. It is very strong and flexible, there is no risk of breaking it.

How long to use a disc?

You can start with a therapy of 10 minutes and increase it if the effect is not strong enough or decrease the duration if the relief appears sooner. We are all different, you will need to experience different periods of exposure.
For example on chronic pain, here is an exposure that you can test: between 10 to 20 minutes 2 to 3 times a day.

Using a disk can help you with meditation. Depending on your sensitivity, you can place it on your crown or sacral chakra for 30 to 60 seconds to center yourself.

What product do you recommend for my symptoms?

The antenna discs can support your body in moving towards better being.

I cannot give you personalized advice based on your symptoms. I advise you to contact a therapist or a doctor.

It's up to everyone to experiment and see what feels good based on their own needs.
For some people you will need this disc, for others you will need to use another disc in another location. I do not give ready-made solutions, but tools so that everyone can regain control of their vital energy.

These products are not intended to replace medical care, regardless of the user's possible pathology. Delay in initiating medical treatment may result in a loss of chance of recovery or improvement of a serious pathology.

My symptoms are stronger or come back, what should I do?

You may be doing a healing crisis ou healing crisis. This happens following a therapy or an energy treatment, it is not systematic and it is very variable according to the people. When the body begins a process of cleansing and detoxification, the subject may encounter unpleasant reactions:

  • Headaches, tiredness
  • Joint pain
  • Skin rashes, itching
  • Transit or digestive disorders…

This can last from a few hours to a few days, depending on what the body has to evacuate. It's a trying passage, but it's also a sign that the body is working on its healing. It is advisable to rest, drink plenty and eat a healthy diet. You have to listen to yourself, and possibly suspend the treatment while the body does its purification work.

How to orient the Lakhovsky disk?

The Lakhovsky disk is sensitive to the Earth's magnetic field. With proper orientation, its effect will be optimal.

When it is used horizontally flat, the opening of the last circle of the Lakhovsky disc should be oriented to the North.

When it is used vertically (on a vertical support or as a pendant), the opening of the last circle must be located at the top.

How to orient a spiral disc or vortex torus?

Double-sided spiral discs or vortex torus have:

  • un energizing side, marked with one or more dots filled
  • and dispersant side, marked with one or more empty dots

If you use them against you, the effect you want must be directed towards you. That is, if you want to use the energizing side (red arrow below), the side with the dot filled has to be against your skin.

To understand the directions of rotation of these discs, imagine a watch with a transparent hand. If you look at the back of this watch, the hands turn counter-clockwise.

The spiral disc or vortex torus is something like a “mill” that will make your chakras spin, one way or the other, depending on how you use them. To know the direction of rotation of the chakra, you can do it with a pendulum for example. You can then act accordingly, depending on the therapy you want to do.

How to energize water with a disk?

Just put a glass or a carafe of water on the disc. After 10 to 30 minutes, you can drink energized water. It will feel softer and more hydrating. I advise you to energize filtered water beforehand (micro filtration, reverse osmosis with remineralization afterwards).

You can in the same way sweeten a wine, the effect is striking!

The benefits associated with discs are valid for water structuring. For example, using the 528 Hz frequency on yourself or on water that you are going to drink is identical. Because we are more than 99% water in terms of number of molecules.

Should I put the disc above or below my clothes?

The disc will be effective if you lay it against your clothes. However, the effectiveness will be even better against your skin. The disc can be in direct contact with your skin or peeled off, the effect will be the same.

Can I sleep with an energy disc?

Exposure to an energy disc can help you sleep. Do not stay exposed too close or too long at the start, your body must get used to it, place the disc one meter away from you at first. After acclimatization, you can place the disc under the bed or under the pillow at the beginning of the night, do not keep it on all night at first, otherwise you risk waking up in the middle of the night, too stimulated and you will not have more sleep. If you feel any discomfort, move the disc away from you.

Do I have to plug it in to make it work?

The discs operate passively, ie without any electricity supply. Just put them against you, or close to you. You can also connect them to a pulse generator, or your smartphone for more power.

Which way should I orient the pendant against me?

You should wear the pendant in such a way that you can see the stylized "smile" that sits at the top of the pendant.

Can the discs be stacked, for a better result?

You can stack the discs if you wish.
It's a bit like mixing musical notes, the result can be magnificent or dissonant. The combinations are almost endless, it's up to you to experiment often with your sensitivity or your intuition.

  • I propose a disc holder among the accessories to mix two frequencies.
  • Some products in the Heliquantix range contain interesting mixtures
  • You can put 2 mini discs in a bracelet instead of one. Three discs will not fit.

What frequencies can be mixed?

You can wear cymatic discs of different frequencies. However, be careful of dissonant mixtures! There are musical notes that go well together, and others that are dissonant. You can listen to the frequencies using the mobile application Tone Generator on Android (sorry I don't have any references to give you on Iphone)

I advise you tolisten to these frequencies on the smartphone to get an idea if they are good for you. For example, I find that 432 Hz and 528 Hz sound good together.

I talk about it in experience #6 of this article.

I'm having trouble inserting the drive into its carrier or connector

The first insertion is sometimes a little difficult.

  • The easiest way is to slip the disc from the corner of its support.
  • The support or connector has two sides, you will start by inserting the disk of the side of the largest slot
  • Once the disc is engaged, you can slide it fully into its holder.

If you want to assemble the cube-shaped discs, you can follow the assembly order below:

If you have difficulty inserting the connectors, I advise you to insert and remove them all once on a disc, on both sides to give them some play. You can then begin assembly.

All tutorial videos of solids montages are visible on this YouTube playlist. The principle is the same for small and large solids.

Care instructions

Won't the beeswax melt on me?

There is no risk, beeswax melts at more than 60°C. We can't stand that kind of temperature anyway.

How to maintain a disc or pendant?

For maintenance and to remove stains, you can clean the discs with clean water, there is no risk of damaging them. If a stain persists, you can use a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol, or medical alcohol at 90°C.

Is there a risk of corrosion of the disc?

The patterns on the disc are copper, covered with gold plating. There is no risk of corrosion, because gold cannot corrode. On the other hand, it is a metal that is not very hard, the metal layer can be worn over time with friction.

Can I put the disc in water?

The antenna disc can be put in water without problems. Its resin and fiber structure is not afraid of water. The metal part is copper with gold plating. Gold is a metal that does not fear corrosion, its appearance will not tarnish over time. Beeswax is not afraid of water, however avoid soaking the disc in water over 45°C, the wax may soften and also lose its acquired information.

How to energetically clean the disk?

Like any form wave device (flower of life, orgone, etc.), they become negatively charged by absorbing the surrounding energy pollution (the negative electric green), like a sponge.
they must therefore be cleaned periodically. There are many ways to do this (spring water, coarse salt, sun). For my part, I propose protective disc for it.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the frequency of use of the disc and also on its close environment (electrical sources and other negativities). For example, you can clean it every month for unusual use.

If you want to know the level of pollution of your object. You can make a pendulum measurement using the green dial below. If you exceed 6, do a cleaning!

Living beings also charge themselves with electric green, they also need to be cleaned, the process is the same. You can use the dial below for measurement.

You can also do energetic cleansing with a transmitter pendulum. I suggest for this wave and color transmitter pendulum.

Dial measures negative electric green

How to glue a square circuit detached from a solid?

The square Lakhovsky circuits fixed on the faces of the Platonic solids, are glued with beeswax. It happens following a fall or a little high heat that one of them detaches from its housing. To replace it, you must heat the beeswax with your finger and then press the circuit into its housing.

How to orient Lakhovsky patterns on a cube?

If you ordered a solid Lakhovsky disk compound, you will find below how to orient discs for optimal use. The other Platonic solids follow the same logic.

Also, if a small square circuit has fallen and you can't find which way to orient the circuits, I explain in this video how to orient the Lakhovsky circuits.

For more advanced users practicing dowsing with a transmitter pendulum, I explain in the rest of this video how to find the side that emits positive green, and on the opposite side the face which emits in negative green.

The subtitles of this video have been translated into English, activate them to follow them

How to clean a bracelet?

The bracelet is water resistant, you can bathe with it without problems.
You can remove the disc from the bracelet to wipe inside, in case you have fogged up. The body of the bracelet is made of soft plastic, you can remove the disc by deforming it.
The bracelet can also be cleaned with soapy water. The strap is glued to one side (on the left in the photo), so it cannot be removed.
When not in use, you can store the bracelet in its original box.

If the beeswax on your disc accidentally breaks off and gets lost, your disc or pendant will still send out scalar energy, but there will no longer be any information coming from the beeswax.

To place wax in the center of the disc, you need to knead it in your fingers to warm it. Place the disc on a flat surface, press the wax with your thumb. Remove any excess with a CB type plastic card.
I plan to offer a beeswax refill service in the near future.

Learn more

What do the Hebrew symbols on some of the discs mean?

On the protective white Lakhovsky disc and behind the small square circuits are the Hebrew lettered symbols Yod He Waw He (YHWH, JHVH or Yahweh).

This symbol brings a powerful protection and allows a effective energy cleaning on objects that become negatively charged from the subtle point of view. It is a symbol which is known and used in the field of dowsing to remove the "negative electric green" which pollutes objects and living things.

The origin of the tetragrammaton YHWH represents the name of God. It is the divinity of Israel, the proper name of " the Elohim of Judaism, Yahweh " or " Jehovah for Christianity. In the Hebrew scriptures, the divine personal name appears nearly 7 times. The oldest mention of the tetragrammaton is dated 000 BC. J.-C. on the stele of Mesha.

The form wave of the Tetragrammaton YHWH existing for more than 2800 years, from the meaning it carries, to présence and his occurrence conveys particular information beneficial.

Sources en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YHWH et en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetragrammaton

What materials are the discs made of?

The metal part is made of copper, it is covered with a gold plating of 1µm.
The disc is made of epoxy resin and fiberglass (silicon).

I am electrosensitive, can your product help me?

Discs and pendants can have a definite supportive effect indeed.
Electrosensitivity can also be caused by other elements in the environment that weaken the body. I am thinking here of exposure to various pollutants. We are not all equal in the face of the various aggressions of our modern society. For my part, I think that the approach for better health must be global. An energetic device such as an antenna disc can be part of these actions.

I'm new to this, what record do you recommend?

Le Lakhovsky H9 disc & Double Spiral is a time-tested classic. Its design with concentric circles is inspired by the model of the Multiple Wavelength Oscillator (OLOM – MWO) designed by Georges Lakhovsky.

What frequencies do you use for the cymatic discs?

The 432 Hz is the very first model of the cymatic discs that I created. It is the sound of the musical note LA (or the note A), it is also the chant OM.

Then there is the solfeggio range, the 9 sacred frequencies, also called old music theory: 174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963 Hz. There are 9 discs, one per frequency.
I also made 2 discs on the harmonics of Schumann. There are 4 frequencies in all: 7,83 Hz and 14,3 Hz for the first disc and 20,8 Hz and 27,3 Hz for the second disc. These models also exist as a pendant.

The latest model is focused on meditation, Theta / Schumann frequency: 4,9 Hz / 7,83 Hz.

Can I learn more about Platonic solids and their uses?

The antenna discs can be combined according to the 5 Platonic solids. I also offer Platonic solids printed in 3D with beeswax in the heart or a Lakhovsky circuit on each side.

How to find out more, where to start?

I resumed in this page my approach, a presentation on scalar waves and its discoverers, which inspired me to create the Héliquantix products.


I still haven't received my order, what should I do?

All orders are sent with tracking. You can track the shipment here (French). Track your order (English)

It is indicated that the package is in my box while it remains empty, what to do?

It often happens that the package arrives the day after the day notified of delivery, I advise you to wait a little longer.

I still haven't received anything, what should I do?

Have you checked that a neighbor or relative has not received your package?

Are you sure you have indicated your correct address when ordering?

You can a complaint to the Post Office for shipment to France. Otherwise you must approach the postal service of your country.