Expert reports

Evaluations with biophotonics

I gave reviews in electrophotonic imaging (biophotonics) by the expertise office Biophotox on my cymatic antennae discs. These expertises were carried out with the GDV Bio-well 2.0 camera, and the Sputnik sensor antenna. biophotonics technology allows you to see living things in action, in a scientific and reproducible way.

The analyzes of this independent expert office make it possible to validate the beneficial effects of cymatic antenna disc technology :

  • Cymatics technology makes it possible to obtain a 2D pattern from a frequency.
  • The reciprocal effect is demonstrated scientifically and by an independent source: the pattern emits the benefits of the frequency!
  • See the video Cymatics and bio-photonics which presents how cymatic discs were measured

Scientific studies of cymatic antennae

The Cyma-Cube

The quantum action of this frequency cube makes it possible to regain a state of good health:

  • increase in vital energy of all functional systems of the human body
  • room energy harmonization where it is placed (bedroom, office, etc.)

The Thymos cymatic disc

The action of Thymos cymatic frequency disc allows regeneration of vital energy :

  • increases the energy of the “Thymus” whose function is to protect the body against infections, diseases and foreign substances
  • increases the energy of the "Immune System" which preserves the body from internal dysfunctions and external aggressions.

The Respir-disc

The action of Cymatic frequency disc Respir-disc allows regeneration of vital energy :

  • Respir-Disc increases in a statistically significant way, from 21% to 35%, only the energy of the Respiratory System (lungs) and the Chakra of the Heart, from 12% to 20%.

The Libra Chakra Duo

The action of Duo Chakra Balance cymatic frequency disc allows beneficial actions on vitality:

  • to significantly increase the percentage ofalignment of the 7 chakras human body
  • de decrease stress psychophysiological and organic
  • byincrease overall energy psychophysiological and organic