Energy transfer with two Tesla coils


With these Tesla coils, you can light one led connected to a single wire

This project is based on the research of Nikolas Tesla. I have reproduced two flat Tesla coils, each topped with a sphere-shaped antenna and connected to the ground. The device is presented above in the patent filed by Tesla in 1900.

Design a scalar wave transmitter

The device produced is a transmitter / receiver which transfers energy by longitudinal waves, also called " scalar waves"

Experimentation of an energy transfer with two Tesla coils

Energy is transferred from the left antenna to the right.

  • The signal generator is connected to the right black coil (right antenna).
  • On the 2 antennas, energy is transferred by induction between the black coil and the red coil.
  • The two red coils are connected by a single wire
  • Energy is transferred when the two antennas are in resonance

This experiment shows that the scalar waves pass through a Faraday cage

  • When the receiver resonates, we see on this video that the left indicator light turns on while the right indicator gradually goes out.
  • When I bring my hand closer to the sphere of the receiver, the led lights up gradually. The influence of my hand disturbs the resonance of the receiver.
  • In the second video, despite the two metal cages, the left led receiver continues to work without being disturbed by Faraday's cages.

Material list

You have a full description for assembly details here:

Also find this project on Thingiverse

To go further with scalar waves

Konstantin Meil

I developed this model from the research of Nikola Tesla and Professor Konstantin Meyl. Professor Meyl has been studying scalar waves since 1990. You will find his books, publications, videos and devices on his website
The behavior of scalar waves with a Faraday cage is described in his publications.

Prof. Meyl produced a demonstrator with a small electric boat that moves using wireless power transmission. The ground wire in the water is connected to the boat and to the secondary transmitter. The main transmitter is out of the water with the signal generator.

20 comments on “Energy transfer with two Tesla coils"

  1. Excellent.
    Regarding your videos on Tesla's flat coils, we can of course operate this over-unit energy transfer over greater distances. With a few volts I do this from room to room for a distance of about 6 to 8 meters. At this point, the resonant frequency drops somewhat.
    Strangely enough, I have noticed that if you form a coil (loop) of 6 or 8 turns on the "earth" line which connects the transmitter to the receiver, one - over such a distance - a resonance that is easier to obtain and a additional energy transfer gain.

    I have also just realized, quite recently, that the antenna on the receiver is not necessary: ​​the diode of the receiver still lights up perfectly and even louder. To explain….
    Looking forward to discussing.
    Thank you for your site and your great videos. You can contact me if you want.

    1. Hello Henri

      Thank you for this interesting feedback.
      I will test with more turns on the earth wire.
      The sphere acts as an antenna in principle. I will also be testing in this configuration.
      Can you tell me how often you resonate, and with what voltage?

  2. Hello,
    I am Boeotian.
    I wanted to buy a device for healing and came across your tutorial.
    Could you answer the following questions?
    - Is Dr Meyl's experimentation device as precise and efficient in a healthcare context?
    - Is the generator you indicate precise enough in a treatment context as well?
    - Is it necessary to have a transponder?

    Thanking you for your sharing
    - The

    1. Hello Sia
      Dr. Meyl's experimental device does not have scalar wave modulation, so it should not be used in a care setting.
      The same goes for the one I designed.
      A transponder could indeed modulate the signal.

  3. Hello
    I find your experience on scalar waves very interesting.
    However, I have several questions:
    The type of emission signal (sinusoidal?)
    Have the inductances of each coil been defined beforehand, if so on what basis?
    Do you know the maximum distance that could be transmitted with an assembly of this kind?
    Thanking you in advance for your answers

    1. Hello Louis
      it is indeed a sinusoidal signal which is sent.
      Concerning the number of turns of the coils, I based myself on the work of P. Meyl:
      50 turns on the red reel and 5 on the black reel. If the distance is not increased, the resonant frequency will have to be adapted. For longer distances, a more powerful generator would be needed. This is the type of generator recommended by Mr. Meyl

  4. Hello and thank you very much for sharing. I would have liked to know if it was possible on this assembly to add what I would call a frequency modulator to allow to choose the one which can be the most adapted to different situations thank you in advance for your answer. Obviously if possible can you put a link of a modulator that can be adaptable please

  5. hello cedric do we need to buy a dds signal generator if we buy a spooky xm? whether or not how should it be connected? thank you for your response in advance.

  6. Hello. Sorry to disappoint you: this experience is a joke because a faraday cage to be valid must be completely closed (as in a microwave). Yours truly

    1. Hello. Indeed in my video I did not close the cage. I reproduced here the experience of Professor Meyl which is published in his books, and which has been reproduced by many scientists. In my next Tesla Coil video, I would do a demo with a closed cage again. However, you will notice that there is no attenuation of the LED, despite the presence of boxes above each of the antennas.

      1. Thank you for your reply ; if you repeat your experiment, I would like to insist on the fact that a fully enclosed Faraday cage must of course not admit any electric wire which must not penetrate it, otherwise it is no longer impervious to electromagnetic fields (like a closed tin can). If you realize this, I would like to observe your new experience.

  7. Hello,

    I would like to know how you determine the number of coil turns to achieve depending on the resonant frequency? Is there a specific formula to calculate the number of turns?

    Merci à vous

    1. Hello
      I reproduced here Professor Meyl's experience based on the same turns of the coil.
      The resonant frequency will vary according to the turn of the coils. Pr Meyl offers kits from elsewhere with different towers.

      1. hello cedric could you put in links the experience of doctor meyl history to see the details of his experience, incidence according to the number of turns. thank you in advance

  8. Hello,
    I am interested in water and the information it is capable of conveying. For this purpose, I acquired a small manual vortexer, which I use in part to misinform the water (a little mineralized bottle for the moment, while waiting to find an osmosis solution on the sink at a reasonable price, because not really a possibility to add a dedicated tap), and part to give information to the water of my additions (for the moment vitamin C in powder and paracelsus complex of vitamins B).
    I also did a few tests with the music (Pachelbel's Canon only), and am quite convinced that it must be possible to go much further...
    I discovered your site by the scalar wave generator (but the Spoky2 to give interest is still expensive), and know the Zapper that I even almost bought.
    But it's a bit always the same: each company/manufacturer sells us the merits of the good works of its products, but I think that the human being is a holistic and alchemist phenomenon, and that a single process can suffice. I also (and paradoxically) tend to believe that big truths are simple, and that happiness or well-being is not found in the “store”.
    Also I would be much more inclined to try some of your products which seem to me to be not or only slightly marketable, but I don't really know where to start...
    What could you advise me, with regard to what I have just summed up, and ideally, would it be possible to talk to you over the phone for a few minutes…?
    No problem if that was not possible for you (no idea of ​​the number of solicitations you can receive), being guided already on what I could try would already be a great help for me.

    With some admiration I must admit (but guru…never!)


    1. Hello Laurent
      Thank you for your message. Sorry I am very busy, I prefer to answer your questions by email, so the answer will benefit everyone
      To start, I recommend a Lakhovsky disc or a 10-spiral disc. You will find all of this in the store.
      see you soon

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