EMF protection to stick on your devices


Here is the Lakhovsky H9 disc with double spiral in a reduced version of 64 mm with an ultra thin thickness of 0.5 mmm. This disc is intended to be stuck on your electronic devices to protect you from harmful electromagnetic waves (EMF).

Harmful EMFs

electromagnetic frequencies disturb the cellular communication of living organisms. This is particularly the case when their frequencies approach those of our cells. Our cells then have trouble communicating with each other, our body then functions less well (fatigue, pain, stress, etc.).

Where does disk protection come from?

A Lakhovsky antenna works like a vortex to redirect, transmit and amplify scalar waves which are around us and which come from the stars. Our cells are thus energized and will function better. We can then benefit from optimal vitality! The radiation from the antenna then allows our cells to be more resistant to harmful electromagnetic waves.

Protect you from EMFs

This disc is designed to be attached to electronic devices emitting electromagnetic waves. With an ultra-thin thickness of 0.4 mm, it can be slipped between a smartphone and its shell without adding extra thickness. You can also place it behind your computer screen.

A removable disk

It is sold with a 3M repositionable adhesive. This adhesive does not leave traces on its support. When it no longer sticks, just wash it with soapy water, then let it dry.


For maximum efficiency, the opening of the last circle of the Lakhovsky disc should be oriented to the North when used flat. If the disc is used vertically, the opening of the last circle must be oriented upwards.

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