Electro-photonic measurements during a concert [part 2]


Energy assessment of the Emilie Simon concert

In the previous chapter, we studied the quantities of photons in the electro photonic study of the Emilie Simon concert. We observed a global linear decrease in photons, linked to sunset. We then observed inflections around this descending line, which are linked to the activity during the concert. The second Surface deviation curve (figure 7) highlights the variations of the photons measured during the 20 previous measurements (Zone parameter).

By zooming in on this surface deviation curve, we will have more information, title by title (figure 8).
Each title will have the capacity to do vary the emotional level of the audience. I will first identify the maximum and minimum values ​​for each title. We can think of these points as high and low potentials.

The titles with the greatest activity

In a red curve (figure 8) we have the highest points for each piece. In a blue curve, we have the lowest values ​​for each title.

We find in the graph Figure 9, the minimum and maximum activity values for each title. The latter were ordered in the graph in descending order on their maximum values. This is the title “Blue Light” which obtained the highest activity, this value is linked to the scene effect of the light cloak. After “It's raining”, Emilie leaves the stage to return with a cape adorned with blue lights and begins to sing “Blue Light” (photos below).

The following 3 titles (Chanson de toile, Flowers, and Karma) are at the same level (more than 250 pixels). It's interesting to see that the title "Karma" was able to generate such activity when it was the only one unknown to the public.

Titles with greater emotional amplitude

I deduce from these maximum and minimum values ​​their differences in green. These values ​​are represented with the green lines in Figure 8 as well as on the graph in Figure 10.

In this graph, the titles are ordered in descending order. We thus have the classification of the titles which were able to generate the greatest emotional amplitude. From high activity to a state of relative calm. Here too it is “Blue Light” which comes first, followed by “Dernier lit” and “Secret”. In this graph the amplitudes are significant from 117 for “Blue Light” to 31 for “Swimming”, which gives almost a ratio of 1 to 4.

  • The title “Blue Light” generated the greatest emotional amplitude.
  • The title “Swimming” was the calmest

We also observe the emotional amplitude of “Blue Light” through the photos of Mélanie Lhote. From a high level of activity at the start, to a lower level at the end of the title.

Evolution of emotional amplitude during the concert

By classifying the amplitude of the titles in order of passage during the concert, we obtain a very interesting evolution graph:

  • We observe a high value (1) for the first title “Secret”
  • A second significant amplitude (2) for “Dernier lit”
  • The third amplitude, the highest (3) with “Blue Light”
  • A very gradual decline of the amplitude

This evolution is surprising in the coherence :

  • We have a first half of the concert with an alternation of titles with a high amplitude and others lower. A little bit like breathing between these highlights.
  • A second half with a gradual decrescendo, which brings us step by step towards the end of the concert.

In the next part…

In the next part of this study we will go deeper inside each musical piece, to analyze the emotional variations of the audience during the concert.

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