Effect of scalar waves on harmful electromagnetic waves?


Measuring the influence of a Lakhovsky antenna on EMF

Can scalar waves really influence the harmful electromagnetic waves (EMF) around us?
Can harmful EMF waves be turned into beneficial scalar waves?

I have tried with the experiments below to answer these questions. For that, I therefore studied theevolution of the vibratory rate of a fruit according to its exposure to scalar and electromagnetic waves.

Making measurements with the pendulum

There is only the living who can detect scalar waves. THE scalar waves coming from the stars, they will stimulate the living organism to increase its vital force. We can measure the vital force with a pendulum, it is a relatively reliable method, although it can be questionable:

  • it is a personal measurement which is dependent on the person who will take the measurement
  • it will be parasitized by the mind and autosuggestion

By following a precise process and by creating a mental vacuum, it is possible to obtain reliable and repeatable measurements. Before detailing my experience, I will cover a few concepts below.

Notions of vibratory rate and level of vitality

Health and vibration rate

Each living animal or plant will emit a vibratory rate (TV) which is specific to it. This TV is also the sign of the presence of a vital field (or vital force). The vibration rate is measured in Bovis unit (UB), on a graduated dial with a pendulum. Above a certain value the subject will remain in good health, below he will fall ill, this value is called the level of vitality. In 1950 the level of vitality was estimated at 6 BU, today it is estimated at around 500 BU.
If you consume food below the vitality level, it will cause your vibration level to drop and you may get sick after a while. If you regularly consume live, healthy food (organic and unpolluted) with a TV above vitality level, you will keep your own TV at a high level. Note that the vibratory rate of a fruit from organic farming will not be the same as that of a non-organic one. The TV of dead food (canned food, meat) is close to 0 BU.

Vibration rate and electromagnetic waves

If you expose living beings to low frequency electromagnetic waves (below 100Hz), it will disrupt cell communication, in the long run his health will decrease. We can verify it by measuring the vital field or bio field by measuring the vibratory rate of a subject exposed to EMF, it will drop. When the subject is no longer exposed to EMF, it will naturally tend to regain a TV close to the level of vitality. If we put a fruit on a working smartphone, its TV will drop in a few minutes. Once it is away from it, it will regain its original vibratory rate, but this at the cost of an energy expenditure which will weaken it in the long run.

Experiments with fruits

1. Measurement of the vibratory rate of apricots

I start the experiment by measuring the vibratory rate of 3 apricots (organic). Note that it is preferable to orient yourself towards the North to take your measurements with the pendulum, and as far as possible away from large metallic masses. I also recommend that you focus energetically with a scalar wave disk before any measurement.

I am using here a Bovis half-dial graduated from 0 to 120 UB. To simplify the writing of my results, I will use the sign K for the thousands of bovis (kilo, 0003) and the M sign for millions (Mega, 106).

The TV of fruits will naturally increase as they ripen, it will decrease as they wither. My apricots are not yet ripe, I find here between 16 and 000 BU, ie 17K and 000K, which is completely consistent for organic fruits.

2. Exposure to harmful EMFs

For the rest of the experiment, I will do it on the first apricot measured at 16K, here are the different steps:

  • I turn on my smartphone, I run a video on youtube and put it on the table
  • I put theapricot on screen by timing for 2 minutes.
  • at the end of the exposure period, I turn off the device, I move it away from the fruit
  • I immediately measure the vibratory rate of the apricot.

I get a very low level of 1K. I note here that the electromagnetic waves coming from an electronic device will strongly negatively impact living things.

3. Exposure to shape waves

Apricot on a Lakhovsky disc
Apricot on a Lakhovsky disc

I expose here the second apricot to a waveform generator disk, the disk used is the Lakhovsky H9. The vibratory rate will exceed 120K, for my measurements I use here a dial graduated up to 4K or 000M (46). I added other graduations on the other half of the dial to be able to go up to 200 Peta (200 * 1015). I usually measure the emission of a vibratory rate of 1000 Peta for the Lakhovsky H9 disc when it is alone.

During my experience, I exhibit the fruit here for a limited period of 2 minutes. This makes it possible to obtain values ​​quickly, and at rates that are not too high. Here are the stages of the experiment:

  • I put on the table the Lakhovsky H9 disc, the opening of the larger circle faces north
  • I put theapricot on disk by timing for 2 minutes
  • at the end of the exposure period, I move the disc away from the fruit
  • I immediately measure the vibratory rate of the apricot.

I get a high vibration rate of 600K. I repeated the experiment 4 times, and I obtained identical values. If I leave the apricot on the disk long enough, it will reach 1000P. To measure such high rates, I use the Vendeka dial.

4. EMF exposure + shape waves

We are now going to measure the combined effect of electromagnetic waves and shape waves on a fruit. For this I will expose the third apricot to the waves of the smartphone and the Lakhovsky H9 disc simultaneously:

  • I turn on my smartphone, I run a video on youtube and put it on the table
  • I pose on the smartphone the disk Lakhovsky H9, the opening of the larger circle faces north
  • I put theapricot on disk by timing for 2 minutes
  • at the end of the exposure period, I turn off the device and move the smartphone and the disc away from the fruit
  • I immediately measure the vibratory rate of the apricot.

I get a very high vibratory rate of 2K or 000M. I repeated the experiment several times, and I obtained identical and even higher values. Here we see that the harmful EMFs are well processed and act like the Lakhovsky energy disk on the fruit.

I decline the experiment, increasing the duration of exposure on the apricot until reaching the maximum disk limit Lakhovsky H9 which is 1 P, i.e. 000 Exa (118). After 20 minutes the apricot reaches the maximum energy level that the disk can give. If I only expose it to the smartphone, its TV will drop to approach 0. I repeat the experience with the smartphone on + disk + apricot for another 20 minutes.

I obtain a gigantic vibratory rate which exceeds the values ​​of the Vendeka dial. I measure with the pendulum the number of zeros of the TV, I arrive at the value of 1050 which is impossible to achieve with a single disc.


These experiments therefore clearly show that the harmful electromagnetic waves are influenced by the waveform of the antenna, these waves electromagnetic become bio available for living. However, I cannot conclude that there is a transformation in scalar waves. I intend to continue my research and document myself more on the research already done on this subject to provide a positive answer to this question.

Above you have the dials that I used for the experiments.

Notions about negative electric green

The measurement of the vibratory rate will give an energy level of the bio-field of the living, but will not be able to indicate the type of information for which it will be responsible. It is possible to find out more by measuring the Belizal colors emitted, this is possible with a universal pendulum or a pendulum aura specter.

It is very important toavoid being exposed to negative electric green color (Ve-), it is a color that will negatively charge an element or a person. As with very low TV, Ve- leads to disease. It is quite possible to have a high vibratory rate and to be charged with negative electric green.

Negative electric green measurements

Dial measures negative electric green

It is possible to measure the Ve- to the pendulum using a suitable dial (graduated from 0 to 20). We can charge or dissipate the Ve- with an emitting pendulum like the universal pendulum the spectrum aura. I also designed a white disc that I called Lakhovsky Protection which will continuously clean the charge in negative electric green. I use it to reduce the Ve- of the apricot to 0. By rotating the pendulum above the disc in levogyre, the operation takes about ten seconds, the pendulum stops rotating when the operation is finished.

I thus measured the Ve- of my 3 apricots throughout my experiments:

  • here the "natural" rate is around 4, it is linked to the direct environment of the fruit before the experiment
  • once exposed to the smartphone for 2 minutes, the rate of the apricot is 20, this is the maximum
  • an apricot exposed to the smartphone + Lakhovsky H9 disc will have a rate of 12 Ve-, and this even if it is cleaned before

On this last point, I therefore conclude that the apricot will gradually charge negatively despite the presence of the Lakhovsky disc. We can imagine that it ends up quickly saturating at the maximum value of 20. Despite the EMF waves that have become bioavailable, the high frequency of the smartphone will stress the cells.

In order to avoid pollution in the Ve- during the combined exposure of EMF and waveforms, I replace the Lakhovsky H9 disc with the Lakhovsky Protection disc. At the end of the 2-minute exposure, the negative electric green rate remains at 0.

Protect yourself from harmful waves and pollution

Following my series of experiments, I therefore confirm thatit is possible to transform harmful electromagnetic waves into electromagnetic waves biocompatible. Using an orgone, flower of life, or Lakhovsky disc is a great way to protect against harmful EMF emissions from electronic devices. However, it is essential to be careful not to pollute yourself in negative electric green. An integrated cleaning device can be an answer to this problem.

For further…

Do you want to reproduce my experiences? Are you interested in my discs for your daily life? You can buy them on my Heliquantix store on Etsy

lakhovky disc
Lakhovsky H9 double spiral
Lakhovsky Protection

4 comments on “Effect of scalar waves on harmful electromagnetic waves?"

  1. Jérôme asked me how I could define the performance of my disks.
    Here is my answer:

    I noticed that the measured vibratory rate is proportional to the vital force.
    - For Lakhovsky circuits, my devices are based on the proportions of multiple wavelength oscillators developed by Georges Lakhovsky.
    - For the models based on the golden spiral (or logarithmic) I noticed that it emitted a vibratory rate proportional to its size, to their numbers. Using the pendulum, I refined the design to achieve a high vibratory rate.

    The scalar energy comes from the stars (neutrinos) it is captured by the living, my shaped wave antennas come to boost the vital force of the living. For me, an Orgone or a flower of life are also antennae. The measurement of their vibratory rate will give information on their level of biofield.
    This is how I understood and I interpret bio energy from a dowsing point of view.

    I am open to all discussions to deepen the subject

  2. Hello Cedric,

    Thank you for your excellent articles! Are you familiar with the CEFs or Functional State Correctors developed by Kolstov?
    Different testimonials say that they improve physical, emotional and spiritual health. There are many different models because
    these CEFs are supposed to contain a record of the scalar wave of high energy places, sacred water sources, medicinal plants.
    The principle is that two magnets glued north against north or south against south will emit a scalar wave. So emission of a scalar wave containing information previously recorded on the magnet, and there is no need for a battery or source of electricity, it works autonomously.

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