Lakhovsky antenna dodecahedron

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A volume with dowsing power

The dodecahedron is the fifth volume of platonic solids. It is also a solid which gives off a wave of particularly interesting shape, moreover more than that of the square-based pyramid.

In any case, this is what I observed by comparing the vibratory rate of a dodecahedron and a square-based pyramid showing the proportions resulting from the golden ratio of the great pyramid of Giza. In their research on form waves, Belizal and Chaumery explain in their book “ Vibratory dowsing test »How the Egyptians in Antiquity used the radiation of the pyramid to find the North.

The strange Roman pelletized dodecahedron

I was interested in the Roman dodecahedron, the usefulness of which has not always been determined. I recommend you this very complete article on this subject. For my part, I will add another hypothesis. The Romans could have used the pelletized dodecahedron to find the North and help them in maritime navigation. In antiquity the Romans did not know the compass which was discovered much later in the Middle Ages. In addition, the Romans were able to improve the method of navigation of the Egyptians, with a more elaborate solid.

The spheres located at the end of each corner increase the vibratory rate, by making a paper model, I noticed an increase in the vibratory rate little by little by:

  • drilling holes on each side
  • adding beads in the corners
  • using a model with 10 small circles per face
  • using bigger beads

A 3D printed dodecahedron

I then made a 3D printed dodecahedron. It is made of purple plastic (PLA) and aluminum flakes. It behaves like an orgone (which is made of resin and metallic powder of various metals). I used the color purple for the dodecahedron. In dowsing, the color violet is attributed to the field of health, the universal pendulum or the pendulum will have specter will rotate clockwise, when set to purple (Vi).

Lakhovsky circuits

To be able to further increase the vibratory rate of the volume, I integrated a Lakhovsky circuit on each face of the dodecahedron. It is a miniature model of the Lakhovsky record that I designed. On the other side of each circuit (reverse side), I placed the triple circle pattern that allows the device not to charge negatively.

Use of beeswax

In order to add biological information to the power of the vibratory rate, I also inserted in the center of each circuit unheated beeswax with a little honey. I also used this technique on a Lakhovsky vitality pendant.

Addition of hematite beads

The final step in the design of the Lakhovsky pelletized dodecahedron, is therefore the addition of hematite beads at each corner of the solid, fixed with brass tips.

Locate the north side

According to the research of Belizal and Chaumery, all living beings and inanimate things are emitters from the dowsing point of view. In the same way as a magnet, there is a positive side (North side), and a negative side (South side). It is possible to find the side to orient to North either by using a neutral pendulum with a convention, or with a universal pendulum or "spectrum aura". Below, the north side of the dodecahedron (face located above), emits Green + and will rotate the pendulum set to V-, clockwise.

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