Thymos disk for the thymus


This therapeutic frequency disc is the first passive energy product on the market which has been evaluated by an expert office with a GDV camera. It is also the first product resulting from my collaboration with Biophotox.

A therapeutic frequency disc

The disc has two specific therapeutic harmonic frequencies on each of its sides:

  • The highest frequency with patterns with the most detail, is to be oriented outward.
  • The lowest frequency with the pattern with less detail is to be placed against yourself.

The diameter of the disk is a multiple of 70 times the golden ratio. The number 7 relates to the number of chakras. The cyan color of the disc brings it closer to the color of throat chakra n°5.

Thymos Disk Properties

  • Significant increase in the vital energy of the Thymus
  • Increased Immune System Energy
  • Regulation of the ANS (autonomic nervous system)
  • Reduction of organic functional imbalances
  • Beneficial action on the cellular aging process

The disc is to be placed on the thymus (under the throat), its actions:

  • increases Thymus energy whose function is to protect the body against infections, diseases and foreign substances
  • increases the energy of the Immune System which preserves the body from internal dysfunctions and external aggressions.

Extract from the study conducted by the Biophotex expertise office

Study parameters

  • Energy stress
  • Global Energy
  • Energy value of the 7 Chakras on the psychophysiological level
  • Energy value of the 7 Chakras on the organic level
  • Measurement of functional systems: CNS (central nervous system), ANS (autonomic nervous system) and Immune system


10 Psychophysiological and organic measurements with the GDV Bio-well camera:

  • before to carry the THYMOS disk under the throat
  • 30 minutes and 1 hour later having worn the THYMOS disc

This medical scientific study confirms that the cymatic frequencies of the THYMOS disk had a beneficial energy action on overall health because, physiologically and organically, they increased:

  • organic global energy which went from 59,60 joules to 66,29 joules
  • Immune system energy by + 29% (the immune system helps protect the body from internal dysfunctions and external attacks)
  • Throat Chakra energy +32% “thymus energy” (the function of the Thymus is to protect the body against infection, disease and foreign substances)
  • the energy of the other 6 chakras from + 7% to + 24%

The energy of the organic chakras increases by twice the placebo value, this proves in a statistically significant way the effectiveness of the beneficial energy impact on the organs connected to the energy centers.

In stores

The Thymos disc is sold attached to a support allowing it to be placed around the neck on the thymus between chakras 4 and 5, by adjusting the position precisely. It is possible to detach the disk for use without its support. The set is sold in a storage box.

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