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The benefits of earthing

Connecting to the earth allows our body to evacuate all the electronegative charges that it has gradually stored up.

Indeed, we continuously charge ourselves by being in contact with electronic devices, electrostatic charges.

Ideally, we need to evacuate these loads through our feet. This is why it is so beneficial to walk barefoot on the ground.

Scientifically recognized

In 2015 scientific publication, the beneficial effects of earthing are proven:

  • on inflammations
  • immune response
  • healing wounds
  • treatment of chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases

The body emits heat when pain is present. Below, after 30 minutes of contact with adhesive electrodes, we can see the reduction in heat on the painful area (shown by an arrow).

Reduction of inflammation with grounding by medical infrared imaging.
Reduction of inflammation with grounding by medical infrared imaging.

This publication was also cited in other publications between 2015 and 2019 on the benefits of electrical grounding.

Accessible devices

I started to research how to make such devices. I quickly realized that they are very numerous, and by looking a little, it is possible to find them at very affordable prices. I share my research here with you. These are products that I use every day (and night) !

To stay on the ground as long as possible I bought a carpet for the day and one for the night.

A mouse pad (or for the feet!)

It is a large mat (99 x 30 cm) that I use as a mouse pad, when I work during the day. (The ideal would have been to place it on the ground and put my bare feet on it). Namely that it can also be used at the foot of the bed for the feet.

My workspace grounded.
My workspace grounded.

This mat is very practical, multifunctional. For 35 € (including postage) it is not worth doing without!

A large bed mat

Rather than using the same rug for the bed. I preferred to take a micro-perforated one that makes the size of the entire mattress. Once properly placed on the mattress, I cover it with the fitted sheet, it then becomes invisible.

The presence of the fitted sheet will reduce the conductivity of the carpet, it will still remain active.

As an experiment, I couldn't help but add a switch that I placed alongside the bed.

There is a version to cover the entire mattress and one that will cover only a third of the mattress for the feet.

Check your land carefully!

Important, check that the connection of your earth wire is correct before. I am using a device here which will check if the earth is well connected, and that there is no inversion between the wires of the phase neutral and the earth. You must connect the device to the electrical outlet, if the first two LEDs light up, then everything is fine 🙂

The ideal would be to measure that the resistance of the earth is sufficient. It must be less than 100 Ohms. Here a blog post which explains how to measure.

The tester I used costs € 15 and will keep you safe.

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  1. Good evening Cédric, I made a little video on Friday evening on this subject by measuring the CEs emitted by a laptop not connected to the earth by its power supply unit, and the CEs emitted by this same computer after having connected it to the earth via a USB cable that I made: we go to more than 380 V / m at 10 cm from the screen, to less than 10 V / m!
    I can attach the video to you if you wish.

          1. Hello Arnaud

            Can you tell me what types of shape waves are effective here?
            A link will be welcome.

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