Detect scalar waves

There is no machine that can detect scalar waves. Only the living can do it.


We are the best machine scalar waves, we are receiver and sender. Also, we can directly feel them.

The feeling

We can perceive bio-energy with our hands, by sensing a person's aura for example.

The pendulum, the sticks

The use of a pendulum or sticks is a help and an extension to our feeling of biological waves.

Energy treatment

We can observe the beneficial radiation of scalar waves on the living, by observing the result of an energetic treatment by a “fire cutter” on a burn.

The Egely wheel

La Egely wheel (also known as Tromelin engine), is a great way to see human radiation. When you wrap your hand around the wheel, it rotates in the direction of the fingers. A series of experiments below. The second video shows us that it is not the heat of the hand that sets the wheel in motion.

A series of experiments with the Egely wheel
The wheel moving through a glass wall

Inductive drawing

The intuitive method or intuitive drawing allows you to express your feelings about the radiation of scalar waves. In the manner of "automatic writing", this is about connecting to the subject to be measured by resonating. The arm should be relaxed and in slight unstable balance, like a pendulum.

  • When the spiral waves are dextrorotary (turn right), they are beneficial and necessary for the living, they express life.
  • When they are levorotatory (turn left), they are negative to life.

Hubert Mauerer presents this technique on his website and on its pdf documentation.


When we are not using our being to detect scalar waves, we can indirectly observe their presence in the following ways.

Observation of plant growth

Georges lakhovsky had already observed theeffect of these circuits on plants. He had introduced cancer to plants, and he placed an antenna on a plant, which recovered completely. It is easy to reproduce the experiment, with a bare copper wire of 75 cm, in the shape of "C". The two ends must not touch each other.

Observation of animal and human vitality

Georges lakhovsky had observed the same effect of healing on sick animals. Remission was complete on subjects with antennae. The experiment has been done on many people with tumors. The use of circuits in the form of necklaces, bracelets and belts allowed people to progress positively in the face of the disease over the months. Healings were observed within weeks after multiple exposures to the Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator.

Development of ice crystals

The research of the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto give us a nice overview of thought or pictures on water. These samples will then be frozen and the ice crystals will be observed under a microscope. Learn more about Mr. Emoto

Energy or information transfer

As had done Nikola Tesla, Prof Meyl demonstrates the transfer of energy or information with a scalar wave transmitter / receiver. The devices of the Spooky² range, also make it possible to inform about water of the DNA or the whole person.

I suggest you continue this visit with an article on use of the Spooky² radionics device