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To wear freely!

The bracelet range has been developed to be able to easily benefit from cymatic energy devices on a daily basis (including sacred frequencies) or Lakhovsky. This range continues the pendant range, including 100 mm disc models.

How to wear the bracelet?

The bracelet is worn like a watch, it can be worn left or right arm. It can also be worn on the ankles. This possibility of being able to wear it sideways allows you to stimulate your Yin (right) or Yang (left) side, depending on your personal needs. You can also wear a bracelet on both sides, the possibilities are very great!

You can wear it all day If you don't feel any discomfort, it is best to remove it at night to allow your body to assimilate the energies of the day.

Disc models for bracelets

Discs for bracelets feature Lakhovsky circuits and cymatic.

Lakhovsky H9 white

Harmonics 9 comes from the geometry used by the multiple wave oscillator (OLOM) of engineer Georges Lakhovsky.
There are 7 concentric open circles in this disc. There are several variations on the proportions of the OLOM circles, the ratio that was used here is harmonic 9. The thickness of the circles here follows the square root of the golden ratio Phi.

Lakhovsky H9+ black

Harmonics 9+, is a variation of the Lakhovsky circuit with 12 concentric open circles. This H9+ model follows the proportions of the orbits of the solar system. It is the only single-sided, coreless beeswax disc. The circuit is on the wrist side, the other neutral and discreet side will not be visible when you wear the bracelet. The whole thing will look like a digital watch in standby mode.

528Hz – DNA repair frequency

Frequency 528Hz is the best known frequency of sacred music theory. It helps repair human DNA and keep it in the best possible condition. It can also bring transformations and miracles in our lives. In the repair process, this frequency promotes the increase of vital energy, the illumination of the mind and the elevation of consciousness. It is also recommended for meditation.

432Hz – Miraculous Tone

432Hz is one of the best known frequencies. Some suggest that it is not a music theory frequency, but it does help create a sense of positive well-being and inner peace that can motivate listeners to enter a state of calm and relaxation. It relaxes the tensions of the body, naturally releases the stress of the mind and harmoniously connects the body and the consciousness to nature.

888Hz – Frequency of Abundance

In numerology, the number 888 symbolizes abundance, good fortune, and the potential for positive change, making it a powerful number. A positive egregore carries the power of this triple lemniscate associated with the 888 for millennia.
The 888 Hz frequency symbolizes miracles, opening the door to abundance, and connecting with our angels. This disc brings together the radionic intention of 888, the associated frequency and its cymatic pattern.

963Hz – Frequency of light and spirit

963Hz is the last sacred music theory frequency. It helps heal our body, mind and soul, and is linked to the stimulation of the pineal gland or third eye. It regulates our consciousness, regulates our motor functions, helps us achieve unity and allows direct experience with the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world.

429,62 Hz quantum resonance of water molecule

429,62 Hz is the resonant quantum frequency of the water molecule. 97% of the molecules that make up you are water molecules! Bringing this frequency to your body you will see differences.
Marc Henry talks about the different tuning frequencies and why it is important to use the water frequency at 429.6hz to tune instruments and also produce plant music.

7.83 Hz / 14.3 Hz – Schumann Harmonics

They are a set of frequency peaks in the extremely low frequency part of the spectrum of the Earth's electromagnetic field. These are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. The main resonance has a wavelength equal to the circumference of the planet and a frequency of 7,83 Hz. In addition to the fundamental at 7,83 Hz, the frequency 14,3 Hz is present. The Schumann resonances are essential for the maintenance of life and the growth of all living things on earth.

Metatron's Cube / Flower of Life

963Hz is the last sacred music theory frequency. It helps heal our body, mind and soul, and is linked to the stimulation of the pineal gland or third eye. It regulates our consciousness, regulates our motor functions, helps us achieve unity and allows direct experience with the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world.

All models of mini discs

There are more models to wear on bracelets, below is a comprehensive view. The mini discs have the same properties as the larger 10 cm discs. Go to the page of solfeggio frequencies and the shop to learn more about these discs.

Change the disc of the bracelet

The discs can be interchanged, to remove it you will have to bend the flexible frame of the bracelet. Don't be afraid of deforming the body of the bracelet, it is very strong. You can purchase disc sets separately from the bracelet.

At the heart of biological information

The core of most bracelet discs contains beeswax (with the exception of the black H9+ circuit). This wax was informed with a scalar wave machine. The mixture used for the information is composed of raw, unheated beeswax, honey, amino acids and biocompatible minerals. Here I use Quinton plasma and 75 elements and minerals of plant origin. The information from these vibrations will inform our body which is mainly composed of water. This wave information will be transported by emissions due to shapes (waves of shapes) from the bracelet circuit.

colorful bracelets

The bracelets are available in 8 different colors. It can thus become a real clothing accessory or adjust to your mood.

A proportion to the golden ratio

The active size of the circuit of the bracelets is identical to that of the pendants, it is 32 mm. It is proportional to 20 times that of the golden ratio. For comparison, large pendants of 113 mm are 70 times the golden ratio, there are also discs for large pendants of 100 mm.

Combine bracelet and pendant...

The bracelet can be worn at the same time as a pendant, in support. In this case, it is preferable to use the same pattern, an inappropriate mixture can be counterproductive. The pendant being located on the central axis of the body, it will stimulate both the Yin and Yang side.

…or with a large pendant

A larger disc will have more effect than a smaller 32mm disc. For more discretion you can wear it under your clothes. It is also possible to wear the bracelet during the day and the large combined pendant at the end of the day. There are many possible combinations. Especially since the large pendant is adjustable in height to be placed on your energy centers.

Mix frequencies

You can wear cymatic discs of different frequencies. However, be careful of dissonant mixtures! There are musical notes that go well together, and others that are dissonant. You can listen to the frequencies using the mobile application Tone Generator on Android (sorry I don't have any references to give you on Iphone). I talk about it in experience #6 of this article. For example, I find that 432 Hz and 528 Hz sound good together.

Note that you can also put two mini discs in a bracelet, but no more.

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